Four Tips To Consider When Planning Your Family Vacation

It can be a challenge to plan a family vacation, especially when you have all the kids to think about. You need to have a fine balance between relaxing and having fun. From planning to rent a luxury car for Dad to arranging a spa day for Mom, you need to make sure there is something for everyone. 

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Some things to think about include: 

Asking Everyone What They Want To Do 

Ok, so you probably already know that you can’t please absolutely everyone when it comes to planning a vacation, however, part of a good family breakaway involves planning. It’s best to ask everyone their opinion on what they would like to do or see, especially as your kids get older. If everyone has been involved in the planning of the vacation, everyone will be even more excited. 

Do As Much Research As Possible 

If you want to get it right, you need to do your research. You could just book an all-inclusive breakaway and not leave the hotel, however, this isn’t going to fill your life with magical memories with your family. Try doing as much research as possible to find places that have something for everyone. Look at things like the kid’s clubs, the activities on offer, and the excursions you can go on, and also look at things like the flight duration and check-in process. 

Be Prepared

You have to face the fact that a family vacation is probably going to be a disaster if you don’t plan it properly. If you should plan everything from what you are packing to what to expect on the journey there and back. If you are traveling with young children it’s definitely worth packing them a backpack full of activities, snacks, and games to keep them occupied, especially if you have a long journey ahead of you. Older kids will probably want to pack their own, however, it’s worth giving them a checklist to follow for essentials such as a charger, downloading some content for no Wifi zones, and water bottles. 

Remember To Include Some Culture 

Although it can be nice to go away and just relax the whole time, you should try to include some culture in your trip. One of the best things about travel is the fact you have the option to learn about new cultures. It will benefit both you and your kids and should give them a flare for travel and improving their skills. Think about going to some historical sites or excursions. It could be a good idea to do some research beforehand so you know what is on offer. Perhaps your kids are learning about a certain time or culture at school at the moment, coils you travel somewhere that offers this? It would be great for their learning as well as growing their interest. 

These four tips should help when you start to plan your family holiday this year. Do you have any other tips that could help? We’d love to hear them in the comments below. 

Want A Family Vacation In Costa Rica? Here’s What To Do

Want A Family Vacation In Costa Rica? Here’s What To Do

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For many American households, sightseeing, road trips, and family travels are vital for bonding. Over the years, tourists from the US have found Central America to be a travel destination. And Costa Rica is often among the region’s first four tourist destinations, with a tourism recovery rate of 33%. The US is often among the top four countries that visit there. Here are some fun, family-friendly ideas to maximize your time in Costa Rica. 

  1. Ziplining

This recreational activity, also known as ‘canopy tours,’ involves sliding across a suspended steel cable from one point to another. Worldwide, Costa Rica is notable for these suspended cables overlooking spectacular views. With an abundance of rainforests, this Central American nation makes it a point to get as many tourists as possible to try ziplining for the first time or once in their lifetime. While the idea of sliding across suspended steel cables may seem frightening, it is an exhilarating experience you should try out.

The exciting thing about Costa Rica’s Ziplining is the deliberate classification of these steel cables. The basic categories are reserved for beginners, others are family-friendly, and a few for experienced zipliners. You will find some of these at EcoGlide in La Fortuna, Los Sueños Zipline in Herradura, and Black Stallion in Tamarindo. If you are an expert and experienced zipliner, you may want to try out Aventura in Monteverde.

  1. Private boating tour with a fishing charter service

This is quite common for tourists who visit this Central American nation. Private boating or marine tours are common in Costa Rica because of the abundance of water bodies. Some marine tours offer added services like fishing. If you are interested in this, you may want to learn more about the Costa Rica Fishing Charters that specifically offer boat rentals for this activity. This is something you and your family can enjoy doing for several hours. The exciting part is that you can make private boating tours and fishing a constant activity during your period in this country.

  1. Sunset sailing cruise

Costa Rican weather temperatures are consistently warm and tropical. According to weather reports, the average temperatures range between 72 and 82 °F. Without freezing temperatures, a sunset sailing cruise is a fun activity you will want to try out when you visit. It is ideal for families and couples looking for exciting activities while the sun goes down. Because it is an open cruise, you see the beautiful Costa Rican sky as it transitions to nighttime.

Some tourists use this moment to snorkel or have early dinners on the ocean. Some resorts may offer morning sailing with free snorkeling if that is your choice. Sometimes, the sunset sailing cruise is complimentary if the vacation lodge is close to the beach. It is worth noting that an accredited sailing cruise will offer life jackets as part of mandatory practice. Any other cruise which does not must be ignored. Safety is a prime concern when on these vacations. Aside from this, it is recommended to have some travel essentials on you.

The Best Winter Vacation Home Report 2018

Vacasa recently put out a list highlighting the Top U.S. Winter Destinations to Buy a Winter Home and I was surprised with the results! Getting away for the winter is a dream of mine, relaxing by a beach, staying warm in the sun, all of the things you can find in summer but during the winter. Oh how wonderful that would be. Working with travel agents, or real estate agents in finding the perfect spot in one of these amazing locations should probably make your new year’s resolution list.

In December home prices already are discounted, so maybe Santa should put a nice winter vacation home under the tree this year. Check out this great list and comment on which location you would love to get away to during these cold St. Louis winters.

The data collected and provided by Vacasa is an excellent way to explore some of the countries hidden gems when Jack Frost decides to come hang out around town. Why bother with slippery roads and fighting the defrost when you can work with one of the largest vacation rental property management companies in North America and find that dream winter vacation home.

Now, not all of these spots that made the list are free from Queen Elsa’s wintry grip, but even those are fascinating in their own regard. Such as my favorite #2 – Mount Hood, OR. It doesn’t sound too familiar but maybe the Timberline Lodge looks familiar when you visit, because it was featured in 1980’s Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining! I’m not exactly sure if it’s available for purchase, but why not check out room 237 when you drive by and see if there is anything interesting going on in there.

Honey, let’s get a winter vacation home…

Eventually, I find myself getting out of St. Louis for a few weekends out of the mid-west winter, maybe this is my push to start really considering it. Probably should clear that with St. Louis Mom first. I know she will love getting away from home for a nice winter vacation. Our vacations are usually during those summer months. We can get out on the water and soak up that sun. But maybe, just maybe we can get a little crazy and cozy somewhere like Colorado, or Utah… Baby, I’ll even put a pretty bow on it.

St. Louis Dad was compensated in exchange for this post.

A Little Touch of Paradise – Cape San Blas Florida

Every year we try to go on some sort of vacation. Whether it’s a trip to the lake or somewhere else like Nashville for a bachelor party, we always like to at least do one “big” thing every year. This year that “big” thing was a trip to Cape San Blas Florida. We had gone a few years ago when my daughter turned 2, so it has been a while and upon our return we had one of the best vacations we have ever had.

Playing in the waves, boogie boarding, and riding the wet bike in the Gulf of Mexico were a few highlights on the Gulf side. On the bay side we tubed, rode wet bikes, paddle boarding, kayaking, and more! Plus the pool, hot tub, ice cream shops, and everything else in between. We had so much fun and we cannot wait to go back to one of our favorite vacation spots.

I want to thank my wife, my kids, and the rest of my amazing family for making this trip so special. I do think we all need a GoPro so we can get even more footage, especially with my new baby niece coming soon!

Check out my travel video from Cape San Blas Florida!

Go on any vacations this year? We would love to hear about them. Share your comments below!