Managing hair is a chore all in it’s own right. As a dad that chore is even more difficult. Sometimes we as dads just don’t have the natural skill at managing a child’s hair style. That’s where salon’s like Cookie Cutter Haircuts for Kids is the place to go! Not only do they specialize in haircuts for kids, they have the training needed to make sure your little one has a great experience all around.

While at Cookie Cutter Haircuts for Kids I had the opportunity to talk with the stylists (Cheryl & Cathy) and the owner (Bonnie) of the shop. Their passion is making sure kids feel good about getting a haircut, being comfortable, and of course, looking good. Everyone had some excellent tips for this clueless dad on how I can make sure my kiddos are looking fresh after their trim. Here are five of my favorite tips that every dad should know when it comes to their child’s hair.

  1. Language matters!
    Kids should get a trim every 8 weeks. Keeping those frayed ends outta there is going to keep your kids’ hair happy and healthy. However using those dreadful words “hair cut” might be just enough to have your child on edge. It is important to remember that language matters and instead of saying “hair cut” maybe say “let’s get a trim”! Kids think of cuts as something that hurts, so switching up cut for trim may help save you some tears on the drive over.

  2. Detangle!
    Use a light detangler that can be used on wet or dry hair. I personally recommend the Glop and Glam product as it works great and smells delicious. Spray in some squirts and then use a nice comb or brush to finish the job.
  3. Combs and Brushes
    A wide tooth comb is a nice comb for kids to use in the shower. Have them brush their own hair so they learn the techniques at an early age. For boys especially, this leads to better grooming and healthier habits as they get older and respect for their bodies. Get the kiddos involved in their hair and watch as their hygiene interest increases!

  4. Drying Hair
    Scrunching hair while drying is better and helps minimize damage to the hair that can be caused by rubbing. And before bedtime, throw in two little braids will do wonders with keeping hair happy and healthy.
  5. Start at the Bottom
    One issue I always run into is that I always think it’s a top down process when brushing or combing hair, now I know that it is much more important to start at the bottom of the hair and work your way up. Use that detangler and those tears will be non-existent.

The team at Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids knows exactly what they are doing and they are happy to help any parent know the tips and tricks needed to make sure their child’s hair looks fabulous every time. They works with kids that like to watch cartoons, play games, and those that may have some other sensory needs. Lights too bright? They can turn them down, take breaks, after hour appointments and more! The stylists have every tool you can imagine to help children feel good about their trim.

Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids provided St. Louis Dad with complimentary haircuts for my children in exchange for this post. Check out Cookie Cutters on social media and download their app today!


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