Monster Energy Supercross!


Monster Energy Supercross was super intense yesterday. We here at St. Louis Dad had never been to a supercross event and we’re not exactly sure what we were going to see. We looked it up and see that it involved some racing and some awesome stunts.

IMG_4224We were all impressed with the days races and stunts. It wasn’t as loud as I had anticipated it would be but there was a high amount of energy through out the Edward Jones Dome. I am impressed with the amount of dirt brought in to make this event happen. All of the racers were incredible. Jumping and racing has got to be hard work, so I applaud anyone that can do both.

IMG_4222The day opened up with an awesome showing with some cool pyrotechnics that wowed everyone in our group. I honestly do not know any of the racers names as I do not follow along but I am impressed with their skill. It takes a lot to do what these racers are doing. I’m not even sure if I could ride a straight line on a dirt bike, let alone jump a dirt ramp.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out Monster Energy Supercross be sure to keep an eye out for when they will be back. We were happy with this show so I can see us revisiting some racing events in the future.

Here are some awesome highlights from yesterday’s event provided by Monster Energy!

Feld Family Entertainment and Monster Energy Supercross provided St. Louis Dad with tickets for compensation for this review and promotion for this event.


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