What are the Best Websites for Online Gaming?

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Nowadays, you don’t need to invest in the latest Nintendo handheld device or console to play entertaining games; you can simply log on to some of the best online gaming platforms and play a variety of games for free. The games on these websites are original with excellent playability.  


If you want to play some fun games such as Rhomb, Pacifish, Split or Steal, and many more, then head to Kongrerate.com. In order to access this popular gaming website, you will have to log in through Facebook; you can then play a number of games without downloading anything. 

The games you play on Kongregate.com and WishTips are free, fun, and playable. It’s true that you will have some adverts to watch throughout your gameplay, but it is very non-disruptive and easy to ignore. Enjoy playing fun online games for hours on one of the most accessible online platforms.   

Cartoon Network 

Most people have heard of the Cartoon Network. Whether you remember the TV channel from your childhood or your kids is still watching the popular characters, you probably didn’t realise the channel also has a platform for online gaming. These games feature the popular characters. 

Games features of the Cartoon Network platform include Scavenger Card Hunt, Summer Games, and How to Draw COTC Characters. The platform has games suitable for kids and adults alike. The benefits are a huge variety of games, no sign-in requirement and no adverts. 


If you want a free online gaming platform with skippable ads, then head over to Agame.com. This platform offers a nice variety of games for all ages, including kids’ games, racing games, adventure games, and action games. There are a few drawbacks, but it’s fun and functional. 

Some of the games you can expect to play on Agame.com include Wromax.io, mars Tomorrow, and Troll Face Quest; these are games you won’t find anywhere else. The best aspect of the platform is the skippable ads that keep the gameplay going, and there is no sign-in process. 


One of the most popular websites for online gaming is Miniclip.com. Miniclip.com has always been a popular gaming website, but it has gone from strength to strength over the years. Expect to find popular titles such as Battle Royale and popular titles from many popular game genres. 

Expect to find action games, adventure games, platform games, puzzle games, and much more. Featured games on the platform include 8 Ball Pool, Agar.io, and Flip Master. The standout features of this platform include the range of battle royale games and adventure games.


It might be called BoardGames.com, but this online gaming platform is not dedicated to board games; in fact, there is a lot more to choose from. Find puzzle games on the website, strategy games, action games, fighting games, and lots more besides. The downside is the platform’s commercial angle which forces you to install Chrome Extensions now and then to play games. 


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