IMG_1571 CanvasPop reached out a few weeks ago asking if I would be interested in reviewing one of their awesome printed canvas and also host a giveaway for St. Louis Dad’s readers to have a chance to win their own CanvasPop printed canvas. How cool is that!!! Read through my review to learn how you can enter to win!

So the canvas that I had printed arrived the other day and it looks fantastic. The size was 16×24 and was much larger than I expected. The printing was done from a photo taken while we were on vacation down in Arkansas. It’s of my daughter Abby and her PawPaw, my awesome father-in-law. The picture wasn’t posed or anything like that, it was one of those “say cheese” moments and we captured it perfectly. My wife edited the original photo to be black and white and with how it turned out I just knew that this was the picture that needed to be on our wall.

My daughter can be really shy at times. She loves her Mammaw and PawPaw a lot but she can get a little silly when it comes to giving hugs and kisses to them. She may turn her head and be all shy about it. The fact that this picture shows off her smile with her PawPaw really makes this print very special to me. It makes me so happy to see the joy in my father-in-law’s face when his grandchildren are around. So instead of keeping this awesome CanvasPop for myself, I gave it to him. He was impressed with how great it looked and already had plans for hanging it with some other family photos. It will look great hanging on his and Mammaw’s wall, and it will put a smile on my face whenever I see it hanging over there.

IMG_1573It’s so cool that CanvasPop can take a photo you took and turn it into an amazing canvas print. I was a little worried that the quality might be lost when printed but it is just as clear on canvas as it is on the computer screen. The canvas was packaged nicely and had a really cute sticker on the box saying that it was Made With Love. Which I am sure is the case, and I wish I could save the sticker, it’s just so cool (I’m weird and like to collect stickers). To compare to say Walgreen’s same day poster pickup would be a travesty. This canvas print is significantly higher quality than a Walgreen’s print. If you’re going to get a picture printed, go all out and go for one of CanvasPop’s awesome offerings.

Now, how about that giveaway? All I need you to do is visit this link or click the image below to see how you can enter to win. There are even more ways to enter by following St. Louis Dad and CanvasPop on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Just click and enter! The contest starts now (November 13th) and will end next Friday, November 20th at midnight!

canvaspopgiveaway provided St. Louis Dad with this sample product, and giveaway as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please visit for more info!

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