Trying Out Some New Fazoli’s Salads

fazolisI don’t have many restaurants contacting me very often asking me to try out some of their food. When they do it’s more than likely that I will agree, because free food. A few days ago Fazoli’s contacted me letting me know that they had four new salads available starting April 4th and would like me to try a couple of them out and asked that I write about what I thought of them. It sounded good and the family and I like Fazoli’s anyways so it was an easy decision to agree with. The hard decision was deciding which salads to try. There would be no way we could try them all, but I knew we could at least give two of them a shot.

The new salads featured quality ingredients such as premium smoked meats, 100% Romaine, and house-roasted chicken, Fazoli’s four new fresh inSALADas include:

  • Chicken Bacon Caesar
    • 100% Romaine topped with tender house-roasted chicken, crispy bacon, juicy vine-ripened grape tomatoes, and imported, shaved Parmesan in a velvety, citrus, signature Caesar dressing.
  • Italian Deli Trio
    • 100% Romaine topped with generous portions of savory Genoa salami, seasoned capicola, and baked ham, plus Kalamata olives and imported, shaved Parmesan in a white balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Classic Roman
    • 100% Romaine topped with house-roasted chicken, Kalamata olives, caprese-style bell peppers, spicy pepperoncini, and crumbled Feta, in a red wine balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Market Strawberry & Feta
    • 100% Romaine topped with tender house-roasted chicken, fresh seasonal strawberries, sliced almonds, feta cheese, and featuring our tangy poppy seed dressing.

IMG_4244Since everyone in our family loves Fazoli’s we picked up two salads, a pizza, and some breadsticks. We picked up a Chicken Bacon Caesar, and an Italian Deli Trio. The salads were yummy. They were really fresh, the bacon in the Chicken Bacon Caesar salad was very crisp compared to other salads I’ve ordered in the past from other restaurants. The signature Caesar dressing was so delicious. This salad is a great choice. The chicken was so tasty and complimented the bacon and everything else as well.

IMG_4245The Italian Deli Trio I really liked a lot because of all of the meats and the olives that were included. The veggies were just as fresh as the Caesar. I was not a big fan of the balsamic dressing but it wasn’t too bad, my wife liked it. I prefer to smother my salad’s in ranch, so I used that on the my portion of the salad and enjoyed it a lot.

My wife and kids both really liked both salads as well. I had to keep them all from picking out all of the tasty bacon and other meats from both salads. The kids leaned more towards the Chicken Bacon Caesar. But they did take a few bites out of the Italian Deli Trio. I’m just happy they are eating veggies.

Both salads that I tried tasted like they were made right when I ordered them and not “made fresh” that morning. The greens were crisp and the other fresh ingredients really made these salads awesome. Add on a pizza like we did and you have yourself a great meal for the whole family. Or check out all of the other awesome dishes that Fazoli’s has to offer.

IMG_4241Additionally, throughout the month of April, guests will have the opportunity to share with Fazoli’s how they’re getting their fresh on by commenting to posts on Instagram and Facebook. By commenting on these posts, guests are entering to win a $500 Visa gift card and a $50 Fazoli’s gift card for use toward their pursuit of getting fresh! One winner per week will be selected during the month of April, for a total of four winners.

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There are nine restaurants in the St. Louis area. Find one in your area and enjoy some really delicious food.

Fazoli’s provided St. Louis Dad with a gift card to purchase salads for review. Opinions expressed are solely St. Louis Dad’s and do not express the views or opinions of Fazoli’s. Check out for more information!


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