A Toothbrush Review?

IMG_5485 Yes a toothbrush review. Why? Well I will tell you why, because your teeth are important and keeping them clean is a part of that importance. So when True Company contacted me asking if I would like to review one of their products I couldn’t agree fast enough.

They sent over a Mirai sonic care toothbrush for me to try out, review, and to see if it lived up to its hype. I’m not going to beat around the bush with a lengthy review of pros and cons of manual versus electronic dental care just to tell you if this toothbrush is any good at the end of this post. I’ll tell you now. It is just as cool as it claims it is.

Like most of the time when I see something too good to be true, I was skeptical about the Mirai toothbrush. I have used an electronic toothbrush in the past and to be honest I wasn’t thrilled. I have always liked my old school manual brush. So even the idea kind of put me off. But I figured why not. This is some state of the art stuff, so I gave it a go. After reading through the instructions I had a good idea of how the brush worked. You can use it like a regular electronic toothbrush but you could also use it to your advantage. Honestly, how often do you time yourself when you brush your teeth? One morning maybe it’s two minutes and another it’s only 90 seconds. The Mirai does a great job at helping you keep time. It will even let you know at specific intervals when to switch to a different area in your mouth. That’s pretty cool.

IMG_5481You can also increase or decrease the speed in which the brush vibrates. This is helpful if you have sensitive teeth or really need to get in there and give them a good scrubbing. The head of the brush is easy to remove and replace if necessary (once a year recommended) and made out of an innovative silicon so no bacteria will stick around! Charging is also very simple. You can use one of your cell phone usb outlets with the included usb charging cable.

After just a few days of use I am extremely happy with the Mirai toothbrush. It has given my mouth a new clean feeling. My trusty old manual toothbrush will still be around as a backup, but the Mirai is definitely my new go to brush.

So now that you have read about just how great this toothbrush is I have got a special offer only available for my St. Louis Dad readers. Subscribe and be sure to include your real email address. Once you subscribe, visit this link for an amazing offer from True Company and St. Louis Dad!

St. Louis Dad was provided a Mirai sonic care toothbrush in exchange for an honest review. Visit True-Company.com to learn more about their variety of products!


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2 thoughts to “A Toothbrush Review?”

  1. I have heard of this toothbrush before glad your reviewing it! This toothbrush is a game changer. Bought 1each for the whole family. We are all brushing with our Mirai’s now. :):)

  2. I had never heard of the Miral toothbrush. Thanks for the review. I love that you only have to change the brush heads once a year instead of 3/4 times a year. Makes a difference in cost.

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