Sticking With My jimmyCASE

Costanza-walletI have talked about phone cases in the past. I have also talked about wallets. Now, I’d consider myself to be somewhat of a fashionable guy. I have a style and I like to keep it clean and having bulky pockets ain’t clean. My every day carry items are pretty minimal. I have my wallet, keys, and phone. I also carry a backpack to work but I’m not counting that since I don’t take it everywhere (like the grocery store). But I do have my wallet, keys, and phone with me all of the time.

The slimJIMMY is the perfect wallet for me. It is small and holds everything I need. I am not big into keeping a Costanza wallet. I don’t need all of that extra stuff. Just give me something that I can easily slip into my pocket with all of the cards and stuff I would need. It’s easy, it’s flat, and it’s not leaving a noticeable bulge in my pocket.

Recently, though I did get some awesome new St. Louis Dad business cards. Now, I would like to have a few of these with me when I am out and about. I could put a couple in my slimJIMMY wallet, but to me, they needed to be somewhere else. So I started checking into an iPhone case with card holder. I knew jimmyCASE had one for the previous iterations of the iPhone, I just wasn’t sure if they had them out for the new iPhone 7. After a quick iPhone 7 wallet case search, I found exactly what I was looking for.

jimmycaseThis phone case is perfect. It is sturdy enough to handle my every day wear and tear on my phone, but also sleek and clean enough for me to keep some of my business cards handy. I have even thought about using this case as my wallet on special occasions when I may not want to have to hold onto my wallet, keys, and phone. I could totally slim down to just phone and keys if I really wanted to. For now I will keep using both as I have a nice setup for them. I love jimmyCASE‘s products and look forward to their next idea. Maybe a slim backpack? I dunno, maybe!

jimmyCASE sponsored this post in exchange for a honest review. Check out for more information!

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Looking Naturally at Baby Mantra

babmantra2I never had much thought about using all natural products on my kids since I never used them myself growing up. I can not even remember using anything that was super fancy or organic. Even now as an adult most of the items I use for myself have a concoction of chemicals that I’m sure are okay for me, I just don’t understand them all, and that’s okay. I am not a scientist and I will leave the science to them.

So, I’m okay with what I use and when we found out we were having a kid I didn’t pay much attention to what we should use once we are tasked with caring for our kid. That is until I had heard about kids and babies getting rashes from different lotions and detergents on the market. Blast those culprits of skin irritations!

babymantraSo that’s when I started looking into different organic baby skin care products. From what I found on Baby Mantra I was happy to see someone making natural baby products for a reasonable price. I have seen some higher priced brands that apparently are not all cracked up as they claim to be. The pricing I see here falls right in line with what I am already spending when I pick up my kids’ lotions, body wash, etc at the store already.

My wife and I really like the calming lotion and natural baby body wash a lot. Both leave our kids’ skin awesome. At least to mom’s standards, I’m okay with them getting dirty.

Another thing I like about Baby Mantra is that while you can order online, it is also available in stores. Babies R Us and Walgreens here in the St. Louis area and a few other shops through-out the rest of the country. Of course anyone can order online. sponsored this post in exchange for an honest review. Please visit for more awesome natural products for kids, and follow them on Instagram to see some great photos! 

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My Riddle Me Valentine

Children’s Books – My Riddle Me Valentine

Working on this Valentine’s Day book had me very busy back in 2013. I spent a good portion of my free time working on this book to get it ready for Amazon’s marketplace before the big day; My Riddle Me Valentine by Charlene Christie. You may remember Charlene, she and I had worked on I Think I was Bit By a Mosquito previously. Which is also a great book for children.
Anyways, Charlene contacted me and asked if I was up for a challenge to get her book done in a little over a week back in January 2013. I checked out her story [...] Continue Reading…

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