Playskool Heroes Jurassic World Dino Tracker!

IMG_0517The hype behind Jurassic World is real. The movie is exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you have been busy all summer I suggest you get a chance to see it on the big screen before it’s too late. Fortunately for my little ones they get to bring the action home thanks to Hasbro’s line of Playskool Heroes!

This four piece set includes the Dino Tracker 4X4 with working Dino Tracking Technology this vehicle emits a red light showing the dino footprints needed to track and capture the included Velociraptor figure. You can secure the raptor in the included cage that attaches to the Dino Tracker. And let’s not forget the hero of our adventure. He does not have a name listed on the box but we like to pretend it’s Owen from the movie.

What I really like about this toy is that it has very simple pieces. Things do not get too complicated for my daughter and son to figure out. The vehicle rolls great and the cage actually stays attached. My son let out a squeal of excitement when we unboxed the raptor. His bright orange color make him easy to spot by any child. One thing you will probably notice is that Hasbro has done an excellent job at making this vehicle work with other Playskool Heroes figures. Such as the Marvel or Star Wars characters. The figures fit perfectly with Owen and the Dino Tracker, making an expanded Jurassic/Marvel/Star Wars universe a possibility.

IMG_0589Making these toys compatible with each other is every kids dream. It keeps things in scale and a lot more fun for the kids. We as parents spend hours upon hours making sure our children’s toys are separated. Action figures in this box, cars in another, ponies in another. Adults like to keep things clean and organized. But let’s be real, kids like to use their imagination, and if that means Twilight Sparkle is being hunted by Spider-Man riding the Dino Tracker than so be it!

There is also a Dino Copter that you can purchase to go along with the Dino Tracker. It has a figure and a dinosaur to go with it as well. Check out the images below to see both of these great toys in high quality!

jurassic-world-deluxe-vehicle-tracker-4x4 Jurassic World Deluxe Vehicle - Dino Tracker Copter

Hasbro provided St. Louis Dad with this product as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please visit for more toys, games, and other products your children will sure to enjoy!


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