Business Essentials: Certain Essentials You Need to Run Your Business

Running a business is a daunting task. It takes a considerable amount of experience and accumulates a lot of stress over time. Unfortunately, experience is something that most starting entrepreneurs don’t have, and if you’re an entrepreneur who does not have a lot of funds, you can’t afford to learn things through trial and error. This means doing your research.

Your assets are vital to your survival as a business, but many starting entrepreneurs tend to forget essential assets that will help them run their company. Regardless of how fundamental this idea is to some people, it simply doesn’t cross their minds. An essential asset to have is working capital.

Working Capital

Working capital is considered to be your business’ current assets. It’s your business’ short-term health and one that’s important if you want your business to survive. We’re not talking about growth here. We’re talking about your sustainability. Various assets contribute to your working capital, but the most essential is your cash on hand.

Cash on Hand

Cash on hand, or sometimes called cash equivalents, is technically how much cash your company can access in a given period. It’s essential to have, but most entrepreneurs make the mistake of not having it in favor of using their loans and credit cards. Remember, those aren’t assets. Those are liabilities.

Here’s a rule of thumb for cash equivalents: always have enough for the first three months of your business operations. But if you can secure it, have enough cash on hand for a year. That averages about $184,000 for many startups.

Company Car

Many new entrepreneurs shy away from this asset simply because it’s an unaffordable expense for many new businesses. However, it’s crucial if you want your business to run smoothly. Without a company car, your business’ mobility is severely hindered.

Think about it. You can’t afford to wait for a commute and spend money going to a meeting on another side of town. Moreover, what happens if you have an emergency? What happens if an employee gets injured at work and requires medical attention? You can’t just sit there, wait for an ambulance to come. Plus, ambulances are very expensive. Having a company car bypasses all of those problems.

Some experts believe that you should only purchase a company car if your business demands it. However, if you have the funds for it, consider investing in a portable car wash bay. This way, you can save the time and money you need to get it cleaned in your local car wash. It’s a good long-term investment that makes your company car sustainable in the future.

Marketable Securities

Marketable securities are assets that can be quickly turned into cash. Essentially, marketable securities can be your financial lifeline when things go wrong. There are many forms of marketable securities, but the most common are common stocks.

Common stocks are excellent marketable security because they can be sold in the stock market at any time. The best part of common stocks is that interest rates are particularly high, but risks are pretty high as well. So if you need an injection of funds, then this is your best marketable security.

Treasury bills are a reliable form of marketable security but don’t have the same possible interest rate as common stocks, but their risk is lower. Once again, it can easily be sold, making them an excellent way to pay debts.

Ensure to invest in marketable securities even if you see yourself at a loss. You don’t want your cash to stay stagnant. Investing in marketable securities will allow them to grow without being too out of reach.

Long-term Investments

Lastly, we need to talk about long-term investments. Long-term investments for your company are one way you can help it grow in the future to come. We’re talking about index funds, gold, and real estate investments.

Not many starting companies have the fund for this, but you must put some money into these kinds of investments when you do. It’s not a mere lifeline for your business. It will determine where you’re going to be in the future.

Suitable long-term investments can increase your business’ overall capital. A company with healthy capital can grow as much as it wants without having a great risk.

Why Have These Essential Assets?

Ultimately, having these assets prepares you for the worse: bankruptcy. Now, we don’t want you to reach that point, and you probably might not. However, if you do, you at least have enough assets to liquidate your standing liabilities. This means that even if your business does fail, you’ll have at least enough to cut even. This gives you a chance to start a new business smoothly.

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Be The Best Dad Before The Baby Is Born

Have you recently found out that your partner is expecting? You might think that your role as a dad only begins after the baby is born. But this isn’t the case and there are steps that you can take from day one. Here are the suggestions that we recommend. 

Pexels Source CCO License

Supply The Cravings

First, you do need to be aware that your partner is going to be hit by a range of different food cravings during the pregnancy. You need to be able to satisfy these cravings without asking too many questions. If your partner asks for a certain type of food then it’s important to make sure that you go out and get it. Don’t forget that foods that they used to love probably now make them nauseous. So, it does make sense to ensure that they are getting the things that they now love. 

Give Her Plenty Of Space

Sometimes a pregnant mother will need a little more space than usual. One example of this will be when they’re lying in bed. A pregnancy can make it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position so they might need more space in bed than usual. You might also want to think about getting them a large full body pillow from a supplier like Foryourlittleone. A company like this has some great options that will provide your partner with the relief and support that they are looking for when trying to get a good night sleep. 

Navigate The Mood Swings Like A Pro 

Mood swings are real and do happen throughout a pregnancy. Don’t forget that during a pregnancy hormones are going haywire. So, it’s common for someone to switch between happy and sad in a matter of seconds. They can be laughing one minute and burst into tears the next. You need to be understanding and supportive of changes like this. It’s important that you never insinuate that your partner is being overly emotional because the reality is that they aren’t in control of their emotions at all. This can be even more frustrating for them than it is for you and they’ll be grateful for your care and understanding here.

Attend Every Appointment

Finally, it’s possible that you do have a busy schedule and this is understandable. You could be juggling several work and personal commitments. However, you still need to make sure that you manage your time effectively enough so that you can go to some of the main appointments or ideally all of them. This is the best way to show your partner that you do care and that you are ready to be there for them as well as your newborn baby. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps that you can take to ensure that you are a fantastic dad long before your baby enters the world. If you take these steps, you can make sure that you are supporting your partner every step of the way to ensure that their pregnancy is far easier overall. 

3 Awesome Indulgences For Any ‘Dad Space’

Pexels – CC0 License

It’s true to say that while Dads aren’t all the same, many of us wouldn’t mind coming together to enjoy some of the same indulgences and hobbies. For instance, talking about classic cars, classic rock, tech, steaks, cigars, well, it all comes with the territory. This isn’t to say everyone enjoys that kind of thing, of course, but with the right introduction and welcoming tone, anyone can bond together over these things, and there’s nothing quite as fun and indulgent as a nerdy Dad who feels room to talk about his interests.

It might be that you wish to get together with your friends more often, or now that your children have flown the nest, make sure that the spare rooms in your property are put to good use. A good investment of your time and energy, then, could involve crafting a Dad space in which you can care for your hobbies without spreading them over the entire house.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few additions, indulgences, and investments you may wish to make in order to get the best out of this space, as well as what value this could add to your life:

Comfort As Necessary

You can’t be blamed for wanting to put your feet up. Having a set of recliners, armchairs with footrests, or just a beautiful and large L-shaped sofa with handy coffee table nearby can provide you that comfort you need, be that to relax in a media room or listen to vinyls without stress. Place a few additions into this room such as an air filter, a cigar humidor humidifier, glass mats, and a classy minifridge you can use for access to great snacks, and you have a worthwhile space going for you.

A Gaming Space

If you enjoy gaming, it can be nice to set up a space you use to relax, enjoy a story, make strategic decisions, or connect with your old gaming pals that have since grown up and started families of their own. A cool front-facing storage unit you can use to place a range of awesome retro collectable consoles in, a place you can store game cartridges, or even space for a restored pinball machine can work wonders, too. Even taking measures like soundproofing the room can prevent your excitement from disturbing anyone else at this time, too.

An Inlaid Bar

A beautiful inlaid bar can be a very nice indulgence, even if you don’t drink that much and just wish to stock your shelf with amazing whiskeys that  you taste ever so often as a beautiful indulgence, and something to share with adult members of your family. A bar can provide a comforting place to hang out, to experiment with drinks, to listen to music after a tiring day, and more. It can also be a beautiful fixture in an empty room and considerably raise the value of this space.

With this advice, you’re sure to craft the best indulgences that any Dad would be jealous of you for having.