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IMG_7143Illumibowl is back at it again after there recent appearance on Shark Tank and with their awesome Illumibowl motion-activated toilet night light. I have been using the Illumibowl since I previously wrote about it back in February. It still holds up great and has been fantastic for those late night bathroom trips for everyone in my family. Well Illumibowl just completed a successful Kickstarter and sent over the Illumibowl 2 for me to try out.

What I really like about the Illumibowl 2 is that the product is just great. The product just seems so down to Earth and doesn’t claim to be anything other than what it is. The new version is a great example of how you can still improve a good thing without going overboard. The Illumibowl 2 easily attaches to my toilet and is ready whenever needed. The device easily attaches and stays secure without a problem. Changing the light colors is just as easy as pushing a button. Be sure to check out the Illumibowl online or at local retailers Bed Bath & Beyond as well as Wal-Mart!

From the two clips below you can see that the guys from Illumibowl are just as cool as their product and seeing how motivated they are to get their idea out there can inspire many others to think big.

A tested and true to it’s name product, I’m happy to make sure all of the toilet bowls in my house are set with an Illumibowl.


Illumibowl provided St. Louis Dad with this product as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please visit for more awesome products that can help make your life better!


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