IMG_6900My phone and my wallet are probably the two most important items that I carry with me every single day. My wallet is already pretty slick. I’ve been very happy with the slimJIMMY. The kids are always grabbing at my phone. So keeping it functioning is very important. Because of this I need to keep my phone in a case. I have used several different cases with my phone over the time that I have had it and I haven’t stuck with one in particular but I think I might have a favorite now.

Like I said I’ve been very happy with the slimJIMMY wallet that I have been using I decided why not try out one o f their phone cases. So I got one wooden phone case from jimmyCASE sent over and it is very slick. The wood backing is very eloquent and let me tell you about the whole aspect of using your phone case as your wallet. It is awesome. I am all about carrying less things, but there are some items that I need to have with me all of the time. They are my phone, wallet, and my keys. That’s three items that I need to remember. If I could possibly have less items that would be even better. I already keep the bare minimum in my wallet, so why not try out this wallet slash phone case concept jimmyCASE has got going on here.

IMG_6901After just a week of using the jimmyCASE I am sold on it. I have everything I need right here in one spot. Ya know, last year I lost my wallet at the pumpkin patch and someone was nice enough to turn it in. Because of how small my previous wallet was it fell out of my pocket when I got in my car. If my wallet was included with my phone it would be significantly less likely to fall out of my pocket. Matter of fact, I know it wouldn’t have fallen out of my pocket if it was an iphone wallet.

The jimmyCASE is by far the most versatile case I have used for my phone to date. The quality is spectacular and I am sold on using this case daily. However, as a dad I need to mention the two biggest setbacks with using the jimmyCASE. Let me preface this by saying that these two cons have nothing to do with how the case works or it’s design. It’s just the customer, it’s not the case, it’s me. LOL. Anyways, the two biggest drawbacks are first, if I did lose my phone, then I also lost my wallet. That would suck big time. But you can’t blame the phone case for that. Typically it’s the owner’s fault. The other setback is that when my kids are pawing at my phone I don’t need them to get cheesy puff fingers all over my wallet. What makes this not that big of a deal is how easy it is to change cases on my phone. I can easily swap out my case when the kiddos want to play a game or watch some YouTube Kids.

All in all, I am really digging the jimmyCASE. If you are in the market for a new iPhone 7 card holder definitely give them a look. Their wallet is also pretty awesome as well. But that’s just my opinion.

jimmyCASE provided St. Louis Dad with a complimentary case in exchange for a honest review. Check out for more information!

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