Disney on Ice Treasure Trove in St. Louis!

DISNEYONICELast night we had an amazing adventure in downtown St. Louis at the Scott Trade Center checking out Disney on Ice! I had never been to a Disney on Ice performance and was very interested to see what the big deal is. With tickets provided by Feld Entertainment we loaded up the kids and headed downtown ready for whatever.

Where we live it doesn’t take very long to get downtown. So a quick drive down the highway and a little cruise downtown and we were already parking before we knew it. The kids got their tickets scanned and we followed suit and found our seats. Once we got our seats we wanted to grab some snacks before the show started.

IMG_2922We got some popcorn, nachos, and a drink to share and got back to our seats in record time. The show started and out came the characters from Toy Story! It was so cool seeing the choreography between all of the skaters. The music immediately had everyone dancing in their seats. I don’t want to spoil the entire show, but expect to see a plethora of Disney characters ranging from Peter Pan to Tiana from Princess and The Frog. You can read my original post announcing the event to learn more about who will all be there.

A few other highlights that I enjoyed was the Aladdin performance along with The Lion King. Abby was stoked the entire show and even dressed as Queen Elsa to show off her princess powers. My niece Madi dressed as Cinderella to join in on the fun. They both said that they were most excited to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. They started dancing so goofy when the dwarfs were breaking it down.


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IMG_2919You can still pick up some tickets for the show. Disney on Ice Treasure Trove will be at the Scott Trade Center all weekend. It’s a great show that lasts about 2 hours. Perfect timing for any Disney princess fanatic.

Don’t think this show is only for girls either. Sure their are a lot of princesses, but don’t forget Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Aladdin, Genie, Captain Hook, Peter Pan and The Lost Boys and more! Plenty of tiny gentlemen were in attendance having a blast. I saw one youngster dressed in a full astronaut costume. It was awesome!

About halfway through the show you can expect an intermission so you can take a restroom break and replenish your refreshments if needed. We took this opportunity to get the kids a souvenir from the show. While the majority of the merchandise is significantly more expensive than it would be at a box store. The items were definitely cool and make a great memory from an awesome event. Just be sure to set a budget. 

Interested in checking out Disney on Ice this weekend? Grab some tickets here and enjoy! Don’t forget you can save $5 by using the promo code BLOG16, this promo code offer is not valid on the Thursday, Jan. 28 7 p.m. performance. Offer not valid on premium seating. No double discounts. Additional fees may apply. Offer subject to ticket availability.

St. Louis Dad was provided tickets to Disney on Ice in exchange for this review. Please check out FeldEntertainment.com for more exciting events coming to St. Louis in 2016!

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Tiny Feet Filled With Courage

TINY FEETMy son Alex will be two in March. I have been through the “terrible two’s” with my daughter Abby. At least I thought I did for a first time parent. She got into stuff, threw temper tantrums. The usual two year old stuff you would probably expect. However with Alex… He has been a dare devil since his tiny feet hit the ground. Remember my post from June? Well, he is still going at it. He has learned how to climb the stairs using no hand rails, which is not very safe and just drives me crazy. Climbs into his bed and almost out of it. In and out of the bath tub. Over the couch and under the chairs and through the doors, the boy is just a courageous adventurer. So, with his two year just around the corner, I can only imagine what’s next for this miniature Spider-Man.

His communication skills are improving each day as well. It makes me happy to hear him say new words. Even if he doesn’t have them perfect he is at least giving it his best shot. The other night Alex had said “sorry” to mommy for not being nice with a toy. It was good to see that he understood what he was saying and even gave mom a big hug to seal the deal.

Hello World!Alex is basically just  an energetic stuntman. Stuntman Alex does best when we fill him up with some high energy activities. My daughter has always been fine with doing crafts, painting, etc. Alex requires a little more movement. Which is why we have a trampoline for him to bounce on and lots of dance parties in our house. His favorite jams include anything 80’s hair metal with loud thrashing guitars and hard hitting drums. Paradise City by Guns and Roses gets played a lot in our house. I get into it as well, which my wife usually enjoys… Except when I am in her face singing and dancing to Ratt or Poison. More than likely she has had enough by that point. I think she just doesn’t appreciate Bret Michaels as much as I do.

In the future I can see some type of physical activity for him. A lot of kids play soccer around here, but I’m thinking baseball. We will have to see what’s out there for our area. For now, we will continue to bounce off the walls, jumping around having dance parties.

StLouisDad.com Instrumentals Vol. 6

StLouisDad.com Instrumentals Vol. 06

It’s a new year and I am back with more royalty free music to give away! Volume 6 features five more tracks from my archives. These tracks have a great vibe and would be a great fit for all sorts of multimedia projects. A local St. Louis rapper even performed over Project 026 (parental advisory for the link, some lyrics might not be great for young ears).

StLouisDad.com Instrumentals – Vol.06 will be released under a Creative Commons license. Read more about the specific license attached to these instrumentals here. If you have any questions about any of the instrumentals I can do my best to answer them, just send me an email.

Please comment below or email me with a link to your project if you use one of these instrumentals. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them and be sure to subscribe and follow me on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook to find out when Vol. 07 will be released!

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The Bathroom Prison

The Bathroom PrisonSo I got locked in the bathroom. That’s not something I usually start off a blog post about. Well today getting stuck in the bathroom happened to me. It was an odd experience for me. This isn’t the first time that this has ever happened to me. The last time was probably when I was five or six years old and at that time I locked the door and then couldn’t figure out how to unlock the door to come out. I remember it like it was yesterday, but that’s probably more because of how young and traumatizing the experience was.

Fast forward to the present and here I am in the bathroom. The bathroom has a lock, so I locked it. It also has a handle that you pull to engage the latch bolt that helps keep the door closed. Well from outside of the bathroom the handle worked perfect. It was a different situation inside. No matter how much I pulled the handle the door would not open. I locked and unlocked the door again. No luck. I tried it again. No luck. I tried, and tried, and tried, again. No luck. It was at this point that I had to pull out my phone, I was defeated and trapped. Now hopefully my cell signal will make it through the brick.

I ended up calling a co worker to come help me out. It was a ridiculous phone call but I didn’t have any other alternative. Which brings me to my final statement. Do not forget your phone when you go to use the restroom. Ever.