The Surprising Tech of A Successful Off-Road Trip

Are you planning an off-road trip? In a previous article, we’ve mentioned some of the best customized features available for off-roading. Ultimately, off-roading is an exploratory adventure. You never quite know what’s on your path, so you want to make sure your car can overcome all challenges without any issue. If you thought that a 4 wheel drive was enough to approach rugged and remote treks, you need to think again. Protective bullbars, for instance, are a preferred choice to protect your vehicle from impacts. Improved suspensions will absorb shocks when you drive on uneven ground, And of course, you don’t want to go without top-quality lighting. After all, there is no street light when you go off-roading, so you need to make sure you can see what’s coming. But did you know that there’s more tech and gadgets you can pack in your vehicle to prepare for your trip? The good news: It doesn’t involve customizing your car any further. 

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Safe photo storage

Let’s be realistic: You’re going on a trip. Of course, you are going to take pictures! Dozen, hundreds of them! And when you’ve got all those pictures, you want to make sure you can store them rapidly and on the go. Mishaps are prone to happen. One minute you’re taking an amazing shot over the river, and the next, your phone is sinking into the depth of the water. So, linking your iPhone gallery to the iCloud, as explained in this article, could save you a lot of hassles. It doesn’t involve bringing additional tech to your trip but knowing how to make the most of your existing tech, And that can be life-changing too!  

Portable cooling & heating for food

Everybody packs snacks and food when they go on a road trip. But if you don’t have a cooling box, your food is likely to go bad rapidly. You may not be ready to buy a fridge for your vehicle. But you might want to consider a thermo cooler like these here, which keeps your food cool but can also be reversed into a food heater. 

Low tech but high effect: Swiss army knife

If you grew up watching MacGyver on TV, you understand the importance of a Swiss army knife. You don’t need to go on a life-changing adventure like our favorite life-hack hero used to do. Your knife can be a fantastic tool on the road if you want to start a fire. You can rapidly turn an empty tin into a cooking stove for an impromptu meal. Some even use their army knife to build full wooden contraptions, holding pieces of wood together with a dovetail notch cut.   

Distress signal gadgets

Last but not least, you have to plan for the eventuality of things going wrong. Nobody likes to plan for failure, but carrying gadgets that let you send a distress signal could save your life. A PLB, or personal locator beacon, sends our coordinates to the local authorities. Most advanced models also let you text using the satellite connection so you can explain the crisis to the authorities. 

In conclusion, it’s time to pack your car and prepare for your next off-roading adventure. Spending a few days in the wilderness could be a fantastic bonding experience for the family. You don’t need to go far. You could explore your local woodlands and mountains together as a start. 


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