Forget The Flowers, Get Dad a Bouquet of Jerky

In my experience, dads are not interested in flowers. But meat… I think is a real winner for any occasion. So why not class it up a bit and get dad a Manly Man Jerky Gift Basket. A fancy bouquet of delicious jerky is sure to win any dad over after the spring we have had this year.

The Manly Man Company has many options for you to choose from this Father’s Day to be delivered right to your door or office! Let dad be the center of attention at the office this year as his co-workers struggle to contain themselves from salivating all over a beautiful bouquet of jerky.

Head on over to and check out their options yourself. You will see all sorts of flavors of delicious jerky just waiting to be devoured. You can take this dad’s word that a mouth watering gift basket would be the perfect choice this Father’s Day.

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