Cyber Security Games!

Sometimes playing a fun game can be the best educational experience you can find. This is why people from all over the world have created a variety of games that you can play to enhance your cyber security knowledge. Check out this small list of games and see if you can become a cyber security master!

Targeted Attack: The Game   

Become the CIO of Fugle Inc. to determine what to do to protect sensitive company information in light of potential security issues. You’ll start with a video intro and then launch into the game with your chosen strategy defining the path it takes. Spend your budget coins wisely as you take on this challenge!

Cybersecurity Lab

As the CTO of a start-up social networking company (options include the cleverly named Einstagram, SnapCat, WattsAmp, and Phasebook), you’ll be in charge of cybersecurity during increasingly sophisticated attacks. Bolster your defenses to fend off foes in varying challenges that involve password and code cracking, and more.

Game of Threats

PwC’s Game of Threats simulates a cyber-attack to help executives understand the key decisions that need to be made in short order. You can participate both as an attacker and as a defender as precious seconds tick by and your company’s valuable information assets are on the line.

Hot Spot

Time is running out and in this simulation of habitual violations in a work environment the user is challenged to identify and eliminate them before time runs out. The game is a simplified simulation of an office with several security oversights scattered around the environment. Discover them if you are capable and see if you are prepared to change the habits that allow the avenge of insecurity in the company

Security Feud

Security Feud is a Free, interactive Family Feud Style Game(PPT). Seven rounds. Easy to schedule, recurring fun game. Do you ever feel like large-scale security awareness solutions are a little unwieldy?! Cue Security Feud: a brand-new, FREE resource for those looking to dip their toes into security awareness gamification! Security Feud is a fun, manageable step toward immersive learning, available now for October Cyber Security month. We crowdsourced 19 cyber security-themed questions to create this awesome resource just for you!

Craft a Phish

Do you want to know your level of knowledge about common phishing traps on the internet? So you have to click on this quiz game from Living Security about phishing with real screens of current ongoing threats on the internet that often deceive us about what is real and what is someone trying to breach your security.

Winter Home Woes And How To Solve Them

It’s fair to say that through the winter months can bring numerous challenges for homeowners that you need to be aware of and prepare for. If you do this, you can avoid problems with property damage and expensive repairs. Let’s explore some of the biggest winter woes that you can face and how to handle them the right way. 

Snowed In

It’s possible that you get snow this winter. This can be quite the nightmare because it could stop kids getting to school or you being able to reach work in the morning. To tackle this issue, you ideally need to invest in a high quality snow blower. The best snow blowers will make fast work of snow that’s built up around your property. Of course, you could already have a snow blower that just isn’t working as well as it should. If that’s the case, then you might need to think about fixing it. If you navigate to these guys, you’ll find some great advice on how to make the right repairs here. 

Water Trouble

Alternatively, you might find that there are issues with water in your home. If the rain starts to fall, even the smallest hole or gap in your roof can be a complete and utter nightmare. The good news is that it’s easy to handle trouble like this. You just need to contact a roofer and get them to check your roof before the winter weather sets in. Ideall, you should make sure that you are exploring issues here around the fall to give you enough time to get them fixed. Remember, if you leave this for too long, the problem can get a lot worse. 

Lights Out 

You might find that you have issues with power outages through the winter months. This can occur due to problems with the wind or it might be due to snow falling on the lines. In either case, the power going out can be a massive problem. Particularly, if it occurs at an inopportune moment such as when you’re cooking a meal on Christmas day. That’s why you might want to think about investing in a backup generator. These are a lot more affordable than most people realize and will fit into a typical budget. 

Pesky Pests 

It’s a well known fact that insects in the home become more common through the winter season. However, people do tend to forget that this can also lead to a full blown infestation. You need to be wary of this problem and ensure that you are taking the right steps to prevent it. This can be a case of filling in any cracks along the walls of your property. You might also want to think about laying down some bug spray and traps to ensure that a problem like this doesn’t catch you by surprise. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the common issues that you can have with your home through the winter months and what you can do to solve these problems. If you take the right steps, then you can avoid a lot of problems with property damage and headaches further down the road. 

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Gone but not forgotten, today would have been my father’s 69th birthday. It is crazy to think that it has now been 20 years without him. I still miss his stories and jokes. I always thought he was hilarious. Plus, I wish I would have gotten that BBQ sauce recipe from him. I guess that just gives me all the more reason to experiment and I am totally okay with that.

Mom and I were talking a while ago about how he would have loved the way technology has evolved over these last several years. With the way he made your radio shows back in the day, my dad would be all over the modern day podcast. I can only imagine the topics he would talk about, the jokes, and of course the music. I think with how computers work, we would be creating some off-the-wall content… But unfortunately, this is all after his time. So I am going to take the reigns and make sure I leave a legacy that would prove just how true the Williams family rocks! Happy Birthday Dad!

Accessories For Your Man Cave That You Really Need!

The ‘man cave’ can be a special room in your house, perhaps the basement, perhaps the attic or a small corner in the garage, but you know that there you will not find more than what you would turn your whole house into. With your wife’s permission, of course! Here’s a good collection of essential objects for your personal cave (aka personal paradise!) 

The first thing to consider for your man cave is definitely a sign, right? Because, without a sign, how can we tell people that this space is only for men? Currently you can find a large number of signs, from those that are made of metal or wood, for example, to neon signs or LEDS, for example. Depending on the style of your cave, it will be the type of sign that you can use since there are currently a large number of options on the market.

Gaming tables and accessories

A man cave wouldn’t be a cave if it didn’t have some kind of board game for fun. One of the most popular options, and that without a doubt cannot be missing in your cave, are the famous pool tables. It doesn’t matter if your man cave is small or narrow, there are pool tables in all shapes and sizes. You can even find much more versatile options such as pool tables that can be transformed into tables or shelves. Depending on your budget and the characteristics of your cave, it will be the table that you should choose. You should also look at a dart board as this is certainly going to be something fun that the guys can enjoy over a beer. Although we are talking about pool tables, here it is worth mentioning other types of games, the so-called video games which offer a large number of advantages for users. You can find a lot of possibilities. You can mount a projector in your cave and connect it to a console to place only a television or a Gaming computer. 


One of the basics of every man, and a man’s cave, is beer, this due to the great affection that men usually have for said drink. Nowadays having beer in your cave for men is easier than you think because there are options for everyone. A perfect example is the beer dispensers which can serve you beer directly into your glass. If you like to drink it in its container, a refrigerator may be a good option. Of course, in both we recommend some accessories such as wall openers or shelves for glasses and bottles.

Chairs and comfy seating

A cave for men has to be, yes or yes, comfortable because the main objective is to serve as a space to rest and relax. Currently in the market we can find options of all kinds, from bean bag chairs or classic armchairs to chairs of all kinds. Depending on the design of your man cave, it will be the type of armchairs and chairs recommended. For example, if you want it to be inspired by a video game theme, Gamers chairs can be a good option. If you want it to be sports-themed, a ball-shaped bean bag might be a good idea. There are so many chairs to look at. In fact you should look at A Guide To Buying The Best Man Cave Chairs. Now it’s really time to get that man cave up and running! 

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.