Equestria Girl Minis!

mlp-playlikehasbroThis dad isn’t a brony by any means, but I have seen the new My Little Pony Friendship is Magic cartoon and also the new Equestria Girls cartoons and toys inspired by MLP. While I don’t mind the show, it’s not my thing but my daughter… Oh boy does she like My Little Pony. When Equestria Girls came out she had to have them. Now that there are smaller, mini Equestria girls sets, she now has to have these as well.

Hasbro sent over one for my daughter to enjoy and for me to review (My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Rarity Slumber Party Beauty Set). My Little Pony is definitely a hit in our home and has brand recognition so I won’t go into detail about that, because we all already know just by name alone this toy will sell. But how about the quality… I actually think it’s fantastic. Hasbro puts some serious effort into their toys.

There isn’t a ton of articulation but there is enough for you to have some serious fun with the figure and pose it in various ways. The little accessories that came with Rarity all fit in her hands and are all also detailed very nicely. The set included several cool little accessories that fit with Rarity’s style and the theme of slumber party beauty set. I like the smaller size over the larger ones mainly for storage reasons. But I think the smaller size makes for more play opportunities with other toys as well.

IMG_3467One of the coolest things that I was able to do with this toy that may or may not have been intentional is that I was able to save the cardboard display that was used in the packaging with the toy. Typically when we unbox a toy the toy is so fused with the packaging to prevent theft or whatever that everything but the toy gets cut up and destroyed. I was able to save this one and my daughter uses it with Rarity and many other toys. I am a big fan of the packaging artwork that toys come in and would love it if it could be used with the toy more often like this.

I can see Rarity joining the rest of her Equestria Girls very soon with these Equestria Girls Minis being very popular with Abby. Don’t forget to #PlayLikeHasbro and pick up your own Equestria Girls Minis. Read the official product description below and click here to purchase your own!

What’s one of the best parts of a slumber party? Makeovers! Get ready to imagine makeup and dress-up fun with this My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Rarity Slumber Party Beauty Set. Imagine Rarity giving her friends great advice and sharing beauty secrets at a slumber party with this set, which includes a vanity with makeup and hairstyling accessories! This cute, poseable mini-doll also comes with her cute kitty figure.
•Includes doll, cat figure, and 10 accessories.
• Rarity doll comes with makeup and hairstyling accessories
• Doll is poseable
• Includes cute cat figure

Hasbro provided St. Louis Dad with these products as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please visit Hasbro.com for more toys and other games!


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