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IMG_3613Jord is known for their specialty in Wood Watches and recently reached out to St. Louis Dad to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their fine wood watches. I checked out the details and was happy to see what made these watches so special. The watch that I chose to review was a Dark Sandalwood & Maple watch from the Sully Series. The watch is beautiful and reasonably priced. Once I had the package in my hand I began to open it up. Immediately I was impressed with the packaging that the watch is enclosed in.

The case itself is a nice light wood with a cool Jord etched logo on the top of the case. The lid to the case slides out and reveals a nice cleaning cloth but underneath is the beautiful watch sitting nicely on a Jord pillow. I really am impressed with how this watch is displayed in the case I just had to mention it.

IMG_3614The colors on the wood of the watch looks amazing. The grain is very noticeable and the face of the watch is nice and large so it’s easy to glance and see what time it is. The back of the watch face is a nice black color and has a wood finish to it as well. The clasp is easy enough to open and close but sturdy enough it won’t accidentally open when you don’t want it too.

On my wrist the Dark Sandalwood & Maple material is light. I hardly even notice that I am wearing this nice of a watch. The colors match just about all of my wardrobe so I know Jord came up with an excellent design. I have an all silver watch and it is heavy leaving my wrist a little tired after a day of wearing. I can barely tell I had a watch on when I am wearing my Jord wood watch.

IMG_3620With Father’s Day just around the corner I think this would make a great gift for any dad or grandpa. Even for birthday’s or other special occasions. Or even those just random buys. This watch is a great addition to any outfit. I really like the large numbers and the larger circle. It just says look at me! Which I can’t stop doing because this watch is just that beautiful.

I am not a big watch person when it comes to specifics within the mechanisms that make them work. I think it’s awesome to see it all go down, and I know a lot of work goes into putting together a nice time piece. Some like to know some specifics when it comes to watches. Here are the specifics for the Dark Sandalwood & Maple from the Sully Series.

  • Citizen Miyota 2035
  • display: hours – minutes – seconds
  • tuning fork type: quartz crystal
  • frequency: 32,768 Hz
  • accuracy: +/- 20 seconds /mo
  • battery: silver oxide SR626SW (equiv)
  • drive system: 2-pole stepping motor
  • scratch resistant mineral glass
  • deployment buckle with push buttons
  • case width: 49mm
  • case thickness: 12mm
  • lug ends: 56mm
  • band thickness: 25mm
  • band length: 214mm

Jord provided St. Louis Dad with a complimentary wood watch in exchange for an honest review and social media postings about the Jord products. Jord makes watches of many variations for men and women. Check out their website and social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine for more information.

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