13 Nights of Halloween – The Addams Family Marathon

addams-familyAfter last night’s Monster Squad movie I think we need to switch it up just a little. Monster Squad actually scared Abby a little. She thought the Gill Man was terrifying. So tonight we are switching it up to a little more of a comedic tone of movie, The Addams Family. But what is one without the other? Both Addams Family movies are excellent. Which is why tonight we will be watching them back to back, marathon style. I’m not sure how well the kids will take to watching TWO movies in one night but I know me and mom won’t mind. We love both of these classics and always make sure they get a viewing at least once a year.

Growing up as a little kid I would confuse myself with The Addams Family and The Munsters. I was always wondering where Eddie was when watching these movies. Now as a grown up I know better, but that would still be a pretty cool crossover. The Addams Family Meet The Munsters is something that I am surprised never happened. Maybe it did and I am not aware of it. Both shows started within one week of each other back in 1964. So for over 50 years these two families have been a part of our television and cinematic culture. Do you have a favorite episode from either The Addams Family or The Munsters? Tell me about it below!

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