How Important Is The Overall Attitude Of The Applicant?


The good news is that job opportunities in finance are plentiful. The less encouraging news is that it still takes some work for finance graduates to find a suitable employment position. Considering that only about 20 percent of employers list available positions online, it is best to search for a job through a recruitment agency. The best employment agencies do not simply take information from your resume and plug it into an algorithm. They consider the whole person, and an applicant’s attitude is very important in a job search.

Be Yourself, but Take the Right Attitude

helpwanted_smallerThere is really no such thing as a good or bad personality; you are just you. There are several popular ways of describing and categorizing people’s personality characteristics. For example, the Meyers-Briggs theory of personality classifies people as introverts or extraverts, and each personality type prefers a certain kind of job. For example, an extravert might like to work as a manager, where she has to base her actions on her anticipations of other people’s reactions. An introvert would find a job like that stressful. The introvert would prefer a job as a financial analyst, where he spends part of each workday alone and where social interactions are usually one-on- one. Some recruitment firms offer questionnaires based on one or another theory of personality to help them recommend suitable jobs for applicants.

Meanwhile, certain attitudes are important for success at work, no matter what your personality type. For example, it is important to speak respectfully to co-workers at all times, even when directly addressing interpersonal conflicts. Soft skills such as your attitude in dealing with others are very important in the job search. They can be the deciding factor in which of several candidates with similar credentials gets the job.

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