The Polar Express is at St. Louis Union Station!

polarexpress The Polar Express has returned to St. Louis for another trip around the lou. This year rides are beginning this weekend on November 20th and will be going strong until December 30th. Our family is slated to take a ride this weekend so be sure to check back to see how our trip went. This post is more for you to learn about the event and hopefully get you excited about going.

You can visit to learn more about the event, but to give a little idea here are a few key points. Tickets range from $39 to $75. There are also hotel accommodations as well as a dinner and show that you can also check out. The dinner and show are not actually a part of The Polar Express train ride, so separate tickets necessary. Details are available on the website linked above. It is recommended to get to the train station at least 90 minutes before your train departure to make sure you have enough time to check out all of the activities. It is recommended to make sure you are ready to board the train 30 minutes before departure.


Your child (under 12) will receive the first gift of Christmas (a bell) from Santa on the train ride. It is also suggested but not necessary to wear warm comfortable pajamas on the train ride much like they do in the Polar Express movie. Chef’s will also come around with some hot coco and a cookie and will be singing Christmas carols on the way back to Union Station.

This is a great experience and was a big hit last year, so be sure to get signed up and get your tickets as soon as you can before the train is filled up and it’s too late. Visit the Facebook event page here, or you can call 314-942-6942 or email for more information.

Are you going to ride The Polar Express? If so please share your pictures below or tweet them to @DadSTL!


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