Lights! Camera! ACTION!

That’s right! Filming has started on the newest short-film coming from St. Louis Dad and his tiny cast and crew. This time we are picking up where Jason Beware ended. It will be our first sequel/prequel film with the premise being it starts off where the first Jason Beware ended and then quickly sends the audience back in time to learn the true beginnings of this new generation of horror.

The film is filled with an all-child cast except for one highly notable name that will be announced soon! The kids are doing everything from acting to working as the crew behind the scenes with help from myself and my amazing wife. The sequel had been in the pre-production stages for a few months before we finally got everything in place for production to begin this past weekend. We will be shooting on an iPhone and in 4K HD, and editing in Sony Vegas! We also have a sound engineers working on an absolutely spectacular sound design for this fan-film. We plan to premier later this summer for free on YouTube. Be on the lookout for more news, clips, and more for Jason Beware 2!

We shall see how everything comes together over the next few weeks of principal filming. Then it will be onto post-production where we edit it all together, put some sounds to add some depth, and of course the special effects!

Wish us luck!!!

Jason Beware 2 is being produced by Missouri Mobile Productions and is starring Alex Williams reprising his role as the deranged serial killer Jason! Abby Williams will be playing a new character Investigator Annie Summers, and of course we have plenty of supporting roles that will be announced very soon! Check out the original Jason Beware fan-film to see where it all started! I am super proud of these kids. They are working hard memorizing their lines and helping getting the sets ready to go.

My Daughter Wrote and Illustrated a Book!

Last year during the pandemic my daughter Abby decided that she wanted to write and illustrate a book. So I helped her get started with an idea she had. I helped her develop her idea into a short little story about a little girl that is lost and scared.

Helping a 10 year old write a story isn’t as easy as it seems. Sentence and story structure are not really at the top of their list of things to remember when writing. So we just took it one step at a time. I figured, no matter what, she is doing something creative and I am proud she is taking this step to get started.

It only took a few days to write the story. We made sure we went through a first and second draft and finally we had our final draft… that is until I lost it. I put the story somewhere… I just had no idea where, and as time marched on it was forgotten about and pushed aside to make way for the many other projects we always seem to get involved with.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago where my amazing wife FOUND the story! My daughter was not nearly as excited as I was. She must have already moved on from the story as she really struggled pushing herself to get the story illustrated. At first she just didn’t even want to start, but then I explained the process and that she would be coloring her drawings on the computer, she started to get a little more excited.

With a little help, Abby was able to knock out her illustrations and also get them colored over a relaxing weekend. With the review process finally finished up we are now happy to say that Abby’s very first book, The Lost Girl, is now available for purchase in digital as well as print!

To get your hands on a copy of The Lost Girl by Abby Williams just click the links below!

Don’t Forget Your Password! My First Children’s Book

I have illustrated so many children’s books for so many authors over the years. I have illustrated for authors all over the world! You can find those books on Amazon and elsewhere, but in all of that time I have never written and illustrated my own story.

Time are changing!

I have always wanted to write and draw my own story. I just never felt I had the time. It was always after I get “this or that” done. But it just had not materialized. That changed a few weeks ago when I decided that I was going to make the time to do my own story. I started something, sat on it for a little bit, came back to it, and then over the last few days I illustrated it and put it together for purchase on Amazon.

Don’t Forget Your Password!

Don’t Forget Your Password: Tips and Tricks for Creating The Perfect Password is the result of my efforts! This fun and colorful story will teach children the best tips and tricks to making a secure password. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts as you follow Edward as he arrives in technology class where he will be creating the perfect password!

Available in print and digital so you have two options to check out my first story!

Take a Step in the Right Direction with Proper Flooring

Even if you step all over them, your house’s floor is a big part of what makes it a home. The type of flooring you choose for your house can make it appear warm, elegant, or down for business. Weigh your options for your floors because the flooring can last for more than your lifetime.


Most homes have wooden flooring – and not just because of tradition. While more modern materials are available for floors, wood is still the most popular choice because of aesthetics, practicality, convenience, warmth, and nostalgia. Wooden floors make a house feel more like home. They have a warmer and more intimate feel than stone or ceramics. Houses with wooden flooring also demand higher property values than those without, as demand for alternative flooring options are rare.

Traditional hardwood is the most in-demand, but engineered wood is also growing in popularity. Engineered wood retains the appearance and strength of hardwood. It is made of several layers of wood and is less prone to warping or swelling. Engineered wood can cost half the cost of solid wood,and installation can be less expensive. Engineered maple wood flooring is particularly popular.

However, you can also opt for hickory, oak, beech, or ash. Working with wood allows you to easily add layers of insulation underneath or repair particular sections in case of damage. Engineered wood can last up to 30 years,and installation (for the entire house) typically requires a mere 1-4 days.

Stone or Ceramic Tiles

Houses with modern designs will typically have stone or ceramic flooring. Stone tiles exude the appearance of fast-paced living and efficiency and provide a more hygienic environment. Kitchens of professional cooks and bakers will most likely have stone or ceramic floors. Stone tiles are waterproof and fireproof and are less likely to be damaged compared to traditional wooden flooring. Stone or ceramic tiles are often used to assert professionalism and hygiene, albeit sacrificing the warmth associated with a home.

Of course, most homes will use stone or ceramic tiles in particular areas – most notably the kitchens and bathrooms – while using wood for the rest of the house. Tiles come in various shapes and sizes. They can be of almost any color you want and can appear as any stone. You can even opt for stone tiles with the appearance of wood. However, a single step will instantly reveal the deception. Stone and ceramic tile flooring are easy to clean and need very little maintenance. Your usual cleaning regimen should be enough to keep your floors clean, and tile grouts can last 10-12 years before requiring replacement.

Polished Concrete

The smooth and shiny appearance of polished concrete is usually more popular in offices and malls. However, it is also used in more affluent homes. Polished concrete can appear professional or majestic, depending on how it is applied. The seamless floors create an aura of etherealness as well as a clear mark of opulence. Concrete is also a green building material and most environmentalists advocate its use. Like stone or ceramic tiles, polished concrete is waterproof and fireproof.

It requires very little maintenance and has none of the grout lines of tiles. Concrete floors are all but impervious to damage. But even if you manage to damage it (with a falling hammer or some similar kind of accident), it can still be repaired quite easily. Polished concrete works best with modern stone houses or houses that want to emphasize lighting.


Vinyl comes in tiles and sheets and is the most affordable flooring option. Of course, vinyl needs an existing flat surface to adhere to, limiting its use downstairs (since the flooring upstairs will likely be constructed with wood). Vinyl is easy to clean and durable, particularly ones with 8mm thickness. It can be made to appear as almost anything (wood, stone, or complex designs), and you can even opt for tiles that require grouting to increase its semblance to stone tiles.

Vinyl is easy to apply and remove, requiring a day or two for professionals or maybe more if you do it independently. Unfortunately, vinyl floors can make your house’s property value drop, as most buyers consider it to be drab and cheap.

Choosing the right flooring for your home is not a decision you can make lightly. Consider your options (whether wood, stone, or ceramic tiles, polished concrete, or vinyl) and go for the right materials that fit your vision of how you want your home to be.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.