Those of us that love retro games were once an afterthought for the gaming world. We weren’t seen as a lucrative business decision to please, so new games of all kinds were being developed. However now with smartphones that can play all kinds of games, the newest and best games are coming out with a retro flare. It’s quite an amazing time to be alive if you love retro games, because for smartphones this is the best market to be in. it’s also because retro games are easy to understand, easy to play but take time to master. This means there’s a chance for developers to make all kinds of older games have a new twist and also monetize them. An old idea that can be dusted off and used to make money is something that has stood the test of time. These are the kinds of games that retro lovers need to download onto their smartphones.



All those gold coins

Those that had a SEGA and or a Gameboy will be pleased to know that Super Mario and Sonic are making huge comebacks on smartphones. Super Mario Run is a 2D platformer, in which the short Italian plumber is trying to collect as many gold coins as he can and move onto the next stage. The only problem is monsters, evil creatures, lava pits and bottomless pits are trying to stop him. You can download this game from the Android app store i.e. Google Play. With around 1.4 million downloads and an average rating of 4 stars, this is something that retro gamers should have stored in their own smartphones. And don’t worry, it’s not in black and white, it’s in full color and made by Nintendo themselves.

Spin the painted wheel

Retro gamers are well versed in the oldest kinds of games there are. Whether it’s poker, blackjack or just roulette, these are games we all know about. However there are also free slot games with bonus rounds no download needed. These kinds of games are for those that feel lucky and want to make a quick buck, but they are also full of other games such as 5 card Omaha, Chinese poker and much more. These kinds of casinos allow for quick access too, so there’s no kind of paywall or special members club that you need to be part of to join in. Some of the most popular smartphone games that people play while waiting for their train or bus are casino types such as Texas Hold’em.

Mega blue

Yes platformers are making a comeback and one of them is Mega Man Mobile. One of the most loved retro games in the world, this is something anyone can enjoy and take time to get better at. Instead of just collecting coins, it’s your job to kill enemies that get in your way with the weapon infused in your arm and bring order to a world full of evil robots.

Quite possible the reason why there is a large gaming market now in the smartphone world is because of older gamers. Retro games are easy to play but they require effort to truly master, making them easy for beginners but also presenting a challenge. 

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