Baby-Proofing Tips to Stop Ruining Your Tech

Being a dad can be a life changer in many different ways. And you learn a lot about yourself. And also how these tiny human minds work. You might find yourself wondering what on earth you are doing spending lots of money on new toys for the kids, when they find plenty of non-toy toys around the house that they find much more fascinating. If it blinks, beeps, has a bright screen, or is any way expensive, they will find it. And they will cause damage to it (because let’s not forget, they’re also interested in things that make a splash, so smartphone, meet the bath or the toilet bowl).

So if you’ve been scarred in the past from a non-toy toy situation, then here are some ways to help protect your gadgets and tech, going forward.


Get Cases

When we’re teaching our children how to ride a bike or their scooter, we teach them to wear a helmet. So why don’t we equip our technology and gadgets with such a device? The good news is that it does exist, and you can protect your devices with such a thing. You can get cases that reduce the impact when dropped, cases that protect screens, and cases that are waterproof or shatterproof. So it is a no-brainer that you need one of these in your life. If you’re shopping around for device cases, then be sure to look out for the ones that state they have an Ingress Protection rating on them. According to, if the rating is over 67, then it means it is waterproof up to a meter deep, and can prevent dust from entering.

Check Reviews

When buying tech and gadgets in the home and you have little ones, then you need to know what you are letting yourself in for. Does it stand up to all that you need it to? Is it going to be able to cope with some dribble or spilt milk on the keyboard? Will it survive a gnawing during teething? So looking at a site like could be helpful if you’re after a new bit of tech, especially a laptop, as you can check out how well they are rated for different things. Of course, keeping them at arm’s length from little ones is desirable, where possible!

Be Cable-Savvy

Picture the scene; a laptop charging quietly on top of a desk or table. Then your toddler walks up to it, and sees a cable that is totally in reach. They pull it, taking the laptop down with it. Not to mention loose charging cables left on the floor can be gnawed or chewed on if you are crawlers. So be savvy with how you store your cables. You could use storage clips to attach under your desk, as well as keeping cables in a drawer when they’re not being used for charging anything. It gives your gear a longer lease of life, and will reduce the temptation for little ones to cause damage, to the equipment or themselves.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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Blogs And Websites That Dads Should Have Bookmarked

Whether it is to cure boredom or to help you with one of the many troubles we all experience as parents, there is a website for everything nowadays. All you need to do is a quick search on the web and you can find anything your heart desires. With that being said, read on to discover some of the websites and blogs that all dads should have bookmarked on their computer or tablet.


Blogs and websites for entertainment

So, let’s begin with the fun stuff. You need to save a few websites and blogs that will allow you to have a bit of fun when you do get some time to yourself, which probably isn’t very often! One place to start is with This website is home to thousands of games, ranging from puzzle games and action games to sports and music games. There is something for all tastes! If you like to play poker or other table games, you should head to This site gives you access to all of the best bonus deals and offers for such websites, so you can get more for your money.

Blogs and websites for new dads

If you have recently become a father for the first time, you may feel like you need all of the help you can get. A good blog to follow is Dave Hornby created this blog, and it highlights some parenting lessons he has learnt along the way, as well as highlights of being a new dad. The blog is written in a relatable, witty, and honest way, which is what makes it so appealing.

Blogs and websites for DIY dads

If you are a dad who likes to do his bit around the house, you will like the DIY Daddy blog that is run by Nigel Higgins. You can find the blog here: Nigel has more than 20 years of experience in DIY and decorating and, obviously, he is a father too. You will find a good range of advice on both subjects.

Blogs and websites for money management

If your child is heading off the college soon, money can be a real concern, amongst other things. There are a number of blogs and websites that can help you to plan for the upcoming years. A good example of this is, where you will find plenty of useful advice on all things money-related. Another website to take a look at is, where you will find lots of information on paying for college.

So there you have it: some of the best blogs and websites that all dads should have bookmarked on their computer or tablet. These blogs and websites will provide you with everything you need as a father, be it a bit of advice or something to do while enjoying a rare bit of me time.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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Money Making Tips You Need To Know

Making money to support ourselves and our family is one of the biggest tasks we have to go through during life. Making sure that we can live the lifestyle we want involves having enough money in the bank to be comfortable.

The idea of being able to make any more money than you currently do at work may seem difficult, but there are actually plenty of ways you can make money passively and outside working hours. You could start with online bitcoin gambling, you can review songs and even test chocolates. There are plenty of great ways to earn money [...] Continue Reading…

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