On the Fence – How to Convince Your Partner to Buy a Dog

Who doesn’t love dogs?

Well, I guess there are some people, but do you really want to associate with those types?

Almost half of American households have pets and for good reason. They are our best friends, loyal companions, and our protectors.

Does your partner need convincing that a dog is all these things and more?

I bet we can list a million reasons why getting a dog is a good idea. It’s a decision that you’ll never regret. Let’s look at a few ways to show your partner why it’s the right time to buy a dog. 

1. Fewer Allergies

If you have kids or plan to someday, homes with dogs have a decreased risk of developing environmental allergies. Being exposed to pet dander and germs change the bodies immune response and build immunity to allergens. 

2. Good for Your Mental Health 

Whether you get a puppy or an older rescue dog, you can’t help but be happy when they’re around. A puppy is just straight up adorable and fun. Rescue dogs are extremely happy to be in a safe place where someone loves them. 

When you have a dog, you form a bond. Both you and your dog release oxytocin, the love hormone, which enhances attachment and happiness. 

3. Forces You to Exercise 

Some dog breeds need more exercise than others, but all dogs need to get out for a daily walk at the very least. If you or your partner are looking for some motivation to exercise, a dog is a perfect answer. 

A walk around the block, a run along the river or the beach, a hike through the woods are all great ways to get you and your dog moving. And believe us, they won’t let you skip out on daily exercise. They’ll be sure to remind you!

4. Personal and Home Protection 

Barking dogs are a great deterrent to a would-be burglar. They’ll alert you during the night if anything is amiss. They’ll protect you while out in public if someone tries to mess with you.

How many people have “Beware of Dog” signs as their security system? It works.  

5. Stress No More (or at Least Less)

Anxiety, depression, stress…these are all problems solved by being in the presence of a dog. Your furry friend has a positive effect on your heart rate and blood pressure. Dogs are so cool, they help you chill out and relax. 

Take a look at the real-life teddy bear dog. One look at him and your partner will cave! 

Are You Ready to Buy a Dog? 

Now that you have some tips on convincing your partner to buy a dog, where will you go to get one? A breeder? A shelter? A rescue group? Have you explored your different options?

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How to Prepare your Kids for Getting a Dog

Getting a dog can be a very exciting experience. It gives your kids some added responsibility and it also gives them something to care for. If you want to prepare your kids for getting a dog, then there are a few things that you can try and do.

Understand the Dog’s Background

It doesn’t matter where you purchase your dog, or even whether you choose to adopt. You need to know the dog’s history, and you also need to know if they are aggressive around children. At the end of the day, your kids should always come first and by knowing information like this, you can be sure to make the best decision. A lot of people think that they can force an unwilling dog to accept a child, but this should never be the case. It will end up in an almost certain disaster, and it will also put pressure on the family as well.


Treats are like currency, for canines. They are a fantastic motivator when you use them properly.

If you want to help your kids to understand this, then start by giving your child a couple of treats to hold. When the dog is being well-behaved, or when they do a trick on command, tell your child to give them a treat. This will help your child to bond with your new pet, and it will also help the dog to be more accepting of your kids too. When your child hands out a treat, make sure that they keep their hands flat as this will stop their fingers from being nipped. As time goes on, you can use the treats less and less.

Warning Signs

You should always tell your child to use gentle body language. You also need to tell them to use slow, and deliberate gestures. By doing this, the dog is aware of when they are going to be petted, or stroked and it also helps your child to respect the dog’s feelings too. Of course, you do need to tell the child about the dog’s body language too. They need to listen out for warning growls, and they need to know when to leave the dog alone. If your child does not look out for these signs, then your dog may end up with anxiety or they may even resist having a close relationship with your child. Remember that not all dogs will have been socialized to deal with new people and they might not all act the same way either.


Getting a dog is a fantastic way for you to teach your child responsibility. They need to know when to feed them, when to give them more water and even how to help them to stay healthy. If you want to help your child, then try and assign them certain jobs. This could include filling up your dog’s bowl in the morning or it could even involve letting them out in the yard. Depending on how old your child is, you may not want to let them take the dog out for walks to begin with. The main reason for this is because younger dogs tend to pull on the lead, purely because of how excited they are for their walk. It’s very easy for a child to lose control here, so always insist on holding the lead yourself until the dog calms down a bit.


Looking after a dog isn’t just about giving them food and water. They are essentially becoming a member of the family, so you need to look after their health too. This could involve taking them to the vets and even getting their claws clipped from time to time. You can even use CBD for dogs to help soothe pain and bring balance to your pet’s daily routine. Your child may love giving your dog a treat from time to time and this is great, but they do need to understand that if they do this too often then they could risk harming the dog’s health. Your friends may ask “why does your dog’s breath smell so bad?” and you may even notice that they start to become overweight as well. All of this can be contributed to a poor diet, and if you can teach your child about this then you can help them to understand the needs of the dog you have much more efficiently.

So, getting a dog can be great for the whole family, but it is important that you teach your child how to look after them and how to care for their immediate needs. The sooner you do this, the better experience you will have.

Chewy 2 – Dogs 0

chewy.comChewy sent over some pet spray called Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover. We had previously tried out a pet cleaner from Chewy and we always like to be prepared for any messes our dogs may leave behind.

With testing a product out like this our family likes to make sure it’s going to be safe for our kids to be around. We checked the label for Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover and noticed our bottle said “Just for Cats”. Oh no! We don’t have a cat… I double checked the product and seen that it said for dogs and cats so I figured we’ll give it a try anyway.

IMG_4389Like last time we tested a cleaner we were not able to test the product right away. Which in my opinion is a good thing. That means our pups are doing their business outside and keeping our house clean. That is until the other night. Miss Lady decided to create a nice big wet spot on our couch by licking. The worst of it was that the spot now smelled like a sweaty shoe. So my wife got out the Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover and got to work on the spot.

The product description for the spray says it perfectly…. “Bye-bye bad smells, hello happy noses! Pet parents will enjoy sniffing around like their pups after getting rid of odors with Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain & Odor Scented Remover. It breaks down odors from dog and cat vomit, urine, feces, or any other organic substance on contact, and penetrates deep into surfaces to wipe away stains.”

This stuff worked amazingly, did exactly what it says and smelled terrific. The smell wasn’t overpowering like many cleaners and very pleasant. After the spot dried you couldn’t even tell anything was done to the couch at all. While this is a product you wish you don’t have to use but it’s a life saver when you do have it on hand, kind of like a plunger.

IMG_4388           IMG_4391

So if you’re worried about cleaning up some pet stains definitely check out Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover from Chewy.com.

Chewy.com provided St. Louis Dad with this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are St. Louis Dad’s. Check out Chewy.com for more awesome pet products!

Peanut Butter Flavored Wishes

chewy.comOur doggies are a big part of our family. Even though they can be smelly and loud they are still cherished members of our family. We try to get the best treats and toys for our kids, so why not for our dogs as well. This month Chewy.com sent over a Benebone Peanut Butter Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy. This chew toy was built to last. Over the past month I have put it through the ringer with both dogs and they are still both enjoying this wishbone.

IMG_1920For the same reason humans love peanut butter, dogs do as well, except they do not handle the after effects of peanut butter mouth as well as we do. So when Chewy asked if I would like to try out the peanut butter flavored chew toy with my dogs I was up for the challenge. As you may recall from some of my previous Chewy sponsored posts my dogs can chew with the best of them… So this was a worthy opportunity to test out the durability of the Wishbone from Benebone.

At first the dogs didn’t really seem to know what to do with the chew toy. But after a trip into the kennel with the toy Clark quickly began chewing. For the last month Clark and Miss Lady have been taking turns chewing on this toy and aside from some teeth marks it has still held up really well. I am very impressed with how well it has held up with the amount of use it has gotten. I am thinking once this one is ready for the trash bin we will pick up another Benebone Wishbone, but this time bacon flavor!

Chewy.com provided St. Louis Dad with these products as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please visit Chewy.com for more toys, treats, and other items needed for your pets!