See St. Louis in a New Way

IMG_7908Saint Louis is a great place to be and a great place to explore. There are so many things that you can do that it may even be too much to take in all at once. There are also some great pictures of St. Louis that are floating about on the Internet but what if you had a different view. Let me introduce to you Modern Map Art.

Modern Map Art reached out to St. Louis Dad and wanted to send over a print of a map of St. Louis. If you mention St. Louis and art, I am interested in checking it out. I must say, these maps are amazing. They are very artistically detailed and have a few different styles available depending on the city. St. Louis for example has a two awesome black and white options, as well as a blue and yellow, and blue and red, which could represent the Blues and the Cardinals.

IMG_7935I asked if they could send over one of the black and white prints and I was very surprised that they sent over a full sized poster. There are options for smaller prints but having the options for full size posters is just as awesome. Once the poster arrived I carefully removed it from it’s shipping tube and noticed that the paper was of excellent quality. This poster was not like the posters your kids hang on their walls. This print is a lot heavier in material and demands to be framed. Printed on museum quality matte paper and using UltraChrome water based HDR ink-jet technology to print to the edges on every poster, brings a this beautiful print to life. It’s not necessary to frame if you really don’t want to, but I do, so I did.

I hung this amazing print in my home office and I am very happy with how it looks. It just looks incredible and brings a smile to my face seeing my home city in this artistic way. I highly recommend checking out the various St. Louis designs on Modern Map Art. If St. Louis isn’t your city, check out some of the other city map art options. There are a bunch and are all worth a click.

Modern Map Art provided St. Louis Dad with a complimentary print in exchange for an honest review. Check out Modern Map Art’s website for more amazing artistic prints of maps!

I can’t wait to show this off! Find out what it is on the blog Monday!

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Roses are Red and Save 20% from VivaRoses and St. Louis Dad

IMG_7832It’s that time of the year. When you surprise that special someone with flowers on Valentine’s Day. VivaRoses and St. Louis Dad have a special offer for my readers. Save 20% on VivaRoses NEW Signature Collection just in time for Valentine’s Day! Use Code: VIVAVDAY Offer valid through February 13th.

I had the pleasure of having the Signature Collection sent over in secrecy to surprise my wife and daughter. They both were very intrigued by what was in the box so I let them have at it. The box itself was a sleek black with the VivaRoses logo on the side. It was a nice shape and upon opening we seen that the flowers inside were packaged very nicely.

IMG_7842The package included some easy to read instructions on how to handle the roses. The roses were secured to the box so we had to use some scissors to cut the zip-tie holding them in place. The zip-tie isn’t around just the stems, there is some padding that nicely secures all of the roses and protects them during their shipment.

So after a few minutes carefully removing the flowers we were ready to put them in a vase. After a little work my wife and daughter had all of the beautiful roses wonderfully arranged. Just after a few minutes our kitchen where we were arranging the flowers had already filled with the magical aroma from these flowers. My daughter was enchanted by the smell, and my wife couldn’t stop gushing about how beautiful they were.

So if you are looking to surprise your Valentine consider checking out VivaRoses and if you do, use the code VIVAVDAY and save some money while you’re at it.

And only today save 15% on beautiful, farm fresh roses from our Cotopaxi Collection! Use code VIVAVALENTINE at Expires Feb 9th. Excludes all Red and all Black bouquets.


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St. Louis Dad was provided complimentary roses in exchange for an honest review. St. Louis Dad does earn a small commission from each sale using this link.

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Don’t Worry, I Got This

As my wife is getting ready for work she lists of several options of things that I can do with the kids while she is at work. She also reminds me that after she gets off work that she will be going out dress shopping with her sister. She lists off another set of items that I could feed the kids for lunch. I tell her, “Don’t worry, I got this.”

My wife has recently gone back to work. Now, she has been “working”. Babysitting, cleaning, and doing some photography sessions in between. It’s work, there’s no doubt about, but [...] Continue Reading…

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You Ain’t Got Nothing On The #KingofSoup

I have partnered with Life of Dad and Idahoan® Foods for this campaign, but my opinions are my own.

St. Louis has a lot of steakhouses. They are some of my favorite places to eat. The food is always so good. I can’t complain when I have an awesome steakhouse meal in front of me. But to be perfectly honest with you, I haven’t been to a steakhouse in a few years. In my younger years my wife and I would go all the time, but now, well steakhouses are a luxury for us with having two kiddos. Typically my [...] Continue Reading…

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