13 Nights of Halloween – Coraline

The_Other_MotherOur last night of 13 Nights of Halloween has arrived and in my opinion we have saved the best for last. This stop motion animated film was directed by the same man responsible for The Nightmare Before Christmas, Henry Selick. This stop motion animated film is my top scariest children’s movies of all time.

I don’t know what it is about Coraline that creeps me out but I think it has a lot to do with The Other Mother and her button eyes. They look innocent enough but oh boy does the creep factor really set in when watching her interact with Coraline.  The hidden meaning of mind control in the movie is also rather creepy and though provoking at the same time. The simpleness of story but tied with the deep association of mind control really show how well this movie was written, directed, and produced. Which is why it tops out our list for 13 Nights of Halloween.

I hope you enjoyed these last 13 nights as much as I did. Our family watched some classic and some not so classic Halloween movies. Tonight we will set out and gather up our own tricks and treats, so be sure to be safe and have a Happy Halloween!

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13 Nights of Halloween – The Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmarebeforexmasOnly one more night until Halloween. So that means we need to step our game up with our 13 Nights of Halloween! Tonight’s movie is the classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. Originally I had planned on being the last movie we watched on our 13 Nights of Halloween, but I had a change of plan for Halloween night.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a good family movie that shows what those in Halloween Town would do if they were responsible for Christmas. There are a few scary and creepy parts but for the most part the movie is just classic entertainment. The stop motion is incredible and is usually attributed to Tim Burton, but Burton only wrote the story. It was Henry Selick who directed this masterpiece. You can definitely see some of Burton’s influences but it’s all Selick here.

After Halloween is over commercials and television will switch on their holiday lights and it will be all about shopping and black Friday. So get your scary on while you still can and be sure to connect and follow St. Louis Dad on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!

13 Nights of Halloween – Frankenweenie

FrankenweenieAnother Tim Burton classic Halloween movie has made its way to our 13 Nights of Halloween is Frankenweenie! Oddly enough this movie is a remake from the 1984 Tim Burton short film of the same name. It is also a throwback to the classic Frankenstein movies.

Filmed in all black and white this movie does a great job with the whole creepy factor. The reanimated Sparky is a joy to see and the other supporting characters that mimic some of their classic counterparts, such as Elsa Van Helsing and Edgar “E” Gore.

If you haven’t seen Frankenweenie yet I highly recommend it. Don’t let the black and white put you off, as some of the best and creepiest movies are filmed with no color. Do you have any favorite black and white classic movies? List them below and be sure to connect and follow St. Louis Dad on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!

13 Nights of Halloween – Corpse Bride

CorpseBrideThese last couple of films in our 13 Nights of Halloween features my favorite style of animation, stop motion. ParaNorman was also shot in stop motion in case I didn’t mention it before. Tonight we will be watching Corpse Bride. Johnny Depp voiced an outstanding character in this movie and directors Tim Burton and Mike Johnson did a phenomenal job with this film as well.

The music is one part of the movie that really shines for me. Danny Elfman is an amazing musician and his work on this movie quite possibly steals the show. The rest of the cast really rounds out the production which helped make this such a successful movie and one of my favorites for this time of the year.

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