13 Nights of Halloween – Ernest Scared Stupid

ernestLast night’s Halloween movie, Halloween is Grinch Night was somewhat of a bust yet again. I guess they just don’t like the classics. So tonight I am going to break out something extra special, Ernest Scared Stupid.

This is one of my favorite Halloween movies. I remember watching it all of the time at my grandma’s with my cousins when we were little. We wouldn’t just watch it on Halloween, we watched it year round. Ernest is one of those guys that just cracks me up. Ernest Goes to Camp is another one of Jim Varney’s classics, and a definite must see.

So wish me luck on hopefully a successful night of another Halloween movie. I picked up some yummy pop-corn and a few other treats, so maybe if I bribe the kids to sit and watch they will enjoy it. The parent in me knows though that once they get hyped up they will be all over the place.


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