13 Nights of Halloween – The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Great_pumpkin_charlie_brown_title_cardTonight is when it all begins! For the next thirteen nights my family and I will be watching some of the best children’s Halloween movies. There are many lists out there on the internet that list out many of these same movies you will see here, but hey this is a St. Louis Dad list and I am going to be listing these out one by one each and every night, for the next thirteen nights! So you know you will be getting some quality entertainment out of me. Some of these movies may be a little harder to find if you don’t have them recorded or on VHS. So good luck, be safe, and let the 13 Nights of Halloween begin!

Night One – The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Our first movie we will be watching tonight will be The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. With the Great Pumpkin Patch Express still fresh in the kids minds I figured why not start off with this classic. Originally aired in 1966, this animated classic has been shown on T.V. just about every year since. Sometimes with You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown following afterwards. We won’t be watching anything related to an election tonight. Abby is extremely excited to see The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown tonight after dinner. Hopefully, Alex doesn’t fall asleep before the end. Check back tomorrow to find out what we will watch next! Got a suggestion or want to share your favorite Halloween movie comment below!

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