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anewnature2With the election behind us and many trying to find some sort comfort in the results should know that not everyone in this world is as crazy as the news being shown on T.V. or on your Facebook feed makes it out to be. There are actually companies and people out there that are making a difference. They put themselves out there and do what they can do make someone else’s life better. That’s why I want to introduce my readers to Anew Nature.

Anew Nature is a furniture restoration and custom design company. There are many companies out there that do this sort of thing, but Anew Nature has an unique way of going about this, each piece is carefully crafted with artistic details, which makes their pieces look different from any other.  They specialize in taking old furniture and infusing that piece with new life and a modern look. Additionally, they create custom pieces that begin with a customer vision and end with an unique and beautiful product. But that’s not even the best part…

Anew Nature is in partnership with Mission St. Louis, a local non-profit. Mission St. Louis provides job and leadership classes as well as internships to previously incarcerated men. It is Anew Nature’s privilege to be one of Mission St. Louis’ internship locations.

anewnatureFor six weeks, they work side-by-side with these men, using every minute to help encourage, give direction, and provide crucial vocational and social skills they need in any future job they may receive. The men are not only given the dignity of a paycheck and positive feedback but new relationships that will help them transition into their next stage of life.

Currently, Anew Nature has started a Kickstarter fundraiser that would help generate revenue to grow their business and hire more men who complete in the program. These men are fathers, sons, brothers, and friends. They have a good heart and are working to better themselves, their community, and of course, your living room. I typically do not write about a company or project unless I truly see their value and what Anew Nature and Mission St. Louis is doing with these men is a benefit for all of mankind. The skills provided can translate to many opportunities well into the future. Check out their Kickstarter page and see what rewards are available and if you feel like dropping something in the bucket for Anew Nature please do.

This video is a great introduction to Anew Nature and what their mission is here in St. Louis.

Check out Anew Nature at their website or over on Facebook and Instagram!


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