Remember when you were young and you had your first experience of healthcare? It might have been meeting this taller gangly man with a face mask, with these strange bright lights on his head. For some reason he was looking inside your mouth with these metal sticks, clinging around. It might also have been something like getting a sharp pinch in your arm out of the clear blue sky. For some reason, healthcare is a scary experience for children. Part of it is because they don’t know what’s going on or why. However, usually it’s because they haven’t really been taught what being healthy is. It’s understandable why some parents would rather they worry about their child’s health rather than their child. Being young and innocent, trying to contemplate their own mortality is going to be something that’s too complex. But, you as the parent can make health fun and get them to like staying strong and fit.


Brushing for fun

Many children see brushing their teeth as a chore. Don’t forget their bodies are developing quite literally day by day. So when they put a toothbrush in their mouths and start cleaning, it can be uncomfortable. The brush will rub up against their sensitive gums and weak teeth. Soft bristle brushes are great for children under ten years old. On the other hand, you could take them to one of the best dentist clinics around where you live. Providing services for children, on the first visit they’ll get a lesson in brushing and flossing. Understanding the importance of their oral hygiene and making learning about bacteria and plaque fun, is just one of the ways a good pediatric clinic will engage your children. They also use bright colors, flavored toothpaste and interactive cartoon characters.


Strong and fast

It’s a well-known stereotype that young children don’t like vegetables. This is because of a mix of characteristics that are unfortunately instilled within them early on in life. For one the vegetables aren’t sugary and sweet. They want usually have a distinct flavor and in fact because of their water content, might not have any distinct flavor at all. However, you can make healthy eating fun if you can somehow combine it with physical activity. Children want to play, run, jump and shout. You could then, reward your children with time at the local park, at the jungle gym or play outside in the garden with them. If they can consume their daily amount of vegetables, allowing them to go wild will be a good energy release for them. Never underestimate how much youngsters value play, and using it as a bargaining chip for eating clean is a good tactic to ensure this.

You can’t blame young children for approaching the common health treatments adults are used to with some suspicion. They’re being introduced to a world their not familiar with, strange sounds and smells greet them. Getting them to respect their teeth and gums is much easier when you have an environment where their imagination is stimulated. A cast of characters and bright colors make a chore into fun. The same goes for healthy eating as children will push through a bad taste barrier to get their way to go out and play.

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