How Developing a Business Process Will Improve Your Productivity

Are you running a business plagued with backlogs, slow productivity, or redundant processes? If so, then you need to explore how to improve your business processes and ability to scale. 

When you have the right business process in place, you can start to scale your production and grow your business without expanding your resources. 

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what that means we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn all about how to improve efficiency by creating new processes for your business. 

What Is a Business Process?

In simple terms, a business process is a series of tasks or activities that accomplish a set goal. So, let’s say your business sells custom-made jewelry, you have a series of tasks to create that jewelry. But you also have another series of tasks to acquire the pieces for your jewelry.

For example, do you fly away to far off places and personally inspect each piece that you purchase? If so, can you outsource this to a professional in the area that you trust thereby freeing you up to focus on other tasks closer to home?

Additionally, where do you sell your jewelry? Do you showcase your jewelry at in-person events? Could you instead create an online store featuring your product so you are no longer required to spend the time at the in-person showcases?

When you look at each stage in the production of your product for your business, you can find ways to streamline your process and increase your efficiency. 

In today’s business environment you can’t be satisfied with your current process. Keep improving until you know it is the most efficient and gives you the highest output for your tasks.

You must continually look at your processes and evaluating whether or not they’re the most efficient and give you the most production possible. If not, it’s time to work on building more efficient processes to help you grow your business without increasing your resources. 

Why Your Business Needs to Focus on Building Processes

You want to grow your business. But your resources are finite. You only have a set amount of time, energy, employees, capacity, and tools to create your product and run your business. Therefore, if you want to grow your output without also growing your resources, you must become more efficient. 

Increasing efficiency allows you to get more from what you already have. And this is the key to scaling your business to the level you’ve always wanted. Some benefits to improving your business processes include: 

  • increased efficiency
  • increased ability to outsource
  • improved security
  • ability to remain agile
  • ability to continually improve

Business process automation allows you to grow your production without also needing to raise more capital or hire more employees. You need to keep your business agile so you can keep up with the changing demands while also keeping costs and duplication down. 

So, if you’re ready to grow your business then you first need to look at how you can improve your processes. This will allow you to grow without expanding your resources. The key is to work smarter not harder. 

How to Build Processes That Will Increase Efficiency

A business process is a way to map out your business plan in a workflow. It will show visually how you create your product and then get it to your market customer or client. 

There are two key components to creating processes that will help your business and not contribute to more paperwork. For your process to be beneficial for your company it needs to be properly documented. And each step needs to have clearly defined ownership showing who will be completing that step.

Documentation is imperative so everyone is on the same page about each process. This also assists in onboarding new team members in the future, you can easily show them why each process is important and who will be completing it. Before you start creating your business process, you need to ask yourself these four questions: 

1. what is your desired goal (or output)? 

2. What are you working with in terms of tools and resources (or inputs)? 

3. how can you create a logical sequence (or workflow) to get your inputs to outputs?

4. What tasks are required to achieve your workflow? 

When you have the answers to these questions you will be ready to start working on creating your process to improve efficiency.  

How to Manage Your Business Processes

As you grow the number of processes for your business, you will need to also grow your business process management. Which is how you document and disseminate the information to your team and suppliers. 

With our jewelry business example above we looked at two ways to outsource or digitalize to allow more time to grow their business. However, creating processes can be much more simple and minute that changing your business plan. 

When you change your product line, how do you dispense this information to your team or retailers? Do you send large files for them to download and look at? How can you simplify the process for both you to send out and for them to retain? You could convert multipage PDF to single image and send that instead. 

So, look at every part of your production process and see where you can improve efficiency, reduce redundancy, or simply make life easier. This will show you where to start to create processes for your business and scale to the next level.

Now, You Too Can Improve Your Productivity

Now you know why you need to create processes for each area in your business. You can easily see why they are so valuable in improving your efficiency so you can grow your business without also increasing your resources. Instead, create a business process so you can do more with what you have. 

Bookmark this article so you can refer to it again each time you have questions about how to create a process that will be valuable and beneficial to your business. 

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