ST. LOUIS, MO — Reedy Press is pleased to announce the release of Year One: St. Louis CITY SC, by Dave Lange.

Experience that remarkable first season in Year One: St. Louis CITY SC. Learn about the birth and buildup of CITY; enjoy game summaries, pictures, and player statistics; and relive all of the thrilling international matches held at CITYPARK. Year One is an incredible story about an unforgettable season. 

In 2023, St. Louis CITY Soccer Club completed an inaugural season that was unparalleled in the history of Major League Soccer. CITY’s exciting, fast, and high-pressure style yielded goals and victories in bunches, won a regular-season conference championship, and thrilled sellout crowds at every MLS home game.

Year one saw CITY win the most games by an expansion team in MLS history, emerge as the first MLS expansion team to capture its regular season conference championship, and become the first MLS expansion team to win its first five games. Playing in perhaps the best soccer facility in the United States, CITY created a match-day experience unlike any other in St. Louis sports for the 22,423 fans who filled CITYPARK for every game.

Author and St. Louis native Dave Lange has chronicled St. Louis soccer for local and national media outlets since the 1970s. In Year One: St. Louis CITY SC, join him as he covers the highs and lows of St. Louis’s newest sports franchise in its inaugural season.

Year One: St. Louis CITY SC is available wherever books are sold.


Year One: St. Louis CITY SC, by Dave Lange

ISBN: 9781681065083

Hardcover, 9 x 12, 144 pages,



Dave Lange is the author of the only comprehensive history of soccer in St. Louis—Soccer Made in St. Louis: A History of the Game in America’s First Soccer Capital (Reedy Press). He also wrote or coauthored Practice Makes Perfect: A Guide to Fun Training Sessions for 6-10 Year Olds; Cherishing Childhood: The First 100 Years of Community School; Webster University: A Century of Defining Moments; and Taming Troubled Waters: Dr. Henry Givens Jr. and the Transformation of Harris-Stowe State University. He also contributed a chapter to Soccer Frontiers: The Global Game in the United States, 1863–1913. Lange coached youth soccer and holds a USSF National D coaching license and a coaching certificate from the Royal Dutch Football Association. He is senior lecturer at the University of Missouri–St. Louis and adjunct full professor at Webster University.


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Presentation and Book Signing

Sunday, February 18, from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.

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5700 Lindell Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63112

(314) 746-4599

Free and open to the public

St. Louis Dad 2023 Wrap Up

Wow, we made it to the end of the year already! It seems like it was just a little bit ago when I was writing my 2022 wrap up. It has been a great year, much like last year, but I’ll start off by owning the fact that I did not hit many of the goals I set out for myself last year. At least I can always try again!

This year I continued the trend I started last year by documenting all of the movies I watched over the year. It was a lot. I also listened to a ton of music. There is just about no possible way to document every single thing I listened to, but I wrote a few of them down. Check out this impressive list for 2023!

New Music from Missouri Mobile Productions

This year I released four albums through Missouri Mobile Productions! It was definitely a good year for my production. I kicked off the summer with the Jason Beware Soundtrack, with a follow up release, Rotting Planets EP. A week later I made sure to release The Columbia Sessions, and finally, this December I dropped Soundworm, an album full of crazy experimental hip-hop production.

Spotify Wrapped

Another yearly statistical data drop from one of my favorite apps, Spotify! This year is really close to last years wrapped. Zach Bryan topped my list again this year but who can blame him. The guy has put out some amazing music the last few years. Here’s hoping for even more in 2024.

Instagram Top 9

Here again is my Instagram‘s top 9 from 2023. I think the data is interesting. These were certainly some of my favorite posts from the year, but not sure how Breaking Benjamin and David Bowie slid into the top 9 as well, but I’ll allow it. As usual, I feel like after seeing these types of lists that I need to post more. There is a period of time for several weeks where I don’t post anything. I need to get better at that.

My 2023 Favorites

Another year and another list of favorites. By all means not the end all be all list, but just a few notes for some of my favorites from 2023. A few things carried over from last years favorites list, like Zach Bryan and Panda Express Orange Chicken. That stuff is so good and addicting!

2024 and Beyond

I’m not gonna sugar coat it this year. I have no idea what this next year has in store for me. 2023 brought me into my forties and the next stage in my life. Of course I am getting introspective, what am I doing with my life, is this all worth it, when will I get my corvette? Not really that last part, but I am starting to understand why it’s important to not really care what other people think and just do your own thing. Obviously, respect goes a long way, but do I really care what people think about the music I produce, the photos I post, or the topics I write about? I did and still kind of do, but I am working on letting that go, that way I can just focus on being me, and nothing extra. That is my goal for 2024.

The St. Louis Dad Shop

The last thing I will mention before I leave y’all for the year is a quick announcement about the new St. Louis Dad Shop! I have always wanted to setup some sort of store to sell shirts and other simple items, I just never got around to setting it up. Well, I finally did and I am excited to see how it goes. Check it out and if you like something, grab it!

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Abby & Alex Halloween ABC’s Children’s Book

Abby and Alex’s first Halloween themed ABC book is now available in print and digital. We priced it as low as Amazon would allow us. Great for those little ones just learning their ABC’s or for us old folks that have already forgotten them and need a refresher.

It is a fun and cute little Halloween themed book. The St. Louis Dad kids wanted to do something to try and make some extra money and this is the idea they came up with. They have a few more ideas that hopefully will come to life but for now we have this fun project.