QlXtUutlOur 13 Nights of Halloween continues tonight with the Monster Squad. This 1987 classic features a group of kids that have to come together to take on some of the most terrifying monsters ever, Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein, the Mummy, and Gill Man. This movie is exciting and a refreshing step away from some of the sillier movies we have been watching these last few days.

I had always thought a sequel to this movie would probably be a good idea. I’m sure Hollywood could get back the majority of the original cast. How great would it be to see the Monster Squad reunited almost 30 years later to take on these terrors once again. I almost would rather see a sequel to this movie over the Goonies. I might get some flack for this and I know these two can be compared a lot and Goonies probably is arguably the better movie, but for a sequel, I’d rather watch The Monster Squad get more action over The Goonies.

My favorite “monster” from the movie was always Frankenstein. He seemed so scary but was very nice, which made him a lovable character. There are also some great one-liners in this movie that I will always carry with me in my terrible joke bag. Such great lines such as “Wolf man has nards!”. In case you are too young or too old to know what nards are, just watch the movie and find out for yourself. It’s a classic that definitely deserves some love during the Halloween season.

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