Gifts For a Dad Who Loves The Occasional Gamble

Gambling is a recreational pleasure that has been embraced by millions of people worldwide. It is second only to athletics in terms of popularity. This is an indication that it has several ardent enthusiasts. If you’re tied to someone who enjoys playing cards found in casinos, getting the right present can be challenging.

Here is a list of gifts for those who have a dad that loves the occasional gamble. These suggestions are gambling pieces you can give on Father’s Day or any significant occasions:

Mini Slot Machine

Mini slot machines mimic the original slot machines that you can find in any casino. This mini coin machine has an actual functioning pull lever, rotating reels, and lights and tones. It creates the slot machine that sounds almost like the ones used in Las Vegas casinos, making saving some money more enjoyable.

The slot machine takes almost every kind of penny, even foreign coins or any size. With this small slot machine, you could save money while enjoying the feeling that you are in a casino without losing any money. This game would help your father overcome the fear of losing with a slot machine while enjoying the feeling of being in his very own casino.

Golden Dice 

Most dice collections have a luxurious gold plating – just like Han Solo’s favorite dice! Don’t go too heavy on the glitter as your dad may not particularly enjoy that. Gold dice catch the attention and are a charm to keep around for gamblers.

You may use these dice to play Dungeons & Dragons, board games, some war games, or any game that requires dice. The numbers are big and quick to decipher. Your father would probably love it because of its vibrant golden appearance, which could be considered a lucky charm.

Dark Playing Cards

Dark playing cards are made of a high-quality plastic polymer. They have a very smooth finish and are convenient to shuffle. It is also water-resistant and durable playing cards ideal for taking to the beaches or a pub. You can enjoy playing poker or any card games with your family and friends. Whilst regular cards may not qualify as gift-worthy, premium black poker cards will most certainly be enjoyed by any occasional gamblers!

A deck of casino playing cards contains 54 cards: 52 playing cards and two Joker cards. Your dad-dealer would control these cards with either the left or right hand, learning new magic tricks and sleights of hand. Now, all you have to do is decide which game(s) you want to start playing!

Card Shuffler

The card shuffler is manufactured from a high-quality and long-lasting polymer. It can operate at ultra-low noise levels due to its amazing architecture and craftsmanship. Its cutting-edge technical advancement mechanisms enable the cards to be shuffled easily, effortlessly, uniformly, and precisely. 

It is an excellent instrument for preventing cheating or inadequate shuffling. Your dad could save time and energy from shuffling cards. He could also focus on the game without worrying about the burden of shuffling.

Poker Chips Set

Poker chips are little discs that are used in place of cash in gambling. You wouldn’t require a casino to experience the excitement of elevated gambling or poker. This all-inclusive dealer package includes everything you desire for a game night with friends or family with this poker accessories pack. A fantastic gift for our loved ones of all ages.

Every chip is meticulously crafted from resin composites and placed to mimic the weight and looks of the casino-grade ceramic chips. This poker kit comprises compelling materials and has a frosted finish for a stronger grip and longer life. Once you gifted this to your dad, he will be delighted as you can play with him like both of you are bonding in the casino.

Drinking Game Roulette

Roulette Drinking Game comes with sixteen numbered shot glasses, metal plate frames, and a revolving roulette wheel featuring shot glass holders. Now, the rules are very different from the normal roulette game. Use drinking roulette at the next game night or movie night. Load the shot glasses of the preferred beverage and set them in a broad frame rim.

Everybody scores throughout this entertaining drinking game of skill, regardless of what number the ball falls on. Simply spin the wheel and find whose number is called. When the number in the shot glass matches the number performed, empty the cup and turn it again. Fathers enjoy such a special roulette game as they can get a random drink or shot with their favorite friends!

It shouldn’t require more than enough to thrill your father. A good relationship or something that shows how much he means to you is the greatest present you can offer him. On his birthday or Father’s Day, give him something one-of-a-kind gift that he would love.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

How to Make More Money Without Giving Up Family Time

When you are a parent, you realize there are two things you never seem to have enough of; money and time. Raising a family can often be an expensive task and is also a busy one. Many moms and dads feel like they don’t spend as much quality time with their kids as they would like, as other essential commitments such as work get in the way. Finding ways to make extra money without sacrificing time spent with the kids can be challenging, and you may be considering working extra hours or taking on another job on the weekends. But, there are other ways to increase your income without missing out on precious time with your family; you can even do them when the kids have gone to bed. Here are some money-making ideas that you can try in your spare time at home without spending time away from your kids:

Start Online Trading

If you have always fancied dabbling in the world of trading, then why not give it a try? Thanks to modern technology, trading is far more accessible to people than ever before. Using online trading platforms and brokers, it is possible to trade CFDs, which is a popular form of trading that you can try at home. Many people enjoy the process of learning all about trading, as there are so many different ways to do it. Once you have become familiar with how to trade, you may feel ready to try for yourself and see if it becomes a successful way to make money for you.

Launch an eCommerce Store

Many people love shopping online and enjoy the wide range of choice available and the convenience of having your goods delivered to your door. During the pandemic, the popularity of online shopping increased even further while bricks and mortar stores stayed closed. Each of these factors combined means that eCommerce can become a lucrative second income stream. Who knows? Your eCommerce store could be so successful it becomes your main job rather than merely a side hustle. 

If you want to gain the benefits of running an eCommerce store without taking the time needed to arrange for delivery of the items, you could choose to use a dropshipping model instead. Dropshipping means shipping the goods is handled on your behalf, so you get to make money while spending more time with your kids and less time packing up orders.

Share Your Expertise

Making the most of your existing skills and knowledge is an excellent way to make some extra money at home. Maybe you are a talented artist and can spend some time painting or sketching each evening and then sell your art online. Or perhaps, you have experience teaching others new skills. If so, you could set up an online training course and share your expertise with people across the world. Whatever your area of expertise, there should be a way to monetize it and make some extra cash for you and your family.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

That’s right! Filming has started on the newest short-film coming from St. Louis Dad and his tiny cast and crew. This time we are picking up where Jason Beware ended. It will be our first sequel/prequel film with the premise being it starts off where the first Jason Beware ended and then quickly sends the audience back in time to learn the true beginnings of this new generation of horror.

The film is filled with an all-child cast except for one highly notable name that will be announced soon! The kids are doing everything from acting to working as the crew behind the scenes with help from myself and my amazing wife. The sequel had been in the pre-production stages for a few months before we finally got everything in place for production to begin this past weekend. We will be shooting on an iPhone and in 4K HD, and editing in Sony Vegas! We also have a sound engineers working on an absolutely spectacular sound design for this fan-film. We plan to premier later this summer for free on YouTube. Be on the lookout for more news, clips, and more for Jason Beware 2!

We shall see how everything comes together over the next few weeks of principal filming. Then it will be onto post-production where we edit it all together, put some sounds to add some depth, and of course the special effects!

Wish us luck!!!

Jason Beware 2 is being produced by Missouri Mobile Productions and is starring Alex Williams reprising his role as the deranged serial killer Jason! Abby Williams will be playing a new character Investigator Annie Summers, and of course we have plenty of supporting roles that will be announced very soon! Check out the original Jason Beware fan-film to see where it all started! I am super proud of these kids. They are working hard memorizing their lines and helping getting the sets ready to go.

What’s Lurking On The Winding Road

Going on a ride through the winding roads? Motorcycle rides through a forest road or a country lane are one of the best things about life. Hearing the rustle of the leaves as you rush by, the sound of your machine echoing among the bark, and the amazing views you wish everyone could see. These are just some of the things you look forward to when putting on your helmet. Unfortunately, it’s not always going to end with sunshine and roses. The winding road has some secrets that you ought to know about so you don’t get caught off guard.

Piles of leaves

Those leaves on the road make your journey look prettier than it would be otherwise. However, they can act as a lining between your tires and the road. It can feel like you’re riding almost on ice when it’s been raining and the road is covered in leaves. So what you can do is try to weave a little, while staying in your lane, to avoid leaves that seem to have grouped together. They might be laying on top of a puddle or perhaps they have just accumulated other due to the tire patterns left by cars. And most of all, slow down and have your fingers waiting on the brakes.


Nighttime curse

Riding in the evening or a night is particularly sketchy when you don’t know what to watch out for. You have to realize that drivers might not be able to see you even when you have your headlight on. When riding through the winding road, your one headlight won’t be able to send light around corners and thus, drivers may only see you when you have turned the corner. If you ever feel tense about taking a corner, feel free to flash your lights and use your horn to let an oncoming driver you’re coming.

Overtaking dangers

On winding roads, people suddenly turn into expert drivers. They become less patient and they have a dose of energy making them think they can overtake while taking a long turn. This can result in horrible consequences for you as a rider. Winding roads open and then narrow suddenly without warning. If you have been involved in a motorcycle crash due to a car cutting you off or nudging you on such a road, then you should fight for your right to be paid. You could have been killed, so a legal team will fight for your compensation money, and make sure you don’t lose revenue due to taking time off work.

Loose rocks

Winding roads often have loose bits of debris in the middle of the road. This is because they’re in the countryside, where the wind blows harder and the rain dislodges soil and rocks. So, always keep one eye on the road ready to swerve and avoid getting into a tailspin.

The winding road is perfect for motorcycle riders. It’s where you can test your skills, enjoy the sights and take time away from your work duties and chores at home. But always be on your guard, so you return home in one piece.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.