4 Tips Every Eco-Friendly Sports Enthusiasts Should Know

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Who doesn’t love sports? There’s so much fun and enjoyment out there, from playing with friends to making your sports club look professional or even just watching your favourite team play. It’s just something that unites everyone together; it’s a lifestyle, too. Plus,, getting your kids interested just makes it all the better. But with that said,  the environmental impact of sports can be significant, from the resources used to produce equipment to the energy consumed during events. 

Almost anything and everything nowadays can have the potential to be harmful to the environment, but we only have one planet, Earth, and one world to live on. So it’s important for everyone to do what they can to work towards eco-friendly habits that help the world, even the sports enthusiasts out there. So, here are some handy tips that any sports lover can do to stay eco-friendly!

Look into Eco-Friendly Sports Equipment

This is probably one of the most easiest things you could do for yourself. Start by selecting sports equipment made from sustainable materials. Look for products that use recycled or renewable materials, or even consider buying second-hand gear to reduce waste. Additionally, opt for companies committed to eco-friendly production practices. Thankfully, now more than ever, it’s becoming pretty easy for this to happen. Even golf equipment is becoming eco-friendly, too. 

Opt for Sustainable Clothing

So, this could be buying your workout and sports clothes/ uniform second-hand from thrift shops or even just buying directly from sustainable brands. Most major brands aren’t sustainable, or they state they’re sustainable but with little proof (such as no sustainability report on their website). 

So, it’s going to be best for you to look into all of this and do some solid research. There are even other eco-friendly options, such as clothing made from organic or recycled materials (which is becoming more common). These materials are not only better for the environment but are often more comfortable and durable.

Carpool, Cycle, or Use Public Transport to Games

For some sports, it’s easier than others to use cycling or public transport, but for something like golfing, where the equipment is big, then carpooling can be an option. But in general, don’t take your car if you don’t need to. You can easily reduce your carbon footprint by carpooling with teammates or cycling to your games and practices. This not only reduces emissions but also promotes team bonding and camaraderie.

Educate and Advocate

Sports aren’t always eco-friendly, there’s the issue with litter, some people unfortunately will even riot too which will also cause a lot of damage. Some sports memorabilia is made with plastic and other harmful materials, and lawns/fields for sports are usually loaded with chemicals that kill wildlife. So, it’s important to spread awareness about the importance of eco-friendly sports practices among your fellow athletes, coaches, and fans. You’ll need to encourage your sports community to adopt sustainable measures and make environmentally conscious choices.

Playing sports and being eco-friendly are not mutually exclusive. Sure, it might take some time for long-term changes to be incorporated, but you have the power to make changes for yourself, and you have the power of persuasion to help your teammates turn eco-friendly, too.

Work Smart: How to Create the Perfect Home Office

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Working from home at least part of the time is totally normal for most people right now. While remote working was once a rarity, tons of industries have now embraced it. If you’re one of the many people that spends time working from home, you’ll know how beneficial it can be. Loads of workers find they’re so much more productive when they’re away from the distractions of the office. But to make the most of working from home, you’re going to need the perfect workspace.

Attempting to work from the table in the kitchen is one option for home working. However, it’s not an ideal situation. Having a dedicated work area can completely transform your work life and make it so much easier for you to stay productive. But, how do you create this new workspace? What does it need to ensure it works for you? Here’s how you can start to work smarter from home and create the perfect home office:

Review Your Space

Reconfiguring your workspace can deliver so many benefits. Small changes can make a big difference to your work set up. This could include introducing an adjustable desk that can be used as both a seated and standing desk. Or, you may want to simply move your current desk to a new position to get better lighting. Why not experiment with different set ups to see what combination works best?

Ensure it’s Ergonomical

Having the incorrect work setup isn’t just frustrating, it can also cause you pain. Repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are common among people that work at a desk all day. This painful condition can leave you out of action and unable to work while you rest the affected area. So, minimizing the chances of developing an RSI is essential. 

Assessing your work set up is crucial to avoiding an RSI. Luckily, there are products out there that are designed for this purpose. Buying an ergonomic keyboard is a great place to start when changing your work set up. The Sofle Keyboard Kit is the ideal solution for your work set up and features a split keyboard. A split keyboard helps to keep your hands and wrists in a comfortable position, reducing the chance of you experiencing pain.

Introduce the Right Light

Lighting may not be your top concern when creating your workspace. But it’s a surprisingly important consideration. Introducing the right light can make a world of difference to your working day. Your lighting can impact your wellbeing and comfort while you work. From a physical perspective, the wrong lighting can increase stress levels, cause headaches, and contribute to eye strain. So making lighting a focus for your office space is a great idea. 

As well as thinking about the right artificial lights to include in your office, you need to consider natural light. Maximizing the amount of natural light that comes into your office is a great move. This not only reduces the need for artificial lighting, but can also boost your mood.

Simple Ways to Relax as a Busy Parent

Being a parent is wonderful but there’s no denying that it can be challenging, and not just when your kids are babies. Each age has its own challenges and so as a parent you’re constantly having to adapt and find a new normal so that you’re happy within yourself, as well as the best parent you can be. With all the responsibilities, as moms and dads we need some time to relax and find a bit of inner calm so that we’re ready each day to face whatever challenges come our way. Here are a few ideas.   

Enjoy Some Quiet Time

Being alone might sound impossible for parents, but if you can take a few minutes for yourself it can really help. Maybe before everyone wakes up or after they go to bed. Sip a cup of tea or take a short walk. These moments of quiet can help you feel better and be a better parent- maybe you wake up a bit earlier than the household. If mornings are too hectic, consider taking a moment in the evening, like after the bedtime routine is over, take a stroll in your garden or around the block. These moments of solitude can help to to reset a little and then allow you to face the challenges of the day with a clearer mind.

Connect with Nature

Nature is a healer, there’s no doubt about that. Spending time outside, even if it’s just a short walk in the park, can bring calmness to your mind and benefit your body too with some light exercise. It’s a simple way to recharge and be ready for whatever comes your way. When was the last time you took a moment to step outside and just breathe? Nature has a unique way of soothing the soul. Find a nearby park or simply sit in your backyard. Listen to the birds, feel the breeze on your face, and let the greenery around you work its magic. It doesn’t have to be a grand outdoor adventure; even a few minutes in nature can make a significant difference in how you feel.

Appreciate the Little Moments

Life is full of small, happy moments. Take the time to notice them. It could be your child’s laughter, a warm hug, or even a sunny day. These little moments can be a source of joy and can make the tough times feel easier. Amidst the chaos of parenting, it’s easy to overlook the small, beautiful moments that happen every day. Maybe it’s the way your child looks at you when they’re excited or the warmth of a shared family meal. Take a mental snapshot of these moments. Reflecting on the positives, no matter how small, can shift your focus and bring a sense of gratitude. When you take time to appreciate these moments, you’ll find that they outweigh the challenges.

Unplug from Technology

We’re always connected to technology and thats not always a good thing. Take a break from screens when you can, put away your phone, turn off the TV. This break allows you to focus on what’s happening around you and lets your mind relax. Technology has become an important part of all of our lives, but it’s crucial to set boundaries with it as it’s designed to be addictive . Designate specific times to unplug, especially during family time and before bedtime. Put your phone on silent and resist the urge to check emails or social media. Instead, engage in activities that don’t involve screens. Play a board game with your family, read a physical book, or simply have a quiet conversation. By disconnecting from technology you’re able to create space for genuine connections and relaxation.

Express Yourself

Parenthood is a journey filled with all kinds of emotions. There are moments of immense joy, but there are also challenges that can be overwhelming. Don’t keep everything inside. Talk to someone you trust about your day, your worries, or your joys. It could be a friend, a family member, or even a journal. Expressing your feelings can make you feel lighter and less stressed. Share your experiences, your frustrations, and your triumphs, it can help you feel less alone and overwhelmed and remind you that actually, you’re doing the best you can and you’re better than you think!

Find Simple Hobbies

It’s important for all of us to activities that bring us happiness, but as parents with less time, availability and often money it can be a bit more challenging. But dont overlook the simple stuff, it could be reading a book, drawing, gardening, or even listening to music. A game like Merge Fruits or Angry Birds on your phone can be a way to relax your mind for a few minutes. These simple hobbies give your mind a break and let you enjoy the present moment. Hobbies are like little escapes from reality. Maybe you used to enjoy painting or playing a musical instrument. Rediscover those hobbies, even if it’s just for a short time each week. If you don’t have a specific hobby, explore different activities until you find something that brings you joy. It could be as simple as taking a leisurely walk, trying out a new recipe, or having a pampering bath.

Prioritise Sleep

Parenting often comes with sleepless nights. However, try to get enough sleep when you can. It makes a big difference in how you feel and your ability to handle challenges.

Sleep is a precious commodity for parents, often in short supply. While it’s understandable that parenting responsibilities can interfere with a good night’s sleep, prioritise rest when you can. Establish a bedtime routine for yourself that signals the end of the day. Create a calm and comfortable sleep environment, free from distractions. Adequate sleep not only rejuvenates your body but also enhances your ability to handle the demands of parenthood. It’s a simple yet powerful way to ensure you wake up ready to face the day ahead.

Parenting is a journey with ups and downs. Taking care of yourself is not selfish; it’s necessary. 

Abby & Alex Halloween ABC’s Children’s Book

Abby and Alex’s first Halloween themed ABC book is now available in print and digital. We priced it as low as Amazon would allow us. Great for those little ones just learning their ABC’s or for us old folks that have already forgotten them and need a refresher.

It is a fun and cute little Halloween themed book. The St. Louis Dad kids wanted to do something to try and make some extra money and this is the idea they came up with. They have a few more ideas that hopefully will come to life but for now we have this fun project.