Military Discounts & Deals on Services

Military Discounts on Products and Services

On joining the military, the nation appreciates your services in several ways. Discounts on services and products is the favorite of them all. Depending on your needs, use the below list to get the best deals.

Automotive Discounts

Cars are essential for commuting. If you need one, the following places offer great discounts:

  • | Gives you 25% off
  • Jiffy Lube | You get a 15% discount
  • Meineke | You access discounts

Health and Beauty Discounts

For the sake of our security, your well-being is crucial. Both active and retired military personnel can use the below facilities for best discounts

  • | Your family enjoys discounted membership on children, senior, and pet care.
  • American Family Insurance | Though you get discounts on prices, those from deployment get treated as if they had prior insurance
  • | Hypnosis courses get discounted at 20% if honorably discharged
  • Gold’s Gym | You get to enjoy a 49% discount and 20% off their dues
  • Massage Envy | You receive a 60% discount
  • USAA | You and your family get discounts on auto, life, and home insurance
  • YMCA | Your family receives discounts, free membership, and child care
  • The Red Door Salon and SPA | Salons and spas are 20% off

Home Care Discounts

When away on deployment, the following home care services ensure that your home get refreshed always.

  • Cultural Care Au Pair | You get $575 service discount and a $75 registration discount with code PCMILITARY
  • EurAupair | Your family receives a $600 discount
  • Stanton Homes | You get a 3% home discount
  • Sittercity | The membership fee is waivered

Storage and Moving Discounts

With the following companies, you receive the best rates on storage, moving costs, or rent.

  • Cube Smart | You access a 10% self-storage discount
  • Door to Door Storage | You receive discounts
  • OZ Moving | You and your family enjoy a 10% discount
  • Simply Storage | You get a 15% discount
  • Penske Truck Rental | You access a 20% discount on moving services and an additional 10% if booked online.
  • Roadrunner Auto Transport | You receive a 100% discount
  • PODS | With code MILT, rates get discounted

Pet Discounts

If you love pets, get a decommissioned pet from the following places:

  • Pets for Patriots | Adoption fees get cut
  • Canyon Pet Lodge | You receive a 10% pet services

Cellular and Shipping Discounts

Whether at home or on deployment, the following discounted charges will be perfect for your shipping and cellular packages:

  • Defense Mobile | You and your family enjoy discounted mobile services
  • Boost Mobile

You receive discounted reactivation fees after enrolling into the Military Program

  • U.S Cellular | On all family and individual plans, calling charges are discounted at 15%
  • Vonage | In 34 different countries, you enjoy free shipping and unlimited calling
  • United States Postal Service (USPS) | Ships mail packages to you as a priority
  • nTelos Wireless | Applications get discounted

Education and Career

If you still want to keep yourself busy after military retirement, the below companies will assist in expanding your skills and resume drafting:

  • Career Perfect | Resume writing services get discounted
  • Flex Jobs | By using the code MILITARY, flex jobs subscription gets discounted at 30%
  • The Guitar Lesson | You enjoy guitar lessons at a 68% discount


The followings tools will enable you to file tax returns easily:

  • Geico | On calling 1-800-MILITARY, you receive insurance premiums at 15% off
  • Jackson Hewitt | You receive a VISA gift card with $50 prepaid and a 25% discount on state tax returns
  • Costco | New membership enjoys a $60 discount
  • Military OneSource Tax Services | Tax services are free
  • Navy Federal Credit Union | On selected loans, you experience a ¼% APR discount
  • | You and spouse enjoy free analysis and FICO credit score
  • Tax Slayer | You get to prepare your federal returns using the Military Edition for free
  • Turbo Tax | If you fall under E-1 to E-5 ranks, you receive free federal and state tax returns filing
  • Tax Act | With a qualified EIN, your tax preparation services get discounted
  • Tax Brain | You and your family receive a 20% discount after tax filling
  • TiVo | On TiVo Roamio, you enjoy a monthly $19.99 discount
  • Veterans Advantage | In stores and organizations, you access discounts
  • Simple Stroller Rentals | You and your spouse enjoy a 10% discount on stroller rentals


Computer, Internet, and Software Discounts

Enjoy discounts on computer software and online security with the following services:

  • Life Lock | You and your family members access a 15% discount and a month’s free trial with code MILITARYCOM
  • Macphun | Macphun apps get discounted
  • Microsoft 365 | You get a 30% discount on Microsoft 365
  • My Nerds | Remote tech support is 20% off
  • Netsonic | With promo code USA, you receive a free shared hosting account for six months

Miscellaneous Discounts

With the following discounted photo services, you get to remember your family.

  • Operation Love United | You enjoy free sessions and photo gifts
  • Portrait Innovations | Everything gets cut at 10%
  • Target Portraits | You receive 50% off on portraits

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Target vs Walmart – A Traveling Family’s Guide

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll forget something when traveling. While the exercise is fun for many, it turns out to be a nightmare-inducing activity especially if your memory is unreliable. The situation becomes worse for you when you’re traveling with your husband, friends, and kids. If you’ve had unpleasant traveling experiences in the past, then you should consider incorporating large every-thing stores such as Walmart and Target to help you have a highly organized trip.

Here, we’ll look at some of the common items you forget as well as traveling items you may need to purchase from the stores to have a fulfilling traveling experience. We’ll compare the two stores to ensure that you get the best!

Laundry Bag

If you do not want to take painkillers for your headache throughout your vacation, then you’ll need to have a laundry bag. It is not uncommon to forget this since you’ll initially have a suitcase that accommodates all of your clean clothes. The situation changes when you are already in the ground! You realize that you have dirty socks and undergarments and you’re desperately in need of a place to store them. That’s when you utilize your laundry bag.

It relieves you the stress of looking for bags in a foreign land and eliminates the chance of mixing dirty clothes with the clean ones which would lead to disastrous smell on the clothes!

Where to buy? If you need an inexpensive, no-frills bag, then you can settle for Walmart where you’ll get different brands to choose from. The bags will cost you between $4 and $8. On the other hand, you’ll get high-end laundry bags at Target. The store sources the bags from vendors including Bath & Beyond, H&M and Bed. While you may have to part with $15-$20 dollars, you can be sure that the bags are durable and they’ll serve you for years.

Travel Adapter with USB

This is a must-have device especially if you’re going camping. You’ll need a source of power to keep your trip lively. Right? Well, these travel adapters have built-in USB plugs that will enable you to charge your electronic devices without much hassle. What’s best is that you can charge multiple devices which reduces time wastage that would otherwise have occurred due to turn taking!

You can get different brands of the travel adapters at Walmart with the prices ranging between $10 and $18. At Target, you will get high-end adapters at relatively higher prices of $28-$35.


Forgetting bathroom supplies is the worst mistake you can commit during your traveling escapades. Unfortunately, it is common to forget items such as toothbrush and soaps which are crucial in guaranteeing a memorable vacation.

Also, the size of these items can send you searching in the midst of clothes and other items in the bag. To avoid such inconveniences, it is important that you have a small travel pouch where you will exclusively store the toiletries. You can visit either the Walmart or Target to acquire those toiletries. You may also need to purchase a pouch for storing them!

Memory Card

You want to capture every precious moment on your vacation but your camera memory is filled up. This can be frustrating! Well, save yourself the hassle and carry an extra memory card to store as many images and videos as you would like. We recommend that you purchase a card with a minimum of 16GB of space lest you run out of space when your son in college is waiting for that nature video you just captured! The device is available both in Walmart and Target at relatively the same price. You’ll need to part with between $10 and $15 for a durable card.

Power bank

There is no worse experience than having your phone off during a business trip. You will miss crucial deals that would have sealed the month for you! To avoid such disappointments, you will require to carry an Anker or RavPower power bank to keep you updated throughout. You’ll get both brands at Walmart and Target at an upward of $6. We recommend that you buy a power bank that is no less than 10,000mah

Ideal Footwear

Regardless of the nature of your trip, it is always necessary to carry footwear for different environments; beach, pool, hiking or extremely rough terrains. You shouldn’t expose your feet to hazardous environments! Instead, visit Walmart or Target for a wide range of sandals and other footwear. At Walmart, you’ll get the footwear with as little as $10. On the extreme end, you’ll get some from Target at approximately $50

Traveling is tricky and you’ll need to be highly organized to ensure that you remember everything you need during the trip. There are items commonly forgotten and have the potential to ruin your vacation. 

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Keeping Your Teenager Safe

If you tell your teenager you want them to be safe, they will immediately feel like you’ve shoved a bag over their head, added a strait jacket and locked them in a cell. In their minds, ‘safe’ equals the introduction of curfews, boundaries and cotton wool to wrap them up in. Firstly, they wouldn’t be wrong to think that, given that a parent keeps their child safe with boundaries and curfews, the trick is to do it so that they, a) don’t know it, and b) actually enjoy it! Safety is a big deal in the world that we currently live in. Everything is moving toward automation and robots, and if you’re old enough to have seen and appreciate The Terminator movies, then you’ll know why you want to keep your kids as safe as possible.

In a digital world full of GDPR scandals and naked celebrity photos being leaked, it can be difficult to hand over that much-wanted smartphone that your teenager has been begging you for. The overbearing helicopter parent within you will want to perform random spot checks on said phone, but not to make your teenager feel untrusted and closed in, but to protect them from the dangers of a cell phone personal data leak, which can and does happen by a simple click of the wrong link. There is a time that comes up really fast, and that’s letting your child go a little bit. Not too much, you don’t want them to go too far and forget that they are still under your rules and your protection. But far enough that they can begin to make their own mistakes and get to know the world around them. Keeping them safe is still going to be a priority for you, no matter what, and there are no absolutely right or wrong answers to doing this. However, if you are going to go with the strait jacket method, it may be worth getting some guidance or parenting classes…or something. So, how can you keep your teenager safe without them hating you for it?

Communicate. It may be like getting a limpet off a rock to get your teenager out of their bedroom and into the dining room for dinner, but it’s so important. You need a neutral plane to be able to discuss their world and how things are going, and over their favorite meal is a good place. Ideally, you would have been openly discussing teenage rules from a young enough age that they know what to expect when the time creeps around. Communication is so important for happy and well-adjusted teenagers, so don’t be afraid to discuss the dangers of social media or the world around them. Get their input about things that they could be worrying about and learn to talk to them on their level, like a mature adult – this is what they are aiming to be.

Know Everyone. You want to be that parent who knows their friends, has met their friends’ parents and are comfortably aware of where they should be and when. This way, when an emergency happens, you know exactly where to go. You should impart how important it is to be able to keep tabs as you need to. The likelihood is that you won’t need to – and that’s exactly how it should be.

Keep Them Busy. Bored teenagers are not a good combination. A second job, extra classes and a full social calendar can keep your teen busy, but make sure it’s the good kind of busy – not the kind with such extra pressure that they feel like they cannot cope. If your teenager is still in school, set some rules together about curfews on school nights and make sure that they’re home to get a solid night of sleep before school the next day. Giving them enough rope to have their freedom is smart, but don’t hang them with it. They need to know you’re taking a step back to give them some room.

The good thing about this is that you can start letting them know from the beginning of high school what you expect, and they can do the same. You want to protect them without suffocation, and it can be achieved when everyone comes together to compromise and be happy together. It’s important to know you have a strong and trusting relationship. Put their safety first and you can make sure that this is the case.

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The Future of Gaming Looks Like This!

Video gaming is one of the most developing industries in the world. More people than ever before are discovering and embracing the world of video games. There are so many things that are going to happen in the world of gaming over the next few years, and it’s an exciting time to be a gamer. The future of the gaming world is one that is difficult to predict, as we aren’t sure what technologies will have become dominant in the industry in the future.

Indeed, with things like virtual reality gaming and augmented reality gaming set to become mainstream, this could have a big bearing. However, in the more recent future, we can look at some of the ways the industry is evolving for the better. These are some of the things you need to keep in mind when it comes to looking at what the future of gaming holds.


Mobile gaming is something that has picked up in a big way in the past 5 years. Ever since smartphones became more appealing and more widespread, mobile gaming has become more ubiquitous. This is going to grow even more in the future, and we certainly need to look out for the range of mobile games increasing in the future too.

Another Console War?

The console wars originally raged in the 1990s between Sega and Nintendo, and then later in the 2000s between Microsoft and Sony. It seems like we could well be heading toward another console war in the future. It seems like Microsoft is losing the current console war to Sony, but the release of the Xbox One Scorpio could really shake things up in the future.

A Way of Life

One thing that is certain is that gaming in the future will become much more a way of life. There are a lot of things you have to keep in mind that will help you to improve and enhance this and make gaming a part of your daily life. One of the best ways of achieving this will be to look into buying a gaming chair. Check out gaming chair reviews online so that you can pick the best one to suit your needs.


ESports have become big business over the past few years, and they seem as though they are going to become even more mainstream in the future. This is where gamers compete globally playing specific games and scooping cash prizes. The public can even pay to watch eSports events, and this is increasing in popularity as well. Watch this space because eSports are definitely going to play a big role in the future of the video game industry.

It’s clear that the future of the gaming industry will continue to evolve and grow, and this is important. There are a lot of changes that may have an impact on how we experience gaming, and the sorts of games we can play in the future. Consider what direction the world of gaming is going to take in the future, and this is something you need to assess and keep in mind going forward.

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