Must Do Halloween Activities For Those Who Are Sick Of Pumpkin Spice Lattes At Home

Home decoration is always the best part of Halloween. But it can drive cabin fever if you stay indoors for too long, surrounded by a pumpkin head, a plastic skeleton, and a few homemade woolly tarantulas. Halloween, despite all its fun trick or treat business, can get a little suffocating at home. You know how it is: Pumpkins everywhere and your neighbors’ usual seasonal decoration. Perhaps the familiar feeling takes away some of the Halloween magic. So before you get too bored of it, it’s time to plan something out of the ordinary and get yourself out of the house. 

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Kid-friendly spots for all

Halloween is a unique celebration that embraces safe scares for the whole family. So, it makes sense to plan a day out filled with kid-friendly activities for the right level of spookiness. Most cities have a handful of Halloween experiences that welcome families and kids in their best costumes. The Union Station in St. Louis has themed the historic railroad terminal’s rail cars for the occasion, taking families through a playful and seasonal journey. It’s worth checking your local museums and historical attractions for themed events during the spooky season. 

Concerts on the Halloween weekend for grown-ups

If you suffer from a Halloween and pumpkin spice latte overdose — it happens! —, it could be a good idea to get out and forget about ghouls and ghosts for a moment. Why not check your local concert venues for gigs during the Halloween weekends? You can book tickets online on platforms such as Vivid Seats or directly by the venue. If you’re unsure about it, take a look at the recent Vivid Seats reviews and venue feedback to figure out the best approach for your non-Halloween concert. For those in Missouri, Kansas City welcomes the legendary singer and songwriter Marco Antonio Solis and the Grupo Firme for a Latin concert that’ll make you forget about pumpkin spice latte! 

Book your very own haunting

Halloween is all about ghost stories. You may not be ready to spend a night in a haunted building with your family. But eating in a haunted restaurant sounds safe enough in comparison. St. Louis has got its own spooky history at the Lemp Mansion Restaurant and Inn. The Victorian mansion has become a popular destination for paranormal specialists. Many diners report hearing voices or spotting odd silhouettes in the restaurant, and you can even book a ghost tour to complete the day. Kansas City also has a popular haunted spot at the Succotash, as today’s restaurant is located where an old saloon used to be. You can still smell the cigars of Radar, the saloon’s regular who often sat at the bar with a cigarillo. 

For those who love horror themes

Last but not least, this one is for adults only. Leave the kids with the grandparents and book yourself a horror-themed escape room. Pursued by a cannibal, trapped in a dark room, chased by plague zombies, fighting against werewolves, or even inspired by Hitchcock’s Psycho, horror themes are becoming more and more inventive in escape rooms. Some even host live actors to complete the illusion. Will you have what it takes to escape fearfully? 

If you are in dire need of a Halloween break, it’s time to take the party outside. From safe spooky visits with the family to attending a non-Halloween concert, you’ve got a lot of options to get over your pumpkin spice latte boredom.


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