Day 4 of Our Bull Shoals Vacation

GOPR0274Today is the last day of our vacation. We go home tomorrow bright and early, but at least we have today. After a little breakfast we got ourselves ready and headed on down for a day on the dock. The swim dock is pretty cool. There’s a nice bench for sitting, plenty of room for even more chairs and a bunch of people.

The day started out nice and sunny. Upon arriving on the dock there was a nice little nacho bar setup for us to indulge in. After a plate or two of nachos we did some swimming while Pawpaw showed off his skiing skills. After a few hours of being on the dock a storm started rolling into the lake and right in our direction. Most of us braved the storm on the dock but got completely soaked. The kids stayed through most of it as well but took off with Mammaw and Pawpaw right before it ended. With the kids gone we took the opportunity to have some drinks and float around in the lake. Fellow boaters tossed us some jello shots which was super awesome.

GOPR0320A second storm rolled in and we all huddled in a boat slip on our floats. It was fun for all. The rain didn’t last too long the second time around so we were able to get back out in open lake and swim for a little bit longer. Mammaw and the kids eventually came back down with Pawpaw and while they did some swimming we started cleaning up everything. We had a bunch of floats to deflate, wet bikes, and more to clean up and get ready to take home.

Just before everything was said and done the kids did one more round of tubing, and then the adults. The kids swam for just a little bit more as the sun started to make its exit. We headed back up to get cleaned up and fill up on some food. After eating we started packing our own stuff and loading it in the car so we too can make a nice exit.

GoPro videos coming soon!


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