IMG_4442 Along with the Pager Tag, Beets Blu also sent over a bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor. I had used a HRM in the past, more like in high school, but still I’ve used one before. It worked with a specific watch, this one however, works with your phone. This is a very cool feature. Most people who exercise these days usually have their phone mapping their route, counting their steps, or monitoring other health aspects of their workout. If they aren’t doing those things maybe they are listening to some music or watching a video. Either way the Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor will work in the background.

There are a plethora of apps that this device is compatible with. For my test I decided to try out the BB Utility app. All it does is report back the heart rate. It doesn’t do anything else. I figured this would be an easy test to at least make sure the device works. Which it does perfectly. It reported back my heart rate instantly. I did a few exercises with the HRM on and it fit really comfortably. I only had to adjust it once while I was wearing it.

IMG_4512I also went on a few walks with my son while wearing the HRM and during those times it didn’t move at all. The heart rate was reported back without a problem during each walk. Alex enjoyed the walks too, mainly because he was pushed around without having to lift a finger. That’s okay. It was good for me to get out of the house and out on my feet.

A heart rate monitor is a good way to help you determine if you are working too hard. This is a great meter for those just starting out or those who need to make sure to not over stress their bodies, or to let you know that you can push it a little harder. It has been a long time since I’ve used a heart rate monitor. Now that I have one that works with my phone I plan on using it much more. The battery is easy to change, and it says it can last up to a year. Beets Blu really did a great job on this product, and the ability for it to work with a multitude of other apps is a huge plus for me.

IMG_4547  IMG_4548  IMG_4550

Note: St. Louis Dad was provided a complimentary Heart Rate Monitor from BeetsBlu in exchange for this honest review.

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