Want A Family Vacation In Costa Rica? Here’s What To Do

Want A Family Vacation In Costa Rica? Here’s What To Do

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For many American households, sightseeing, road trips, and family travels are vital for bonding. Over the years, tourists from the US have found Central America to be a travel destination. And Costa Rica is often among the region’s first four tourist destinations, with a tourism recovery rate of 33%. The US is often among the top four countries that visit there. Here are some fun, family-friendly ideas to maximize your time in Costa Rica. 

  1. Ziplining

This recreational activity, also known as ‘canopy tours,’ involves sliding across a suspended steel cable from one point to another. Worldwide, Costa Rica is notable for these suspended cables overlooking spectacular views. With an abundance of rainforests, this Central American nation makes it a point to get as many tourists as possible to try ziplining for the first time or once in their lifetime. While the idea of sliding across suspended steel cables may seem frightening, it is an exhilarating experience you should try out.

The exciting thing about Costa Rica’s Ziplining is the deliberate classification of these steel cables. The basic categories are reserved for beginners, others are family-friendly, and a few for experienced zipliners. You will find some of these at EcoGlide in La Fortuna, Los Sueños Zipline in Herradura, and Black Stallion in Tamarindo. If you are an expert and experienced zipliner, you may want to try out Aventura in Monteverde.

  1. Private boating tour with a fishing charter service

This is quite common for tourists who visit this Central American nation. Private boating or marine tours are common in Costa Rica because of the abundance of water bodies. Some marine tours offer added services like fishing. If you are interested in this, you may want to learn more about the Costa Rica Fishing Charters that specifically offer boat rentals for this activity. This is something you and your family can enjoy doing for several hours. The exciting part is that you can make private boating tours and fishing a constant activity during your period in this country.

  1. Sunset sailing cruise

Costa Rican weather temperatures are consistently warm and tropical. According to weather reports, the average temperatures range between 72 and 82 °F. Without freezing temperatures, a sunset sailing cruise is a fun activity you will want to try out when you visit. It is ideal for families and couples looking for exciting activities while the sun goes down. Because it is an open cruise, you see the beautiful Costa Rican sky as it transitions to nighttime.

Some tourists use this moment to snorkel or have early dinners on the ocean. Some resorts may offer morning sailing with free snorkeling if that is your choice. Sometimes, the sunset sailing cruise is complimentary if the vacation lodge is close to the beach. It is worth noting that an accredited sailing cruise will offer life jackets as part of mandatory practice. Any other cruise which does not must be ignored. Safety is a prime concern when on these vacations. Aside from this, it is recommended to have some travel essentials on you.

How to Organize a Road Trip Vacation

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A road trip is an excellent and memorable way to spend a summer vacation with your family. Not only can you avoid the stresses of flying to a destination resort, you can save money and explore your home country. But to be successful, a road trip needs to be properly planned. 

Choose a Destination

Arguably, a road trip vacation is more about the trip than the destination, but that doesn’t mean you have to discount the destination all others. Choosing an exciting destination maintains your excitement levels as you travel and gives you a target to shoot for when you’re out on the road. 

Maybe you have a high-quality RV or mobile home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t book a hotel in a sought-after location to arrive at. Spending time in a comfortable hotel is appreciated after many miles on the road and gives you the chance to enjoy different vacation types in summer. 

Choose Activities 

Heading out on the road is an enjoyable summer vacation, but after a few hours on the road, the novelty can wear off, and the reality of the journey sets in; it’s not long before your kids start to get bored in the back and ask for stops and entertainment. Remind them of planned activities.

No matter where you plan to end up on your road trip vacation, it’s sensible to plan stops and activities along the way to keep your family excited and motivated. As well as time passing activities in the vehicle like eye spy, you need some regular stops on the way to freshen up. 

Set a Budget 

There’s nothing to stop you heading out on the road without thinking about a budget, but with some consideration, you can save money on your fuel and accommodation that can be reinvested in the vacation or used to support your next road trip or vacation through the year. 

To create an effective budget, you will have to anticipate your costs on the road, including fuel costs, maintenance costs, activity costs, and accommodation costs. Road tripping is very independent, so your costs will be similar to your everyday life. Use an app to make a budget. 

Maintain Your Car 

One of the most important aspects of road tripping is maintaining your vehicle. A reliable vehicle means you can plan your vacation without worrying about breaking down and spending stressful times at garages or sitting at the roadside. Still, you need to anticipate breakdown events too. Minor dents and scratches can be taken care of easily with a 3 Day Paintless Dent Repair, keeping your car always looking fantastic as you cruise down the interstate.

Not only should your car or RV work well on the inside, it needs to look nice on the outside as well. Put your car into a garage for some Car Detailing and make sure your vehicle looks the part in your road trip vacation photographs. Car detailing takes your vehicle to the next level.

Plan the Journey 

When you plan your journey, you can pace yourself and organize a road trip based on your family’s capacities. Think of these capacities when you’re planning the trip, and it makes it more enjoyable and entertaining. But remember to plan some spontaneous activities for your trip too. 

4 Ways To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Kids


Being a good dad requires patience and a commitment to doing all that’s in your power to raise happy and healthy kids. You love your children and want what’s best for them but sometimes life gets in the way and you get busy.   

What you don’t want to do is get so wrapped up in work or other things that you have regrets later on down the road. If you want to improve your relationship and family connection then be glad to know there are opportunities and options for how to do so. Learn four ways to build a stronger bond with your kids so you can feel good about the effort you put in and ensure you remain close in the future.

1. Eat Meals Together

One way to build a stronger bond with your kids is to eat meals together. Consider sitting down with them for breakfast before you head to work or plan a nightly dinner time where you all eat as a family. Some days you might also want to decide to come home early and cook dinner as a group as another fun way to connect over food. Meal time is a chance to talk about your days or touch on other topics you want to discuss with them.

2. Plan Fun Activities & Outings

Build a stronger bond with your kids by planning fun activities and outings you can do together. Make it a point to get out of the house every so often as well for a change of scenery. Hop in the car and go to a baseball game or take a road trip to a new city that you can explore with them. Make sure you always have a reliable vehicle to take by keeping up with car maintenance so it’s safe to drive and take on the road when you want. Create experiences and memories that you can cherish and look back on forever.

3. Show Your Support

Your kids will likely be involved in various activities and events throughout their lifetime. Build a stronger bond with your kids by showing your support for what they’re interested in. For example, it may be that they’re in a play at school or are participating in a sport. In this case, make time for your kids by clearing your schedule and being present at the show or game, and being there to cheer them on. They’ll appreciate having you in the audience and it’ll help build their confidence.  

4. Ask Questions & Listen Attentively

Another way to build a stronger bond with your kids is to ask them questions and keep the dialogue open between the two of you. They may not always want to talk right away or each day but keep trying. Not only ask them questions and show an interest in their lives but then be sure to listen attentively and make it clear that you care. Put your phone down and any distractions away and make eye contact and offer tips or advice if they are seeking it.

Dad’s Guide To Being A Responsible Driver

Dad’s Guide To Being A Responsible Driver

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Driving is one of the most valuable skills that any dad can possess. It opens up doors in your career and helps facilitate a more comfortable and convenient family lifestyle. However, it’s vital that you act in a responsible manner. Otherwise, you could lose your ability to drive, compromise your safety, or set a bad example for the kids.

Here are six of the best tips to ensure that you maintain a healthy relationship with driving for years to come.

  1. Stay on top of maintenance

Keeping the car in good health is essential for any driver who wants to maintain optimal safety. It’ll also help you avoid penalties for breaking road safety regulations. When problems surface, it is important to act fast before the damage is allowed to escalate or spread. If you have an issue with the windshield, visit magicwindshield.com to regain control of the situation. Even if it’s a simple issue like tire pressure, quick action is highly advised.

  1. Go green

Becoming a more responsible driver isn’t only about protecting yourself. It can be equally crucial to protect the planet. This quick guide to reducing your driving emissions will point you in the right direction. It sets a fantastic example for the kids while it will also encourage you to make further updates in other aspects of your life. In addition to being a very responsible way to approach driving, it should save you money in the long run too.

  1. Never stop learning

Once you have your license, it is easy to assume that your education of life behind the wheel is over. In reality, signing up for advanced driving lessons can work wonders. You will be better equipped to spot danger from other road users. Moreover, it changes your mindset, which can help you stay engaged with the road at all times. A lack of alertness is often the catalyst for accidents, but this step will help you prevent it.

  1. Be serious about safety

Buying a vehicle that has IIHS ratings gives you a solid platform. If you are serious about safety behind the wheel, though, it will be necessary to consider other safety features. As a dad, you’re not going to drive under the influence with your kids in the vehicle. However, you must also avoid driving when tired. Visit edriving.com to learn more about the problems it can cause. There are devices to help you stay alert behind the wheel, but being mindful is vital.

  1. Take track days

The thought of racing around a race track may seem a little counterintuitive. On the contrary, though, satisfying your need for speed in this setting will make you less likely to act foolishly on the roads. You can book track days with your vehicle or drive a supercar. Either way, it’s a simple move that shows how responsible driving needn’t stop you from having fun behind the wheel. You simply need to do it in the most appropriate settings.

  1. Manage the financial aspects

As a responsible dad, it’s always important to keep one eye on financial matters. And this cannot be limited to maintenance and eco-friendly driving. You must also take the time to ensure that your car repayment plan offers suitable terms. Likewise, finding the best car insurance rates can make a world of difference to your experiences behind the wheel. The savings can be used to enjoy family life to the max.