4 Ways You Can Invest In Making the World Better

The world is forever changing. From climate to culture, humans are always moving and always inventing. We get caught up in our own lives, and sometimes, we forget that we are all on this planet together. If you are feeling that you are compelled to do something for the greater good of the world, but you feel you don’t have time, you are wrong. Helping the world doesn’t necessarily mean digging trenches, building homes, or coming up with cures. There are very easy ways you can do your part to help the world from the comfort of your own home. Here are four ways you can invest in the world. 

Donate to Clean Up the Oceans

There are several organizations that have one sole purpose and that is to clean up the oceans. Every year, millions and billions of pounds of plastic are floating around in our oceans, and groups come together to capture that plastic and make the oceans clearer and cleaner. One company in particular is 4 Ocean. This particular organization takes the plastic and makes jewelry out of it. All the proceeds go to continuing efforts to save the oceans and sea life. They make great gifts and you have something to show for your contribution. 

Build Cell Phone Towers

So many remote parts of the world have zero communication towers. As a result, they are falling behind technologically and socially. Telecom companies don’t reach out to these parts of the world because it is too expensive to build and maintain cell phone towers in far out places. World Mobile Solutions allows individuals and companies the opportunity to have cell phone and telecom towers built in these parts of the world. You can do your part to help bring the world closer together and keep the planet running at the same speed. 

Support Local Farmers

The world is in short supply of food. So many countries are impoverished and hungry. The more farmers we have the more healthy food we can get on people’s plates. You can do your part by shopping at farmer’s markets, supporting local food banks, and donating to food organizations for the hungry. It all starts with having the land and the means to grow and harvest various kinds of foods, and with farmers being fully supported financially, the world’s food supply can grow and you will have healthy food.

Go Electric

Buying an electric car is a big win for you. Not only do electric cars prevent air pollution, but you won’t have to pay for gas. As gas prices constantly ebb and flow, you will be unaffected by the price gouging of fuel. Also, electric cars don’t have engines so there is little to no maintenance required for your vehicle. You will be saving money at the pump, saving money on the upkeep of your car, and you will be keeping the air free and clear to breathe. It’s a great investment for the planet that will last you many years. 

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

How You Can Be Greener In Your Life

With the way the earth is going, with global warming and plastic affecting our wildlife people start needing to make a change. It can be hard to make a change in your life but even if you make one change to how you live you can help the world to become greener. You may think that you will have no effect on the planet if just you alone go green but you will have an impact and you may be able to motivate someone else to make a change too whether it is a family member or friend.

If you want to go greener and help make a change to your planet but you are unsure on what sort of changes you can make then these few tips should help to give you an understanding of what gancaged you can make and help you get started.

Source: Pexels

Start by saving energy

Switching out the light bulbs in your home is a great first step to being greener, you can save energy and lower your bills in the long run. With LED bulbs you can get the same great quality of lighting as a normal bulb but they are more energy efficient. You can also make sure you switch off lights and plug sockets that are not being used again this will save energy and save you money.

Use sustainable energy

The best way to have an impact is to change the way you get your energy and what energy you are using. Installing in solar panels or wind turbines are the best ways to have an impact on the planet, this will give you sustainable energy to power your home and any energy you do not use can be stored in batteries or sent into the power grid which will then pay you for the energy so you will have no energy bill and may even get paid for it. You should also try and get a hybrid vehicle or electric vehicle like the Vauxhall Corsa-e this will reduce the petrol you use and reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. Electric vehicles have come on massively in recent years so you can do many miles on a single charge and there are more charging points around for you to charge up at.

Start recycling

Recycling is a simple change you can make in your home to help have a more greener lifestyle. By simply splitting your recyclables and making sure less and less recyclable material is going to landfill will really help make a change. Landfills are filling more and more of the planet’s surface so having the ability to reduce what goes there while also being able to recycle that and have more things made which in itself will reduce the amount of plastic being manufactured, this will help the wildlife and the planet to start recovering and getting back on track.

If you are looking for a way to become greener, maybe you want to make a big change or just a small one then hopefully, these few tips will help you to understand what you can do to be more eco and help you to get started on your greener journey.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

Ready To Try Some Wild Camping?

You don’t have to stay in a campsite when going camping. Wild camping involves pitching up a tent in the wilderness. This could be anywhere from a forest to a field. 

Wild camping does mean having to go without luxuries like bathroom facilities and wi-fi. However, there are advantages to this raw form of camping. Firstly, there are no campsite fees to pay. Secondly, it gives you more freedom as to where you stay – it’s a chance to explore the great outdoors more freely and intimately (when it comes to multi-day treks of mountains and national parks, wild camping may be the only form of accommodation). 

Of course, there’s more to wild camping than pitching up a tent in a field. There are certain dangers to be wary of and obstacles to consider. This guide offers a few essential tips for those considering wild camping. 

Bring the right gear

If you’re going wild camping, you’ll need to take certain gear with you that might not need to when staying in a campsite. You won’t have access to water on tap, so consider bringing some bottled water with you. Purification tablets and a water filter could be necessary if you plan to drink from natural water sources (you can find more information on drinking water in the wild here https://artofmanliness.com/articles/how-to-find-water-in-the-wild/). If you’re going on a hike and planning to camp in different locations along the way, make sure to bring a light tent and light clothes. Consider bringing food and a gas stove with you too. Equipment like axes could be useful if you plan to make a fire and need to collect some firewood. This guide offers a few examples of axes that could be worth buying https://knowpreparesurvive.com/gear/axes/best-bushcraft-axes-reviewed/. Don’t forget to bring a lighter and some firelighters.  

Know the local laws

There are some places where it is illegal to pitch up a tent. This includes any kind of private land (unless you’ve got the landowner’s permission) and most urban parks. However, when it comes to national parks and public woodland, you can usually camp overnight anywhere unless there are signs that say otherwise. This site offers more information on where you can legally camp in the US https://www.nps.gov/subjects/camping/where-can-i-camp.htm. Be wary that laws may differ abroad. 

Find the right spot

On top of making sure that your camping spot is legal, you need to make sure that it’s practical. Firstly, make sure that the ground is flat so that it’s comfortable. If there is a small slope, make sure that your head is positioned facing uphill when sleeping. Secondly, you need to make sure that you can put pegs in the ground. If the ground is too wet, they’ll slip out. If it’s too hard, you won’t get them in. Where possible, avoid camping under trees so that your tent doesn’t get covered in sap and to avoid dangers like falling branches. Feeling safe is very important – it’s worth always considering local dangers before pitching up a tent somewhere. Make sure to take advantage of any good views.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

That’s right! Filming has started on the newest short-film coming from St. Louis Dad and his tiny cast and crew. This time we are picking up where Jason Beware ended. It will be our first sequel/prequel film with the premise being it starts off where the first Jason Beware ended and then quickly sends the audience back in time to learn the true beginnings of this new generation of horror.

The film is filled with an all-child cast except for one highly notable name that will be announced soon! The kids are doing everything from acting to working as the crew behind the scenes with help from myself and my amazing wife. The sequel had been in the pre-production stages for a few months before we finally got everything in place for production to begin this past weekend. We will be shooting on an iPhone and in 4K HD, and editing in Sony Vegas! We also have a sound engineers working on an absolutely spectacular sound design for this fan-film. We plan to premier later this summer for free on YouTube. Be on the lookout for more news, clips, and more for Jason Beware 2!

We shall see how everything comes together over the next few weeks of principal filming. Then it will be onto post-production where we edit it all together, put some sounds to add some depth, and of course the special effects!

Wish us luck!!!

Jason Beware 2 is being produced by Missouri Mobile Productions and is starring Alex Williams reprising his role as the deranged serial killer Jason! Abby Williams will be playing a new character Investigator Annie Summers, and of course we have plenty of supporting roles that will be announced very soon! Check out the original Jason Beware fan-film to see where it all started! I am super proud of these kids. They are working hard memorizing their lines and helping getting the sets ready to go.