When a Korn Fed Kid Turns Into an Adult

Nu Metal pioneers Korn made their way to St. Louis at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater recently and I was finally able to check something off my bucket list that had been sitting there for years, seeing Korn live in concert.

Korn came into my life when I was in middle school. You know, those years spent developing yourself and realizing that not everything is as bright and colorful as elementary school would have led you to believe. Korn’s self-titled debut and the follow up Life is Peachy provided me with plenty of sounds and lyrics to analyze.

During this time, my parents’ relationship had already started to fall apart. My dad was drinking way to much and my mom was not having any of it. If you recall my post about DMX, you’ll know that music helped me through what should have been an important developmental time period in my life. Korn kept me going through the same strife I was facing in life.

Eventually, my parents divorced and my father died from cancer… Korn’s Follow the Leader came out a little before this time and was my blueprint for getting through it all. I kept my smile when around friends and family, but deep down I was torn apart and did not have anyone checking in on me. During my father’s funeral I remember riding with a couple of my friends at the time and we had the Follow the Leader album playing. As we pulled into the cemetery, Dead Bodies Everywhere started playing. I distinctly remember commenting on the song playing and where we were and thought it was hilarious. To me, it was a sign that I’ll be okay, and having a band like Korn to help release frustration and anger is exactly what a little freak like me needed at the time.

Korn continued to help push me through high school, allowing me to express my individuality in ways that I probably shouldn’t have, but did anyways. I didn’t know any better and my up bringing was falling apart, so I was just doing the best I could do, with what I had at the time.

For Christmas after my dad passed away, my cousin got me the album Issues. I was in love with the band by this point. I thought the cover contest for this new album was the greatest idea ever! Once I unwrapped that plastic and popped the album in my CD player I listened and absorbed it all.

I listened for hours on repeat. I listened in between Tony Hawk Pro Skater sessions. So far these four albums by what I considered to be the greatest band of all time kept me afloat and surprisingly, they kept me grounded. A few albums later, and missed out Family Value Tours, I knew I had to see Korn live at some point in my life. It just never worked out for me early on in their career. No money, out of town, cancelled shows, and then finally at 37 years old, I got to see them. I was worried about Covid and hearing J.D. recently got infected, I was expecting them to cancel again, which would have been okay, but I am so glad his health bounced back quickly and they were able to stop by St. Louis with Staind!

The drums, the bass, guitars, and vocals were loud and intense! My wife and I got two seats, right in view of center stage and once it all began something magical happened. The grief and pain that I held onto for 20ish years disappeared. The best I can explain it was out-of-body. The emotions I felt watching and singing along with one of my favorite bands of all-time was therapeutic and euphoric. I woke up the next morning, and even now, a week later, I feel closure. I feel a freshness, a freedom. Something I have not felt in such a long time and it almost feels super-natural.

Seeing Korn perform live crosses another item off my bucket list. It also did wonders for my internal happiness and mental well-being. Breaking a cycle of self-loathing, sadness, and grief, that I had been dragging along with me for decades. I never expected to feel this way about a band, but Korn got me like whoa, and I cannot be more thankful.

Strategic Management: a Company’s Tool to Survival

The whole world is reeling from the impact of the pandemic. The Philippines, alone, has over 2 million confirmed cases with more than thirty thousand deaths. Millions go hungry because of the job loss brought about by the lockdown mandate.

Recent news brings us glad tiding. Last August 10, Reuters published an update about the Philippine economy. The article states that we are steadily beating the Covid-19 economic slump. As an entrepreneur, you should capitalize on this. The question is how.

You may already have taken the easy part of your company’s recovery process. But you still have several things to do. You also have to take tough calls. One difficult decision is how to wisely spend the money that you have borrowed from the bank.


Before anything else, you must map out every move that you make. It will ensure that you will not go beyond your budget. This step will help you identify possible risks. Thus, you can plan on the measures that you will take to lessen their negative impact.

Carrying out a feasibility study can help you in this planning stage. It seems an unnecessary expense, especially since you are on a tight budget. Is there a way around it? Please take note that market research can help you see the pulse of the people.

If a renowned consultant conducts the study, you might even take her findings to a bank. They can finance your business based on the expert’s favorable recommendation. What are a few thousand Pesos compared to the millions that the bank can loan you? If you still think that you cannot afford a full-scale feasibility study, you can try an incidence check from Dynata.

An incidence check will only cost a fraction of a full-scale feasibility study. But the company will not give an analysis of the survey. They will only deliver the raw data that they have gathered during the sampling. Another disadvantage is that you will create the questionnaire yourself. It may not lead to productive answers.


Once you have the results of the full-scale feasibility study or the simple incidence check, you can proceed with the investment. Carrying out your plans will be easier if you have the right tools with you. For example, you are debating whether you should purchase a commercial truck.

If you will purchase one, would you be able to save money? Or is it more sensible to hire a third-party logistics company to take the goods to your client? If you handle several transactions involving a bulk purchase, it might be more prudent to scout for cheap deals from reliable commercial truck dealers.

Your team can immediately deliver the merchandise. Although you have to worry about the fuel consumption and the maintenance cost, these expenses can be part of your deductibles. The truck itself will become an asset. It is a win-win situation.

You might want to check good software support. Investing in one will make operations run smoothly. It will also prevent any staff frustration. Let us say that you currently use Microsoft Excel to categorize your client list.

In this situation, your team can use the find function to look up any client. Microsoft excel already allows online collaboration, so your field team can access whatever the headquarters input. You may create a separate tab for each customer. The problem with this scenario is that it will take time to find the client’s information.

Investing in a CRM will solve this problem. Your team can efficiently locate client information and their past purchases. Thus, your staff can competently process repeat orders.


Yes, you can rely on your previous clientele. But your company will do better if you tap into a new market. The question is how you can find new customers. An SEO company can solve this dilemma.

Their services can draw new corporate clients and end-user customers. Most of them offer packages that include website creation and accompanying articles that will boost your online presence. Again, you might be skeptical about engaging in their aid. After all, you have to think about your budget.

You might be tempted to hire a graphic designer to create the website for you. But this is not a wise move because the result may not draw in crowds. On the other hand, if you ask for professional help, you are guaranteed that your website will gather traffic. These pedestrian readers may eventually become paying buyers.

Experts have a dim view of the global economy. Their grim forecast is exactly the reason why you should carefully plan out the future of your company. A well-laid strategy can help your business survive the financial downpour. The blueprint can even aid in its expansion.

Guide to Choosing the Best Gift for Your Wife

Gift-giving is something not easily learned. The pressure to give the best present accumulates through time and it gets heavier depending on how much you value the receiver.

As a husband, the pressure is worse especially if your wife gets you everything you want and need. And in most cases, they do.

Make history by giving the best gift a wife has ever gotten with the help of this five-minute guide for husbands. Surprise your lady and make her fall in love all over again by following these six simple tips:


Contrary to popular belief, one of the many reasons why men fail at giving gifts is not their lack of care but actually too much of it. By thinking too much for too long, things get overcomplicated. With overthinking every step of the way, planning gets tiring. Know that it is understandable if you are unsure of what to get your wife. You don’t have to do it alone. Most of the time, the right people to help you are just there waiting for you to ask them.

  • Do your research. Before buying a new gadget, you’d have to check for the specs. You’d go online for hours just to be sure. When you decide to buy a new power tool, you’d ask your friends’ opinions and experiences first. It’s the same with buying your partner a gift.

     Take her window-shopping months before judgment day and check what catches her eye. Do some detective work and tell her stories about the gifts your mates gave their wives. Check how she responds and ask her opinion. When it comes to giving gifts, the best person you can ask is the receiver herself.

  • Recruit her friends as accomplices. No one is more hell-bent than a bestie planning the perfect surprise. Getting the opinion from someone very important to her life but not a part of your marriage could provide a fresh set of eyes. Just be ready to see those eyes rolling from time to time.


Diamonds sure are beautiful. But sometimes, they’re really just expensive rocks. Any bozo can buy a necklace or a bag. Don’t misunderstand, there’s nothing wrong with spending for your wife. It’s actually highly recommended. But what would make your gift extra special is something that cannot really be just bought. Putting time and effort into creating something for her brings your gift to a whole new level.

  • DIY it like a boss. Go with something personal, something that has a story, something that would make her feel your presence even though you’re out with friends.

     Nothing says “I love you” more than 40 hours of woodwork and callouses. Sculpt something that best represents your love. Get some sewing patterns and tailor cute matching onesies for mommy and baby. Photograph her secretly for a year and make a scrapbook with love notes all over.

     Do something she loves that she knows you’re not particularly interested in.

  • Dazzle her with an event. You don’t have to settle for material things. Going down memory lane might do the trick. Recreate a magical night and take her back to her happiest memories. The most romantic night that you’ve shared before getting married would be wonderful for anniversaries. But for birthdays and other special occasions, you don’t really have to box yourself within just your relationship.

     Consider the things that she misses the most. If she feels disconnected, restage her uni days and help her reconnect with her friends. If she misses her family, cooking up a plan with her parents or siblings could never do you wrong.

  • Make her feel like royalty. Acts of Service are among the most underrated love languages. Work on that step she’s been asking you to fix for months now. Do the dishes without being asked. Clean the house while she’s outside for an errand. Better yet, do that errand for her. Make up for the countless times your pants and socks laid on the floor by doing the laundry without letting her know. Learning the recipe and cooking her favorite dish is also a good way to go. Basically, just serve her like you promised and go the extra mile.


  • Give her a break.

Get her a spa day. Reserve a table at her favorite restaurant for dinner. Book a hotel suite for one and open a tab under your name. Plan everything and work out all the details. Assure her that the kids are okay and that you’d take care of them. She just needs to show up and worry about nothing else but herself. And the most important part to remember: let her experience these alone.

The best gift you could give her is a day free from stress and pressure. Don’t gawk on like a baby bird waiting for a compliment about your gift-giving skills. Don’t wait around and bother her every five minutes to check if she’s enjoying it.

One of the most common mistakes a man can make when giving a gift is including himself in it. This is not about you. It’s not about how good of a husband or a father you are. It’s not about your family or your marriage. Today, at least for today, she is not a wife. She is not a mother. She is not anyone or anything else. She’s just a woman of her own who deserves peace and time to relax. And that’s what you should give her.

The Surprising Tech of A Successful Off-Road Trip

Are you planning an off-road trip? In a previous article, we’ve mentioned some of the best customized features available for off-roading. Ultimately, off-roading is an exploratory adventure. You never quite know what’s on your path, so you want to make sure your car can overcome all challenges without any issue. If you thought that a 4 wheel drive was enough to approach rugged and remote treks, you need to think again. Protective bullbars, for instance, are a preferred choice to protect your vehicle from impacts. Improved suspensions will absorb shocks when you drive on uneven ground, And of course, you don’t want to go without top-quality lighting. After all, there is no street light when you go off-roading, so you need to make sure you can see what’s coming. But did you know that there’s more tech and gadgets you can pack in your vehicle to prepare for your trip? The good news: It doesn’t involve customizing your car any further. 

Unsplash – CC0 License 

Safe photo storage

Let’s be realistic: You’re going on a trip. Of course, you are going to take pictures! Dozen, hundreds of them! And when you’ve got all those pictures, you want to make sure you can store them rapidly and on the go. Mishaps are prone to happen. One minute you’re taking an amazing shot over the river, and the next, your phone is sinking into the depth of the water. So, linking your iPhone gallery to the iCloud, as explained in this article https://macpaw.com/how-to/copy-photos-iphone-mac, could save you a lot of hassles. It doesn’t involve bringing additional tech to your trip but knowing how to make the most of your existing tech, And that can be life-changing too!  

Portable cooling & heating for food

Everybody packs snacks and food when they go on a road trip. But if you don’t have a cooling box, your food is likely to go bad rapidly. You may not be ready to buy a fridge for your vehicle. But you might want to consider a thermo cooler like these here https://www.koolatron.com/US/en/koolatron-coolers, which keeps your food cool but can also be reversed into a food heater. 

Low tech but high effect: Swiss army knife

If you grew up watching MacGyver on TV, you understand the importance of a Swiss army knife. You don’t need to go on a life-changing adventure like our favorite life-hack hero used to do. Your knife can be a fantastic tool on the road if you want to start a fire. You can rapidly turn an empty tin into a cooking stove for an impromptu meal. Some even use their army knife to build full wooden contraptions, holding pieces of wood together with a dovetail notch cut.   

Distress signal gadgets

Last but not least, you have to plan for the eventuality of things going wrong. Nobody likes to plan for failure, but carrying gadgets that let you send a distress signal could save your life. A PLB, or personal locator beacon, sends our coordinates to the local authorities. Most advanced models also let you text using the satellite connection so you can explain the crisis to the authorities. 

In conclusion, it’s time to pack your car and prepare for your next off-roading adventure. Spending a few days in the wilderness could be a fantastic bonding experience for the family. You don’t need to go far. You could explore your local woodlands and mountains together as a start.