Let’s Pley LEGO!

IMG_3719Who doesn’t love Lego? There are so many different types of Lego out these days it’s next to impossible to afford every set, unless of course you have an exuberant amount of expendable income. This is where Pley comes in handy. My daughter and I had the opportunity to try out Pley and in turn provide an honest review here at St. Louis Dad.

Abby is all about Lego. She has advanced passed Lego Duplo and has moved on to the Lego Junior, Lego Friends, the easier superhero sets, and some of the small Lego City sets. I told Pley to send me something in that range and within two days we had the Superheroes #76015 Doc Ock Truck Heist in our hands. The set arrived in a really cool Pley box that you can dump the Lego in and sort through all the bricks. The bricks themselves were in a mesh zipper bag all ready to be put together. The instruction book was also included along with a brick separator and a really cool bracelet that you can attach bricks to. Also included was the return bag as well as a pledge card for builders that promises not to lose any pieces and to also take the set apart before sending back for the next builder to enjoy.

A really cool aspect to signing up is that the bracelet, brick separator, and that really cool box are items you get to keep! I was not expecting that. It makes a lot of sense though, the box is very helpful to keep all the bricks together. The separator is super helpful in taking the Lego set apart to send back, and the bracelet is just a great bonus. My daughter loved the bracelet, she put Spider-Man and Doc Ock mini-figs on it and was making a serious fashion statement.

IMG_3730With everything unboxed we dumped the Lego into our box and started making sure all of the pieces were there. We found that we were missing only one piece. A small 1×1 flat green brick. It didn’t stop us from building the truck that Doc Ock intends to heist. It took Abby and I some time to put everything together and once we were done we played with our completed set. After enjoying the truck we decided it was time to take it all apart and see what we could come up with on our own.

After playing for a few days we figured it was time to take everything apart and get it ready to be sent back. Pley provides you with a nice mesh bag to put all the Lego in and then you put the Lego and the instructions in next bag to get sent back to Pley.

Pley is a really unique service. The pricing seems very reasonable. I always thought about how cool it would be to build a Death Star, but the set is expensive. With Pley a Death Star set becomes a real affordable option. Sure you have to send it back when your done but at least you can say, “Yup, I built a Death Star.” The only thing I would say that I don’t like about playing with Lego you do not own is that it’s hard to resist mixing your own Lego in with the set. I suppose you could if you wanted to, but then you better be sure you get all of the right pieces when you send the set back.

Me and Abby, we give Pley two thumbs up!



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