Juggling Your Entrepreneurial Spirit and Family Time

If you’re a parent, then most of your time will be taken up by ensuring the needs of your family are met. As such, most other things have to take a backseat. But if you’re a naturally a go-getting type of person, then there’ll come the point when eventually you want more from life. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, then a family doesn’t have to be a barrier – but it does mean that you’ll have to juggle both duties responsibly. Below, we show you how you can do this.


Get a Diary

Every parent should have a diary. After all, there are so many things to be taken care of! Making sure dinners have been cooked, dropping the kids off at their sports practice; there’s a lot of things to fill the day. And when you’re trying to get a business started, a diary will be even more important. If you schedule your time properly, then there’s no reason why you can’t fit everything into your day. The key to getting everything done is organisation!

Get the Finances Straight

Of course, when it comes to starting a business, there’s always the financial angle to think about. Whatever you do, you shouldn’t be putting your family’s financial health in jeopardy. Take a look at this informative post and consider your options for financing your new venture. You’ll be well-served by keeping your business finances and your family’s finances separate. That way, should something go wrong with your business, then there’ll be no long-term damage to your family’s well being.

Make the Most Of Quiet Moments

You might think that running a family is a full-time business in itself, and to an extent, that is true. But there’s also plenty of ‘quiet moments’ throughout the day, too. Waiting for your kids to finish school, waiting for the dinner to cook, after your children have gone to bed: these are all opportunities for you to work on your business. A lot can be achieved even in just a small amount of time, so make the most of those ten or twenty-minute windows of peace to get some of the easy to accomplish tasks taken care of.

Don’t Do It All On Your Own

You might feel like a superhero when it comes to parenting, but there’s not a parent on the earth who can juggle all of their responsibilities of parenting and starting a business all on their own. As such, consider roping in extra help. Whether that’s finding a partner for your business, or calling in on friends and family members to help out with your parenting duties, you’ll be thankful for having an extra pair of hands to help you out.

Quality Time


Finally, remember that family always comes first. If you’re beginning to suspect that your business is taking up too much of your time, leave it behind for the evening. You can always come back to it later, but some family moments you can never get back.

This post as a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.


My name is Richie and I am a 40 year old father of two, a daughter and son. I am married to a beautiful woman named Destiny. She is the foundation of our family, and without her, none of this would be possible. During the day I work as a network security administrator for a local school district. At night I can be found illustrating books, working on websites, or creating music, but more than likely though I am spending time with my kids.

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