One Second Everday 2015

Last year I had put together a video that was one second recorded everyday. I thought it turned out great. So I decided to keep the camera rolling through-out 2015 and see what kind of one second video I could put together this year. Well the time has arrived and the footage has been spliced and edited together, tossed up on YouTube and now ready for you all to see.

I plan on continuing the one second everyday project again. The results are always worth the time commitment to put into a project like this. A special thanks to my friend Paul for helping me find some music for the video this year.

A Little Frozen Fix

My daughter ran into the room with a stream of tears running down her face. In her hands she had her Elsa crown. The small jewel emblem that shows that this is an Elsa crown fell off. Since the crown wasn’t broken and just the jewel fell off, I knew I could fix this in no time. Have no fear, dad to the rescue!

First things first, let’s see what we are working with. A plastic crown and a plastic jewel. Check.


The materials for the job. Scrap paper courtesy of Abby. A glue gun, a glue stick, and the broken crown.


Plug in the glue gun, insert the glue stick and let it heat up. I like to set the glue gun on the scrap paper so I don’t get glue on anything.


Once heated put some glue on the back of the jewel. In the pictures you can see where the original glue was. I probably should have removed the old glue, but for this fix, I didn’t find it necessary.

IMG_3129 IMG_3130 IMG_3131

Place the jewel back on the crown. Press firmly and set aside to dry.


There you have it. Nothing spectacular or fancy, but Abby was absolutely delighted to have Anna and Elsa back on her little curly head.

One Second Everyday 2014

During the course of 2014 I recorded one second of my life everyday for the entire year. This included some happy memories and also some sad. Seconds of my kids laughing, seconds of them crying. There are seconds of just about everything. I recorded all of the clips on my iPhone 5c except a few seconds which were shot on a GoPro. I edited everything together using Sony Vegas 11. It was a fantastic project and one that I am continuing into 2015.

I got the idea to do this project from Cesar Kuriyama who did a Ted Talk in 2012. His talk was very inspiring to me and I recommend checking it out if you have a few minutes.

Cesar created his own app to make recording your own one second video extremely easy. While I don’t use his app, but instead use my own method to create my video you are still more than welcomed to visit to find out more about his app.

So here is my final result. The music in the video is The Winner by DeVotchKa, which was featured on the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack. I had to edit the track to make it a little longer but it is still beautiful all the same. If you decide to make your own video please share it in the comments below!