Peanut Butter Flavored Wishes

chewy.comOur doggies are a big part of our family. Even though they can be smelly and loud they are still cherished members of our family. We try to get the best treats and toys for our kids, so why not for our dogs as well. This month sent over a Benebone Peanut Butter Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy. This chew toy was built to last. Over the past month I have put it through the ringer with both dogs and they are still both enjoying this wishbone.

IMG_1920For the same reason humans love peanut butter, dogs do as well, except they do not handle the after effects of peanut butter mouth as well as we do. So when Chewy asked if I would like to try out the peanut butter flavored chew toy with my dogs I was up for the challenge. As you may recall from some of my previous Chewy sponsored posts my dogs can chew with the best of them… So this was a worthy opportunity to test out the durability of the Wishbone from Benebone.

At first the dogs didn’t really seem to know what to do with the chew toy. But after a trip into the kennel with the toy Clark quickly began chewing. For the last month Clark and Miss Lady have been taking turns chewing on this toy and aside from some teeth marks it has still held up really well. I am very impressed with how well it has held up with the amount of use it has gotten. I am thinking once this one is ready for the trash bin we will pick up another Benebone Wishbone, but this time bacon flavor! provided St. Louis Dad with these products as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please visit for more toys, treats, and other items needed for your pets!


My name is Richie and I am a 40 year old father of two, a daughter and son. I am married to a beautiful woman named Destiny. She is the foundation of our family, and without her, none of this would be possible. During the day I work as a network security administrator for a local school district. At night I can be found illustrating books, working on websites, or creating music, but more than likely though I am spending time with my kids.

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