New Music from St. Louis Dad!

Do you hear that? What’s that sound? It’s new music from St. Louis Dad!

In case you missed me mentioning it in the past, along with the St. Louis Dad blog, I also create music for my production imprint Missouri Mobile Productions. Last year saw the release of two new instrumental albums, JELLY-Fi and The Long Way to Mars EP. With neither reaching critical acclaim, nor receiving barely any streaming numbers, this dad figures why not keep the beats going and release another EP!

Rotting Planets EP

At the start of the summer I started working diligently to release the Rotting Planets EP. Another experimental instrumental album to add to the growing list of albums released through-out the years at MMP. The cover is a mash-up of two drawings completed by my son and daughter. This EP has a length under 20 minutes and is filled with little sounds and moments of “what was that?”.

While many artists release through Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud or other social streaming sites, I would rather not. Some of those sites charge you to post your music, others take a cut from the ad revenue. To keep costs down I have decided to just keep releasing music directly to my listeners at for free. My music isn’t for sale, it’s just for listening. I don’t plan on going on a tour or performing in front of a crowd, so I think my release model works well for what I am doing. The music I produce is an experimentation in creating art by using various sounds, samples, and other weird techniques.

The initial cover for the project was also completely produced by artificial intelligence. It was the first time I have ever used ai to create any sort of artwork for me. The results are pretty incredible and I can see myself using ai to create other pieces of art and incorporating them into the various projects I participate in over time.

The Columbia Sessions

The Columbia Sessions is an odd experimental release I put together sitting late night in a quiet hotel while out of town. Featuring just five tracks, this short 10 minute EP explores the sampled sounds of child making noises, screams, and strawberry bananas. It’s a weird release but a MMP release nonetheless.

So if you are interested in hearing some weird music, head on over to my production / portfolio and start streaming! There’s more than just the Rotting Planets EP and the Columbia Sessions, all of my releases are available for free!

Now that these summer EP(s) have released it is time to start planning the next project! I have a few ideas but I’m not going to announce anything until we’re closer to release. Ya know sometimes things just don’t plan out and I would not like promising something that doesn’t plan out. With that being said be sure to watch this space, along with my various social media channels for all things related to St. Louis Dad and Missouri Mobile Productions.

Father’s Day Fun – All About My Dad Printable Activity

For the dad that juggles it all! Give back the gift of fun and celebrate Father’s Day by having your little ones show him why he’s the GREATEST dad on earth with this fun keepsake activity created by Ringling.

Print off one or as many copies as you want, even if you’re an adult it would be fun to fill one out for your dad too. I can guarantee he would appreciate it! Thank you Ringling for putting together a fun little activity for all ages!

Children’s Books – Squat The Robot?

Robot Story 00 Cover

Back in January of 2013, I was informed that the book “Squat The Robot?” was available in Amazon’s Kindle store and would be made available a few days later for a paperback copy. The story is an unique one which finds Squat the robot getting into a crazy and weird adventure. When I was hired on to illustrate this story I was impressed with how it turned out given how strangely unique the story is.

Amazon’s Description:

Squat was cleaning Glistening Glow when hair began to show. She had no idea why until remembering that Creepy Cupid guy. It seems she was under his curse and to make things worse, he had captured her love, making him and his band sing like a dove.

Follow Squat as she begins her quest to put everything back to normal and stop that Creepy Cupid pest. But will it come due? That can be found out by you. Just add this book to your mat from none other than Pat Hatt.


Throwback Thursday – March Madness Edition

mm-coverAs I have mentioned in the past, there is a lot more to me than just my kids. One of those things is that I used to DJ back before kids. Back then it was mainly hip-hop but now-a-days I typically will mix some electronic dance music (EDM). I don’t get opportunities as often as I had in the past so when a chance comes up to do a little mixing I will take up that chance.

Earlier this year I reached out to my buddy up north in Canada and asked him if he was interested in working together on a new March Madness mix for this year. He agreed and we began work on our mixes. Along with our mixes DJ Digikid also started something that we had created years ago, but to see what it has morphed into now is incredible. I’m not gonna mention what it is until Friday’s March Madness release but it is a pretty cool idea that I hope many will enjoy.

So in preparation for the latest March Madness 2017 mix from me and DJ Digikid that will be released tomorrow, Friday (March 10th) please enjoy a throwback to 2015 with a previous March Madness mix. There is some choice language in this mix, so beware if listening at work. If you can put in some headphones and enjoy!