Robertson Fire PD Brings Santa to Town!

Robertson Fire Protection District in Hazelwood, Missouri spent this past weekend going around doing just one of the things they do best every year, and that is spreading holiday cheer! For as long as I have lived in my home the RFPD has made their way around the neighborhood with horns blaring and sirens wailing all to let the children of the neighborhood know that Santa has arrived.

Santa is here! #robertsonfiredepartment #hazelwood #santaclaus

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Each year RFPD has gone around in a parade style fashion dressed as Santa meeting neighborhood children and residents. Kids get to sit on Santa’s lap and have their picture taken with Santa. He also has a bag filled with stuffed animals and each child is sure to get something lovable and warm to cuddle. Adults are treated to a candy cane and smiles, laughs, and waves with the fire fighters, EMTs and, and other RFPD workers.

IMG_2053 When we started hearing the horns and sirens we knew Santa was just about to our house. So we bundled up and went outside to wait for him. It didn’t take too long for Santa and the RFPD to make their way down to our house and once they did they made sure to light up the lights and sound off the horns. Alex abosoltuely loved every minute of it. He is a big fan of large trucks and loud sirens. Abby was also excited about Santa’s arrival was the first one on his lap. After the kids got their pictures we waved goodbye as they honked and drove on down the street to their next stop.

IMG_2051What the Robertson Fire Protection District is doing here in St. Louis County (Hazelwood) is fantastic. I feel like it helps bring neighbors together and also an air of excitement to the community. We hope that as long as we live where we do that RFPD will continue to bring Santa to town for all of the children to see.

Do you have any cool community traditions in your neighborhood? Share your stories below!


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