There are few things which will make your children more uncomfortable than seeing their dad trying to be cool. Of course, while you don’t need the approval of your little ones, and you know that you’re cool, they might have a point when it comes to the way that you dress. Becoming a parent is a new stage in your life, and it makes sense to update your wardrobe to match this new lifestyle. You don’t have to dress in boring clothing, but you also shouldn’t be wearing the same clothing as your little ones. So, how exactly should you go about making a style which both looks good and doesn’t make your kid’s faces turn red?

Choosing Your Goal

It always makes sense to pick a goal when you’re working on a new style for yourself, as this will give you something to aim for. Some dads will want to retain some of their coolness, and this can often be achieved by looking at actors and other celebrities of a similar age to you. People like this know how to dress for their age, but will still want to look good. Alternatively, you could also consider thinking about professional styles, clothing which will make you look like you’re ready for an adventure, or outfits which are designed for sports and exercise.

Update Your Accessories

The main garments you wear are only a small part of this puzzle. Alongside them, you also need to think about your accessories, as these can make a huge difference. A nice analogue watch with a metal or leather strap will look a lot more refined than a cheap plastic digital timepiece. Mens glasses also come in an array of different styles, and can be used as a great starting point when you’re first building your style. Whatever accessories you choose, it will be worth thinking about whether or not a teenager would wear them. If not, you may have found something perfect for you.

Finding Inspiration

Changing your style can be hard, and a lot of people like the clothing they were wearing before they had kids, but finding some inspiration can make this whole thing much easier. Searching around sites like Instagram will give you the chance to see loads of different styles and outfits from across the world. Some will be designed for young people, but there are plenty of dad-outfits which won’t make you look like a boring parent. It can help to get your other half involved with this, as they will also have some ideas when it comes to the clothing you wear. The people around you will always know best!

Being a dad is one of the greatest adventures you’ll ever go on. You will learn a lot about yourself and the kids you’ve brought into the world, and this change of lifestyle can give you an opportunity to change other parts of your life. You should always dress in things which make you happy, but it can also be worth thinking about what will make your loved ones happy, too.
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