Creating A Calm, Soothing Sanctuary For Your Child

Sleep is essential for good health. Whether you’re an adult or you’re a child growing at a rate of knots, your body needs sleep to recover. The environment in which you doze plays a major role in the quality of sleep, and this is why it’s so important to design a space that makes you feel calm and relaxed. If you have a little one moving into their nursery from your bedroom or you’re redecorating your tot’s room, here are some tips to help you create a soothing sanctuary.


Choosing the right colors

Colors can have a significant impact on our mood. Some shades make us feel energetic and lively while others have a calming effect. In the bedroom, it’s always best to opt for shades that are proven to make you feel relaxed. Choose soft tones, neutral shades or pastels, rather than bright colors or clashing prints and patterns. If you’ve got plain walls, and you’re keen to add color, use wall art, soft furnishings and accessories like bookends and floor cushions. For inspiration, check out sites like

Setting the temperature

Most of us find it difficult to sleep when it’s too hot or freezing cold. When you’re designing your baby’s nursery or your toddler’s bedroom, bear the temperature in mind. You can use a thermometer to monitor the temperature and adjust the thermostat. If you tend to use the heating a lot and the air is dry, it may be worth investing in a humidifier to add moisture. Humidifiers can facilitate breathing and hydrate your baby’s skin. If you’d like to read reviews, take a look at If the room is too cold, avoid layering blankets, duvets and sheets. It’s much safer for babies to snooze in sleep bags. This way, there’s no risk of the baby getting tangled up in sheets or overheating. Ideally, the temperature of the nursery should be 16-20 degrees.


Lighting sets the tone of the room. In the bedroom, you want your child to be able to unwind and chill out, so opt for soft lighting or fit a dimmer switch. If the light is bright or harsh, this will make it difficult to switch off. If your child doesn’t like sleeping with all the lights off, invest in a nightlight that will provide low-level lighting.

Encouraging relaxation

If you’re working on plans for a new nursery or child’s bedroom, it’s wise to try and promote relaxation. You can do this by using textured throws, rugs and floor cushions to create a cozy feel, setting up a calm zone with books and beanbags and keeping technology out of the room. Some children also like to listen to soothing music when they’re getting ready for bed. If you have a home speaker system, you can put a playlist on and then control it from the room you’re in using your phone or a remote control.

Every parent wants their child to sleep well. There are many factors that affect sleep, but one of the most important is the sleeping environment. If you’re designing a new room, hopefully, this guide will help you create a heavenly haven for your little one.

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