4 Things a Dad Needs to Know About Cinderella

cinderellaAs a dad of a four year old girl it is imperative that I know each and every princess. I can be quizzed at anytime so it would be detrimental for me to not know my stuff. Normally in the past I would not even consider knowledge of the Disney Princesses to be important, but nowadays it is definitely is. At least in my home it is. This is why I am offering up some cheat sheets for new dads or dads who might not be in the know. There is a new live action Cinderella movie being released this weekend and I’m sure millions of little girls will be in attendance. So if you’ve never seen the original animated movie (it came out in 1950) then read on. If you are not a fan of spoilers then… beware, spoilers below.

Cinderella is the story of the blonde step-daughter/servant turned princess with the glass slippers. She lives with her evil step-mother (Lady Tremaine) and two evil step-sisters (Drizella and Anastasia). Their names are not really important, all you need to know is that they are mean and ugly. Anyways, after Cinderella’s father passed away her evil step family reduced her to a servant where her days are spent doing chores and other tasks. Cinderella’s only friends are the farm animals, a dog, and some mice and birds. The step-mother’s cat, Lucifer, is always up to no good and attempting to cause a ruckus. She has a fairy god mother who helps her transform into a beautiful lady ready for the ball. Except she only has until midnight to get back home before all of the magic is undone and she is switched back into her tattered clothes. At the ball the Prince becomes smitten with Cinderella. Ignoring the other women in attendance Cinderella and the prince share a romantic dance and song. Nowhere in the movie is it  revealed that the Prince’s name is actually Prince Charming. However, this is still his name and it is important for you to know this because you should definitely know about all of the men in your daughter’s life. Anyways, after their dance the clock starts to strike midnight causing Cinderella to dash out of the castle back into her coach while furiously trying to get back home. During this crisis she loses one of her glass slippers.

How she ran in these… We’ll never know…

Cinderella doesn’t make it back in time but does get away from the castle to prevent the prince from seeing her in her rags. Back at her home she is dreamily in love with the prince and cherishes the moment they spent together. The next day it was announced that the prince had found his bride to be but he did not know her name. The Grand Duke would go around the entire kingdom and find the lady whose foot fit the glass slipper. The evil step-mother figures out that Cinderella is the mysterious women who ruined her own daughters chances with the Prince. So she locks her in the tower when the Grand Duke arrives for the glass slipper fitting. The two step-sisters attempt to fandangle their feet into the shoe with little success. Cinderella escapes the tower by the help of her animal friends and comes down just in time. However the step-mother causes the Grand Duke to trip and break the slipper. Little did the step-mother know that Cinderella still had the other slipper and gratefully produced it and then tried it on, showing that she is the one the Prince had fallen for. They get married and live happily ever after, and produced two sequels 50+ years later.

So that’s basically the story of Cinderella. There are some songs in the movie, so if you want to earn bonus points with your little girl, you can learn them. I will leave that up to you. But here’s the take away.

1. Cinderella is the servant turned Princess and her dress is blue and sometimes white (it depends on how you look at it).

2. Her family is mean to her. And their cat is named after the devil.

3. The fairy god mother rocks the best song. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Booyakasha!

4. Magic can make everything disappear except your shoes. This is what ELO must have been singing about

Want more? Here is the original trailer for the movie.


Learn more about Disney’s Cinderella on the Disney Wikia!


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