Chewy 2 – Dogs 0

chewy.comChewy sent over some pet spray called Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover. We had previously tried out a pet cleaner from Chewy and we always like to be prepared for any messes our dogs may leave behind.

With testing a product out like this our family likes to make sure it’s going to be safe for our kids to be around. We checked the label for Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover and noticed our bottle said “Just for Cats”. Oh no! We don’t have a cat… I double checked the product and seen that it said for dogs and cats so I figured we’ll give it a try anyway.

IMG_4389Like last time we tested a cleaner we were not able to test the product right away. Which in my opinion is a good thing. That means our pups are doing their business outside and keeping our house clean. That is until the other night. Miss Lady decided to create a nice big wet spot on our couch by licking. The worst of it was that the spot now smelled like a sweaty shoe. So my wife got out the Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover and got to work on the spot.

The product description for the spray says it perfectly…. “Bye-bye bad smells, hello happy noses! Pet parents will enjoy sniffing around like their pups after getting rid of odors with Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain & Odor Scented Remover. It breaks down odors from dog and cat vomit, urine, feces, or any other organic substance on contact, and penetrates deep into surfaces to wipe away stains.”

This stuff worked amazingly, did exactly what it says and smelled terrific. The smell wasn’t overpowering like many cleaners and very pleasant. After the spot dried you couldn’t even tell anything was done to the couch at all. While this is a product you wish you don’t have to use but it’s a life saver when you do have it on hand, kind of like a plunger.

IMG_4388           IMG_4391

So if you’re worried about cleaning up some pet stains definitely check out Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover from provided St. Louis Dad with this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are St. Louis Dad’s. Check out for more awesome pet products!

Seriously, Beef Liver is Tasty!

chewy.comBeef liver may not be tasty for you or me, but my dogs sure do eat it up. sent over a tub of Evanger’s Nothing but Natural Beef Liver Gently Dried Dog & Cat Treats for us to try out with our two crazy doggies Clark and Miss Lady.

When I saw that it was beef liver flavor I am pretty sure my stomach turned a little bit thinking of liver. I’m just happy these are not for me to eat. They are a perfect size as a reward treat to use when practicing tricks or other training techniques. Both Clark and Miss Lady will sit very pretty for one of Evanger’s Nothing but Natural treats. I also like the tub that these treats came in. After these are out I plan on keeping the tub to use for other treats.

IMG_3884Clark and Miss Lady will most definitely be enjoying the rest of these treats while also getting a re-enforced education in sitting, laying down, and other standard dog tricks. I tried and failed many times trying to get a picture of the dogs practicing their sitting while waiting for a beef liver treat but just couldn’t get it to happen. Follow me on Instagram to catch a photo when I do get it.

There are more flavors than just the Beef Liver if that is not your thing. Check out Chewy’s website for more awesome Evanger’s Nothing but Natural Dog and Cat Treats. I can see these being a go to treat for training for any dog. I’m not sure about a cat because I don’t have one but comment below if you have any experience training cats. I have heard they are hard to train and really independent. So I am interested in your responses.

All in all you cannot go wrong with these treats. Clark and Miss Lady love a good treat and when I can get them to sit for one of these tasty beef liver treats. provided St. Louis Dad with these products as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please visit for more toys, treats, and other items needed for your pets!

National Pet Oral Health Care Month

chewy.comDid you know that caring for your pet’s dental hygiene is just as important as caring for your own? For your pets though it’s a bit easier than having them brush twice a day. Chewy is doing their part by spreading awareness for National Pet Oral Health Care Month. This month they have sent over a great product to try out with Clark and Miss Lady’s dental health.

IMG_3213Greenies Veterinary Dental Chews Large Dental Dog Treats have been a big hit with both of the dogs and us humans. Their breath usually is pretty stinky after they eat, so we gave them one of these after they ate and immediately I didn’t mind them breathing on me. I wouldn’t recommend it for long periods of time because their breath is still hot and slobbery. I love my dogs but I don’t love them breathing in my face. These Greenies make it just a little easier.

IMG_3009One thing you want to make sure with these kinds of treats is that your pups do not gulp them down. You will want to make sure they chew them up instead of eating them whole. Dog’s should never eat treats whole. They need to chew them up. If they are prone to gulping down treats you should probably talk to your vet about what your options are.

We like the Greenies brand, but really any brand that can help with your pet’s oral health is okay in my book. There are plenty of different treats that can easily help your pet. Just search for oral health!

From Chewy’s website.

Greenies Veterinary Large Dental Dog Treats help protect dogs from oral health issues and promote their overall health and wellness. These veterinary treats have a chewy texture that works with your large dog’s natural chewing action for optimal plaque and tartar reduction, and a unique shape that can be chewed at different angles for maximum tooth contact. Greenies Veterinary Dental Chews also feature a blend of highly soluble proteins, vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and chelated minerals, making them nutritionally complete for adult dogs. provided St. Louis Dad with these products as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please visit for more toys, treats, and other items needed for your pets!


Peanut Butter Flavored Wishes

chewy.comOur doggies are a big part of our family. Even though they can be smelly and loud they are still cherished members of our family. We try to get the best treats and toys for our kids, so why not for our dogs as well. This month sent over a Benebone Peanut Butter Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy. This chew toy was built to last. Over the past month I have put it through the ringer with both dogs and they are still both enjoying this wishbone.

IMG_1920For the same reason humans love peanut butter, dogs do as well, except they do not handle the after effects of peanut butter mouth as well as we do. So when Chewy asked if I would like to try out the peanut butter flavored chew toy with my dogs I was up for the challenge. As you may recall from some of my previous Chewy sponsored posts my dogs can chew with the best of them… So this was a worthy opportunity to test out the durability of the Wishbone from Benebone.

At first the dogs didn’t really seem to know what to do with the chew toy. But after a trip into the kennel with the toy Clark quickly began chewing. For the last month Clark and Miss Lady have been taking turns chewing on this toy and aside from some teeth marks it has still held up really well. I am very impressed with how well it has held up with the amount of use it has gotten. I am thinking once this one is ready for the trash bin we will pick up another Benebone Wishbone, but this time bacon flavor! provided St. Louis Dad with these products as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please visit for more toys, treats, and other items needed for your pets!