5 Places To Visit If You Just Need Some Rest And Relaxation

Life can sometimes feel relentless. There are so many responsibilities and things you have to do, this list is endless. That’s particularly the case if you have kids. The amount of free time you have to just rest and enjoy life simply doesn’t exist. 

Unfortunately, daily stress can take its toll on your body and mind. People who constantly grind away without giving their bodies a break eventually get sick or burn out. 

The good news is that there are multiple locations all over the world offering a chance for worn-out dads to relax and unwind. Here’s where you need to go:

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

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Cape Elizabeth in Maine gets a little cold in the winter, but it’s a wonderfully peaceful place to go if you want to rest and relax. What could be better than exploring the region’s rugged landscape and 19th-century lighthouses? Indulge in classic New England architecture and then head down to one of the many beachfront cafés for lobster. 

Lake Louise, Alberta

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Lake Louise in Alberta is about a thousand miles from anywhere. This isolated body of water offers stunning scenery that evokes a sense of peace. There are some places to stay nearby. However, if you go, it is better to take your accommodation with you. Check out Adria camper vans for sale and find one that fits your family’s needs. 

The lake is at its most spectacular when wind speeds drop to zero. When this happens, the surface of the lake remains perfectly still and, like a mirror, reflects the mountains around it. 

Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

Outside of San José, Costa Rica is an overwhelmingly rural country. And while tropical in nature, you can find some natural wonders that look spectacular. One of these is the Rio Celeste in the Tenorio Volcano National Park. The water looks bluer than usual but that isn’t just because it’s clean. Instead, it has to do with the volcanic chemicals that it absorbs on the way down to the valley. 

Seven Sisters, East Sussex, UK

People tend to think of the UK as a crowded island with no open countryside, but that simply isn’t the case. In fact, the government and authorities strictly enforce the green belt, meaning that most buildings are crammed into town boundaries. As such, the landscape remains wild and untamed, even in the highly populated south. 

If you go out of London to the English Channel, you’ll come across what looks like paradise on Earth. The Seven Sisters are the white cliffs that the country is so famous for. Formed by limestone deposits from sea creatures living millions of years ago, these geological formations provide the perfect backdrop for feeling more relaxed and happier about life. Plus, you can also see plenty of sheep grazing in bucolic green fields. 

Blue Lagoon, Iceland


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Lastly, we have the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, one of the most famous tourist destinations on the planet. Here you’ll find warm waters in the middle of the country’s frozen wasteland, powered by rich underground lava fields. On clear nights, you can spot the Northern Lights. 


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